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Seven News. Unproven Global Warming, Abbott Confirms.(Fake Science)(Global Tax)

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  1. Champ Prill says:

    oy vey (((The Volcano Gods)))

  2. MrStoneycool69 says:

    As much as I don't like Tony Abbott, he's our last chance for leadership left in this country.

  3. James Pyke says:

    Tony Dumb Dumb doing what his Fossil Fuel boss Murdoch tells him to do as usual. On his knees worshiping his coal gods. Yep this tool thinks drought, floods, sea level rise and 7 million people dying each year from pollution, endless wars to protect Murdoch and others FF interests are good. Good for him if he gets re elected with the help of his bosses propaganda machine. As well Tony told us that high electricity prices were due to the carbon tax and when it was removed prices would crash. Prices for RE are on par with FF but a dropping rapidly. So by the time his socialist government builds a coal power plant to burn his mates coal it will be way more expensive than FFs. As for power security it was FF generators that failed last summer or were left off deliberately to artificially drive up prices.

    It has been found that each 1°C increase in summer temperature variability increased the death rate for elderly with chronic conditions between 2.8% and 4.0%, depending on the condition. Yes more people die in winter than summer but it is a function of the season not temperature. Roughly the same % die in Finland as do in Greece for example. Extreme weather events increase death rates and they will increase as AGW progresses. It has also been found that a wet-bulb temperature exceeds 35°C for extended periods should induce hyperthermia in humans and other mammals, as they become unable to sufficiently dissipate heat.

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