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Russia’s UK envoy thanks 1st responder at ‘reckless’ Skripal poisoning, calls for co-operation

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  1. Honesty Integrity says:


  2. Jenny Gavin-Wear says:

    Russian liars.

  3. Tony M says:

    NATO countries are looking for 9/11 moment (false flag) against Russia.

  4. Politically Incorrect says:

    No evidence it was Russia

  5. Casey Bowman says:

    Same thing here in Canada. Type in: Diana Davison – The accusation is the verdict. enjoy

  6. stringer 2295 says:

    America and the 28 European states don't believe the Russians either. The Russian ambassador to London is a double agent and has been supplying the UK government with details about the nerve agent.

  7. tanultorosz says:

    Ancient Romans used to ask "Cui bono?" while investigating crimes. Could this murder attempt benefit Russia anyhow? – Hardly. – Could it do harm to Russia? – It did.

  8. 阮越新 says:

    what the hell is wrong with the UK? Does prime minister May wants to start a new cold war against Russia?

  9. Jen Werner says:

    UK & USA Modern-day bullies!

  10. Перун says:

    And the time has come when the smart ones are silent…

  11. les havell says:

    yo …. does any one else think this ""skripal"" case is an attempt to exclude Russia from the unsc

  12. Michael Zimmermann says:

    Why would russia try to poison their double agent that was found guilty of the crime and spent 13 years in. Russian jail. They could have killed him a thousand times, no sense in killing him now. It’s a bullshit story.

  13. user123911 Harris says:

    So a fucking poisoning means ww3? It's a hoax. They just want to make society seem as if we are going through war and then take away our rights while we are frightened for our lives. They will start banning weapons and make everyone state dependant.

  14. Gregory Jumiah says:

    It became obvious and certain when TRUMP TRASH appointed the most foul ZIONIST-OWNED, John Bolton as his National Security Chief. What a SICK joke for USA.

    Jews want America destroyed as a 'Super-Power' dreaming of making ISRAEL stronger than USA.

    'The END is NIGH', for the 'American-Empire', proxy-ruled by AIPAC & Israel.

    Jews are upset that Putin has been reelected for another 6 years.

    TOUGH LUCK, I say!

  15. miguel solo says:

    Theresa may is obviously nothing but a liar and war monger ,what a disgrace

  16. Antoine Mourier says:

    Re Litvinenko: "All Berezovsky Got Was This Lousy T-shirt" http://only9sixty.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/all-berezovsky-got-was-this-lousy-t.html

  17. Ken Rose says:

    Most, if not all of the free world's media is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews and Israel. Murdoch; a Zionist Jew, owns and controls Britain's media. All of the world's governments using a Central Bank system are controlled and manipulated by Zionist Jews and Israel. The same conspiratorial cabal that did 9/11, Iraq's WMD, tried to sink the US Liberty in its attempt to nuke Egypt in 1967, sponsored the invasions and destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria, and now this false flag poisoning in Britain in order to discredit Russia because it protects Iran. Russia has nothing to gain from this poisoning incident, but this cabal wants to control the entire world by deception and false narratives. Am I wrong? Israel is the only country that has not expelled Russian diplomats…

  18. joel ferguson says:

    You must know that there are a lot of people here who know England is the evil, we respect Russia and we know England’s true history. And as if it matters we are with Putin. England has allways been full of vipers.

  19. chanctonbury63 says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS POOTY TROLL TIME AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. balam thapa says:

    Nonsence UK

  21. SATIVA says:

    I wonder how many Russian bots are in this comment section. Fuck Putin, fuck the Russian government, fuck RT, fuck the Kremlin. Courrpt niggas

  22. Pat Johnson says:

    People can see this is a classic Russian strategy ?. No Boris the turk , People have nothing to do with Russian Strategy and dont see it . Its you Boris the Turk and the British Government that see it as a Highly Likely Classic Russian strategy .Not the honest peole of Great Britain , Thats a typical British Government stategy to get the British People to fight your punic Wars for you .and pass blame . Without any proof .

  23. teddy k says:


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