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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Responds To NBC’s Report That He Called Trump A Moron(VIDEO)!

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  1. Steven Richards says:

    All MSN NBC 's the morons!

  2. MOODY V. says:

    who the fuck cares if he said that or not all the fake news really needs to if a life my god grow up

  3. Rainbow Rainbow says:

    Yeah they're all mad because they can't keep stealing money off the taxpayers.

  4. akanippy says:

    trump is smart
    is there no end to the lying?

  5. Gary O says:

    Bret is just another asshole, go work for CNN Bret

  6. Billy Anderson says:

    President Trump said from the beginning that he did not want a cabinet filled with like minded zealits that only want to tell him what he wants to hear and the currupt libral meadia spin everything into a lie and get away with it by claiming they have a source that can't even be checked out so the currupt libral meadia can and do say everything they can to smear our President because the lieing meadia have a political agenda! Period and that's why we the people don't trust one word they say ! Fuck CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the lieing libral scumbags!

  7. Donald Brown says:

    I agree with the President, the senate intelligence committee should investigate these so called news companies. There needs to be accountability. The very busy secretary of state making a press conference just to refute a fake news story. I think he has much more important things to do. How about covering Democratic Senator Bob Menendez corruption trial.

  8. Kaylee Larson says:

    CNN, NBC, ABC, Wash Post, NYT, MSNBC, The View; I'm sure I missed quite a few, but these are the main culprits. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED! They've proven this time and time again that they make up stories to attract viewers. If you still rely on these sources you are part of the problem.

  9. MrQbenDanny says:

    You never covered why Obama spent months on that David Geffen gay yacht without his wife Michelle.

  10. brent holladay says:

    I love Trump. How he effortlessly says NBC made it up. It's fake news

  11. Allison Kang says:

    Demorats cant even do a clean false flag. There's always clues to trickery.

  12. Allison Kang says:

    By the way I have seen the simpsons fortell of trump getting taken out and Hillary as president. Lets not have this come true.

  13. Anthony Goedhart says:

    Guaranteed he will resign or get fired within a few months. Nobody can work with this moron for long

  14. Victor Borg says:

    Another stick of fake news to add to the pile. Time to burn it down

  15. Lorica Lass says:

    Trump supporters, please pray daily for Trump and those who try to help him help this country – for their protection, health, and Divine guidance. Please also pray for whistle blowers and informants. And please pray for revival for America, and the world. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  16. David M says:

    Its the reporter's who are fucking Morons.

  17. Jaynome Roma says:

    Call out the people that report fake news and shut these lying prick down.

  18. Kate O'Donnell says:

    Oh dear oh dear Rex….ya ain't got long Hun…Trumps got a vindictive all consuming memory. That will niggleTrump ….did he or didn't Rex say that will surface in the wee small hours.

  19. Sandra Payne says:


  20. Veronica Anne Kerr says:

    Then why act in a petty manor, you wouldn't stoop so low! ??

  21. Getta Grip says:

    tillerson called him a moron. trump is a moron. tillerson never says he did not call him a moron. tillerson, mattis and kelley are staying to try to protect america from maniac

  22. abukamoon says:

    Tillerson: "Some of my best friends are morons".

  23. Iris Friesen says:

    There are 500 Billion reasons why Putin helped Trump win: Exon was the biggest richest company on earth. When Apple got bigger, Exon was still the biggest oil co. This lasted till Putin started jailing the heads of oil companies and taking them over. Then and only then was Exon surpassed by Russia's oil company Rosneft.

    These two mother of oil companies, Exon and Rosneft came together to make an oil exploration deal which is the mother of all deals ever made. The biggest "deal" in history.

    The deal was so big it was expected to change the trajectory of Russia. It was the deal that got Exon's CEO, Rex Tillerson, Russia's highest award. While that 500 billion dollar deal was being drafted, Russia and Exon explorers discovered a new billion barrel oil deposit in the sea just north of Siberia.

    That half a trillion dollar deal got stopped by Obama's sanctions before he left office. That, coupled with the invasion of Crimea and Ukraine received a slap in the face from Obama. (Trump was unaware Russia had invaded Crimea and Ukraine until the latter part of his campaign the New York Times journalist asked him a question and Trump could not respond…instead of reading up and learning about this… he began to disparage the press even more).

    So the biggest deal in the history of deals was stopped.

    Now, Rex Tillerson is the Secretary of State….with no other experience than having been the CEO of Exon in his adult life.

    Guess who is the person who could lift those sanctions. Trump's newly appointed Secretary of State of course, Rex Tillerson, who holds 150 million Exon shares.

    It has already started http://www.denverpost.com/2017/01/29/donald-trump-russia-sanctions/

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