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SB County Prosecutor Slams Rep Maxine Waters and Obama

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  1. Dan Hill says:

    Maxine spews garbage often and trashes people as well, I think Michelle may have a penis but due to the noisy environment I currently am in I don't really know what the beeped out words were.
    If they were racist then definitely out of order, but to me hiding a feeling with a nicer word does not block out the intent of the message.
    If you call someone a bitch or an incompetent, ignorant, race baiting troll, they mean the same and being from the south we tend to like our verbiage short and sweet lol sweet has many meanings.
    However if you imply a racist overtone or word where it is clearly defined solely on skin color well that is just wrong.
    Either way you are correct, the man should have a better arsenal of vocabulary words to keep him out of such situations but to penalize for an opinion when those he passed thoughts on do it daily well that is a bit two faced and unjust.

  2. JH92407 says:

    Gonna be a lot of re-trials / reversed convictions.

  3. Coal Country Sentinel says:

    He shouldn't have said it, given his status, but he was not wrong. Maxine Waterhead is an idiot of the highest order.

  4. Good Citizen of the North says:

    Keep it up! Gr8 job.

  5. Conjurer Woman says:

    Unmasked by his own hands! Wonderful!

  6. Conjurer Woman says:

    Mrs. Obama, sue him for defamation!

  7. crazy carl says:

    I agree with u brother him being part of the,but what about Maxine Waters in her comments isn't she a high representative and shouldn't she not be saying the things that she said? And should she be held accountable too?? Just my opinion

  8. Shredded Chi says:

    I wish I lived there so I could vote for the guy to be governor.

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