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Senator Joe Manchin To President Donald Trump: Please, Find Another Drug Czar | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. MrScrofulous says:

    Sounds to me like no-one actually read the bill, just passed it.  This stuff was on Justified a few years ago.  How come TV writers know about this stuff, but the responsible politicians act surprised when they are informed by journalists.

  2. redjack56 says:

    Yes let's all applaud Manchin for hanging out and cooking up schemes with criminal traitors to America !

  3. TooTrue2 says:

    Good to see support for the Kurds. They are a people of honor and deserve their freedom.

  4. redjack56 says:

    Another con man hard at work, listen to the smooth talker !

  5. TCt83067695 says:

    I cant wait for Paula Jean to replace this guy

  6. Carol Walker says:

    Drain swamp please. It45 brain is drained. Hired all these lying swamp losers like itself.

  7. Emma Jean says:

    I am not a Trump fan by no means. Not since his first campaign insults at people both foreign & domestic. But as a former patient referred to insane pain management in where Pharma & physician were in bed for the $$$$ excessively prescribing & intimidating patients who expressed concerns about it with threats to stop treatment altogether if refused to accept & take as prescribed in lieu of hearing and or acknowledging that large and or excessive quantities of pain medications are not needed (but perhaps for the terminally ill patients) despite the epidemic & deaths it also created – I am inclined to agree that there needs to be more control over opioid prescriptions. Furthermore, I also am inclined to believe Pharma & Physicians needs to be held accountable and made to provide drug rehabilitation for those who've succumbed to addiction because of their greed for $$$$$$$$ in lieu of right & proper treatment via their opioids – much like the tabacco industry.

  8. Marcus Liou says:

    When he starts talking about how big bad pharma did this and that knowing that his daughter is the CEO of Mylan, the company that jacked up the price of epipens and settled with the U.S. Government for overcharging Medicaid…. Politicians….

  9. paul smithson says:

    Uranium One do a story on that Please MSNBC Hillary and Podesta are going to JAIL. ASAP

  10. sulphur says:

    Another issue in politics, the revolving door, setting themselves up for a cushy corporate job.

  11. Steve Clapper says:

    Growing the police state.

  12. Shonoiki Abayomi says:

    Manchin is full of crap, he's a Republican in disguise supporting their tax cut nonsense. You want to help the average person support a higher minimum wage and healthcare for all.

  13. SeniorRouge says:

    oppressive fascist oligarchy

  14. Gambit2483 says:

    Republicans have proven that they simply CANNOT GOVERN. The only thing they can seem to do is Obstruct, Get us into Wars, take BRIBES and manipulate Laws for their own personal benefits. PLEASE STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN

  15. Cahil REILLY says:


  16. Johnny Parterlee says:

    OMG manchin sucks, he is a moderate Republicon, he is not one of us, ha aught caucus with the nazi gop fascists…. Zero credibility. .

  17. lwilsonnw says:

    Manuchin is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. Ergo, he is a liar.

  18. Wookie Groomer says:

    The title should have read.. "Find another job'…

  19. Robert Walterman says:

    Why would a senator be meeting trump children they are not elected representatives they are the wealthy couldn’t give a dam about most of the country just a joke every person in Washington should be removed every one

  20. Dee Pattison says:

    Sen Manchin please don't be bamboozled by the White House because the proposals do NOT help the middle class. The middle class can't worry about capital gains or inheritance tax because they are too busy surviving. Congress will sell us down the tubes again.

  21. Robert Holguin says:

    He should worry about being primaried, for what he did to his constituence. He is a loser joe manshit.

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