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Shehla Rashid on Kathua, Online Abuse, and the Fake News Machinery

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  1. Shubhalee Jandyal says:

    girl you are a very strong girl. I may not agree with you on certain terms but I look at you as a wonderful strong woman.

  2. Knowldge Mantra says:

    Shehla ji I don't want to rape u, I want CHODNA to you 😀

  3. certified kafir says:

    Upper caste hindus mostly abuse Shehla Rashid (not all, just sanghi mentality people). Just check their surnames.

  4. Sekhar s says:

    Shehla should also comment on trolls who call " Bharat tere tukde honge insha allah insha allah".

  5. Jyoti Prashad Boro says:

    J n u. jahrila-nanga-univarsity.

  6. Sourav Sharma says:

    Me tujhe gali nhi dunga pr tere muh pe thukne ko dil nhi krta Allah kasm bhagwan kasm… Sache dil se bol rha hu… Apne bhagwan ki ksm khata hu tujhe kodd pdega sab juth fraib sab juth tum jo India army pe pathar marbate ho Kashmir me wo kiya insaniyat hai Jammu me kyu nhi marte log pathar waha pe kyu nhi hote rape… Uss Allah se hi daro thoda kitni gndgi hai tujh me shiiiii…

  7. Gagan deep kaur says:

    Aaurto ko galli dene wale ka koi dhrm nhi hota…or na he wo insaan or insaaniyat k lyak hota hai

  8. mahesh vidhate says:

    very good job shehla keep it up

  9. parikshit jagtap says:

    Rape is rape. Thousands of rape happens in india yearly. Peoples Every cast, religion suffering from it. But I saw condemning banners of celebrities and left ideology peoples stating particular temple, intentionally using hindustan etc. Why these people never condemned rape happened in masjid just after kathua incident. Why any media never highlighted it like they did in kathua case. Now let's speak abt kathua incident, suspects which r arrested in this case wants narko test of themselves and Jammu kashmir police officers who conducted primary investigation. The temple is open for everyone daily. Lots of people visit temple daily so it's very difficult to keep kidnapped person there. Dead body of tht innocent girl found near the home of priest. So can anybody throw body near his own home after committing crime. He must be very dumb. But at the same time he must be clever to kidnapp a girl and keeping him in a temple.

  10. Mohd Daanish says:

    Good job shehla

  11. सुमरे सुमरे says:

    Sumer rti balotra badmer 9784024113 rajasthan coll rajasthan coll rajasthan

  12. Sameer sameer says:

    Present govt focusing ONLY on jati vad

  13. ajay says:

    shehla ,,, well u dont have to worry about abuse from comment because there is a army appointed for this only purpose . u go in public i m sure they will like ur ideas

  14. Rohit Shrivastava says:

    Shala brave ladki hai

  15. revolution of india says:

    मैं दलित हूँ और तुम्हे सलाम करता हूँ , मेरी बहन ।।। और जो लोग आपको गाली देते है उन चंद मनुवादियों से डरना मत ।। जय भीम जय सविधान

  16. vikas sharma says:

    Isko kuch ni bss politics krni h….log naa b kuch khe about Hindu Muslim ye logg bol bol k divide krte h k log soche we r Hindu we r Muslim ……shame on politicians like u shehla

  17. Surinder Thakur says:

    muslim hi sache terrorist bhi innocent bache👈

  18. Surinder Thakur says:

    crime branch officer imran wani ne bhi rape kiya tha.hindu ladki ka jab tum sub kha the.

  19. arif shaikh says:


  20. Ansu Siddiqui says:

    Love you shela kafi Acha speech

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