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Russian model promises to spill Trump-Russia secrets

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  1. los P says:

    she has the face of a monkey @ 0:20

  2. Larry Amatulli says:

    Hahaha hahaha! You suck CNN !

  3. Larry Amatulli says:

    Your witch hunt of Trump is destroying YOUR network! No mention of Trump in this video , yet you headline it that way. Bunch of a holes at CNN. Ratings down 30 pct year to date. Bye bye.

  4. michael hammond says:

    Hey if CNN is willing to pay anybody for fabrication, sign me up. 1.4 billion dollars spent and this is all we get?

  5. Jack Gaddis says:

    Why does CNN love Russia so much?

  6. Human Goat says:

    im from Russia and CNN is a lie factory, western media is always trashing Russia, go to Russia and see for yourself, two sides to every story you have only hear one side, be smart

  7. say what says:

    LMFAO ya cause she knows what's going on. STFU stupid.

  8. midnighfairy says:

    Lol democrats are desperate

  9. hum says:

    So? Any hooker can say anything?

  10. Gangster Caesar says:

    CNN is a dam joke

  11. jeff barret says:

    Fuck me, a seriously UGLY Ruski moose. Wouldn't touch that VD ridden Russian with a barge pole.

  12. John VandenBrook says:

    WE DON’T CARE – IF AN AFFAIR IS ENOUGH TO PREVENT YOU FROM POLITICAL OFFICE WE COULD REALLY DRAIN THE SWAMP! THEN LETS BAN GAYS, ATHEISTS AND OTHERS BECAUSE OF THEIR SINS AND LACK OF BELIEF! MSMBCNN – you really need to grow up and start doing your job, rather than catering to sycophants and Libtards. Your viewing audience is ever shrinking into oblivion…

  13. Joseph Payne says:

    This might be her last video alive

  14. Ricky Tikki Tavi says:

    More fake news from CNN, the propaganda outlet for the Council on Foreign Relations. Period.

  15. GeeNo Geeses says:

    U stupid people !

  16. David Eby says:

    Keep diggin cnn!! you are to stupid to be embarrassed! liberals hahahahaha

  17. wilby1414 says:

    Another slut looking for attention and fame..

  18. Gee Beezy says:

    Nothing sexy about her or that type of female… sorry just my opinion

  19. Harry Bush says:

    Is this one of the prostitutes that Trump paid to piss on another prostitute in a hotel in Moscow while he watched the whole thing?

  20. W Wreakin says:


  21. Hurried Playz says:

    cnn is trying to hurt there own from england there makeing a laughing stock out of usa.damageing.when no one is bothered u have to ask yourself about the real going to teport this vid to youtube its unfounded as usall and youtube has an obligation to stop this rumour spreading.

  22. Hurried Playz says:

    please everyone report this unfounded news report

  23. Bin Ren says:

    If she had the Pee Tape
    All Onboard
    other words desperation. from a jail cell

  24. ZadZadrack says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think Trump ought to consider leaving this PLANET. May I suggest a phone call to Musk might help him hitch a ride in another CAr To The Galaxy. That's the only way for TRUMP to end the 'shit' that he has created and now has become to OVERWHELM HIM. Hahahahahahahaha. Strange how stupid men who make money but FAIL to have a DECENT-MARRIED LIFE WITH A DECENT WOMAN AND NOT A FORTUNE HUNTER. And Trump is the top MASTER OF STUPIDITY in this field.

  25. jedi Loco says:

    Someone need to kill all CNN NEWS worker!!!

  26. stranger7138 says:

    Lol. Typical CNN propaganda. Still searching for the missing airplane that Don Lemon said was sucked into a black hole. For crying out loud. They actually take themselves seriously.

  27. Chase Long says:

    Skank Coke Whore Trolls CNN, more at Six!

  28. Skoll _ says:

    I’m looking into my crystal ball and it says “Russian model found dead in Thai jail”
    Non US citizen on foreign soil in an incredibly corrupt country….sorry but bye. Who do you think told the thai police what she was doing. Convenient?

  29. Lee Johnson says:

    After Trump went to Russia and had Sex with a Russian Whore, Trump said, "Russian Pussy is better than American Pussy." Trump said, "I'm going to open up a Russian Whore House Chain in America."

  30. HICHAM BENALIA says:

    To be honest, i'm not suprised about that Russian Whore doing that, 90% of Russian girls giving their vagina for free, Gold diggers, and searching Rich people to get into their circle, … CNN please, give us something interesting to watch, WE DONT NEED BULLSHIT NEWS

  31. GroovyVideo2 says:

    who says the pee hookers were women

  32. DRUNKEN RAMBLE says:

    Spill or Spray?

  33. DRUNKEN RAMBLE says:

    You haven't arrived until you've had a Golden shower !!!

  34. anne Pascoe says:


  35. bob bob says:

    A new low for CNN FAKE NEWS

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