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Russian oligarch met with Cohen at Trump Tower

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  1. -OK Internet- says:

    FAKE NEWS!!!

  2. JoAnn Holmes says:

    And that does not include any CASH that may have changed hands.

  3. Donna McDonald says:

    We need no more evidence or trail just put them all in poison and stop wait tax payer money and time.

  4. celticman says:

    This is the reason, why & how, Trump, Manafort tout not taking a salary. It makes a smoke screen for the simple minded people that support them, and they make a whole lot more with these corruption rackets.

  5. celticman says:

    As I recall, the was some suspicious activity surrounding the bank accounts of the Trump Inauguration committee. Trump charities, ect.

  6. celticman says:

    Watching "Bridge of spies" with Tom Hanks takes one back to the public attitude during the cold war, extreme! Ironic that nowadays this can go, has gone on. Because back then any whiff of foreign influence on our elections, especially RUSSIAN, there would have been riots in the streets.

  7. Dennis Manson says:

    Cohen is Mueller's next pancake…… he's gonna flip….. and donnie is going in the toaster.

  8. Ani Tv says:

    I wish i didn't live in america roght now so i could fully enjoy this.. However it is not the case. So I'll take the little enjoyment i can

  9. ChristianMuscle says:

    President Trump isn’t the racist, that the media says he is. Why is it for over 20 years artist have been rapping with Donald Trump references. All of a sudden now he’s The first president to say let’s make America great again and put American citizens first. The Mainstream media Loses its mind and starts accusing him of being racist. Mainstream media doesn’t even tell people the truth. do your history Fact checking on what the Republican Party is about and how it was created to fight the racist democrats From continuing to have slave plantations to exploiting & destroying the lives of a beautiful culture. Do your history check, It was the republican party that fought against the southern Democrats in the Civil War. After President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the Coward John Wilkes Booth who was a Democrat. It was a Democrat vice president who kept the Democrat party going from being abolished. It was right at that time A group of southern Democrats Led by Force Buford started the Ku Klux Klan as a militant Militia against black Republicans in the south. Do your history check and you will learn it was the Democrat party that founded Jim Crowe laws for segregation and keep white Supremacy over anyone who had brown skin. All of the Republicans in the Senate during that time fought against it. However it was past because of a majority vote by Democrats. President Johnson who was a Democrat said “I will have those n*** voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. What did he do you ask? He had the Democratic senators to stop vetoing the Republicans Voting in civil right laws. When you call somebody a racist just because there A conservative Republican , it shows that you don’t know anything about the history, or what the Republican Party is all about. President Trump isn’t a racist, he’s a patriot who wants every American to be strengthened the truth, Liberty and Prosperity.

  10. Hi There says:

    CNN is fake news

  11. Mitch Zylinski says:

    CNN soap opera comedy titled "Smear Trump" part 537. BUAHAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Mike Ebersole says:

    yeah the russians made me change my vote from hillary to trump at the last minute

  13. roldiii says:

    pff total lies…nobody cares morons

  14. Peter Sr. says:

    Trump: NO COLLUSION! I was just ranking in those Russian Rubles – payable to the Trump Russian Crime Syndicate Family!

  15. mike swiental says:

    fake news. if it was secret they would not be having it in Trump towers= it would have been in an out of town diner at 2 am in the morning..this shows cnn and their friends are fake news.

  16. Sideways N says:

    Imagine how quick something would have happened to obama if he did this. And trump and friends aren't ATLEAST in Guantanamo yet why?

  17. Justin D'Affronte says:

    Why not cover what is happening in UK and Tommy Robinson? #FreeTommy

  18. Taurus J.J.K. says:

    CNN…Traitors of the country,our flag,our law ,our constitution,our ethics,our morals,and OUR VALUES…! YOU FUCKED UP BAD THIS TIME CNN…hope to the green light soon so I can see your faces before death…..WE FUCKING LOVE OUR CHRISTIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN RUSSIA!!! YOUR FUCKED

  19. Harmen Greven says:

    she is horrible. so judgy, so hyper, you call yourself news?

  20. IM NOT RACIST says:

    Does CNN like any republicans?

  21. The Human Condition says:

    So let's see its the Russians and old hookers 24/7 cuckry Animals and human bowling balls …..that's quite a lineup !!!

  22. EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    It is not #DirtyDonald #TitanicalTrump 's fault that he ran for, and got elected President, while all the people surrounding him are behaving as if it's criminal business as usual, especially now that one of their bosses facilitates "open season" for a new paradise of graft and corruption. It's not personal. It's SWAMP business!

  23. EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    NO MORE #WitchHunt in order for #LIEgate to properly metastasize all over America!

    Please stop investigating America's first #FakePresident and #ConManInChief, so that this bigoted, ignorant, despicable, illiterate, incompetent lying hypocrite can do his utmost best to lie, cheat, and steal , while driving the America that he loves so much straight down to hell, along with his corrupt bases of complicit Republigans and evangelical fanatics.

  24. disturbed3330 says:

    Omg omg omg oh Still nothing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 god Cnn is "PATHETIC".

  25. Just me! says:


  26. next bill says:

    Look at CNN making this look swampier than Clinton Foundation loool

  27. TheZodiacz says:

    More Rusia Russia Russia bullshit. Shame CNN doesn't cover news these days but I guess things like that would be too complex for the retarded few viewers they have left. What, Nickelodeon has better ratings than CNN these days!!!

  28. ydoomsc says:

    FAKE NEWS!!!!

  29. lissa leggs says:

    Cohen like trump sucked a mile of russian dick to get rich.. Ghouliani wants some of that action. Cyka blyats…

  30. lissa leggs says:

    These Russians all need fitted with concrete shoes and dumped in east river..

  31. dougbs73 says:

    News coming from little cnn is bullshit news. FUCKING cnn JUST turns THINGS around to make MR DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT look BAD no matter want the story is about. SO FUCK CNN Fake NEWS

  32. Brandon Smith says:

    Jewish Russian Oligarch get it fucking right mofoes

  33. Hoog Moog says:

    Fake news

  34. Ez Milone says:


  35. Ez Milone says:

    I love this…we won wining!!

  36. Cocoa Dog says:

    You don't get it. The RNC is total corruption.

  37. pevitzachast says:

    When will the news just be the news. I don’t need opinions even if I agree with them. I wish cnn would stop the subtle propaganda.

  38. Bob leroy says:

    It's over trump and all his liars

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