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Russian spy and daughter ‘targeted with nerve agent’ | ITV News

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  1. scott william says:

    Kim Un and Putin will never order the assassination of spies and dissidents in other countries….They only assassinate them in their own countries….

  2. Jimbo Jones says:

    The wonderful thing about a nerve agent is that we are conditioned to believe a government made it. Who would poison someone with the intention to make it look like a government did this? CIA? MI6? Of course.

  3. Leighton Winter says:

    what if russia did it…
    britain will do nothing about it. case closed

  4. Dalek Supreme says:

    I guess Putin has run out of Polonium

  5. ALX ALX says:

    ©™ ALX 🌍 Armed 🔫 Liberation ⛓ Xecutive 🕶 Observation ✍✍
    At least it wasn't polonium 210!
    Small luck but luck none the less.

  6. Jim666 says:

    If it is found that the Russians did it then it is an act of WAR. UK we surrender!

  7. georgianborat says:

    That's what happens when you double cross!

  8. My mother says:

    Russian youtube trolls are active in the comment section.

  9. K Ham says:

    When his son died the Russians followed his body back to find Skripai. You don't turn double agent on Russia as a Spy.

  10. Thrustin Von Helmut says:

    More CUNTsplaining from Rudd. She is a waste of human plasma.

  11. Moslondon says:

    It was the seafood he ate,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. yetideti says:

    Russia will prove Britain and the USA ballless, if the Inter Pol will do nothing about this…

  13. Trump Guts says:

    This is what he deserves !

  14. Ben Powe says:

    In all honesty I can't believe the mainstream media anymore, the BBC spreading propaganda on behalf of Islam, and reporting on the so-called ethnic cleansing of rochinyas in myanair ( yet no real evidence to back up the claims, ) the uk mainstream media ignores the murder of whites in South Africa ?????

  15. Paul Baumer says:

    Apparently, British authorities are now saying a balalaika, laced with polonium and chlorine, was found discarded a few streets away together with some sheet music from the film Doctor Zhivago. A heroic policeman who attempted to play the instrument – as part of the investigation – is now seriously ill in hospital.

  16. Travis Rabble says:

    Everyone blaming russia for this when it was just the bad chicken at Zizzi restaurant

  17. Jim Miklas says:

    The deranged multicultural British police state is stirring up trouble. Russian elections coming up and Putin will win in a landslide. Can't have that can we?

  18. Ana Vita says:

    The situation with Skripal is dangerous because UK will be needed to save one's blushes (i.e. their reputation)… It is the obvious billet and the violation of all international norms.
    All people now have to be very cautios not to be the instruments in the games of unclean polititians aiming to create panic among European people and set up them against Russia to make their plans of weakening the country come true. I am extremely wondering why Russia does not go to law for the extreme slandering…

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