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Russian military personnel killed in shelling carried out by terrorists in Syria

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  1. 777superduty says:

    Russia is our friend

  2. Mohibbur Rahman says:

    How Long we will show Our Patience???… "Every Era have his age… After its end, burial of his Memories remain…"

  3. tw wolf says:


  4. TheCecanbgd says:

    RIP brave soldiers!

  5. bjkerp says:

    May they rest in peace

  6. william112004 says:

    Attacked by mossad

  7. vdah chithemathoi says:

    condolence you russian from vietnam

  8. Paul Hercules says:

    Russia, they want see your power so give it to them

  9. J. Deen says:

    A roach is worth more than a Russian soldier in Syria. You're the terrorists, not the people of Syria.

  10. Adelain Derosin says:

    We all know who behind those soldiers getting kill. I know it and you know it.

  11. Comrade Soviet says:

    Usa make this. Usa and Israel= Terrorists.

  12. gotip58 says:

    Meanwhile the lies from Assad continue… LMAO

    Ahmet Uzumcu, director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), highlighted that attacks involving chlorine barrel bombs and deadly nerve agent sarin have continued despite the landmark agreement that won the group a Nobel Peace Prize in 2013.

    Syrian “authorities have to explain in a plausible, technically plausible manner why the samples collected by our experts did prove the existence of certain chemicals which were never declared,” Uzumcu said in an interview with NBC News. "So they should explain why those chemicals were present in such places."

    And Putin supports Assad's chemical weapons!!
    In November, a Russian veto stripped the organization of a mechanism that had allowed it to probe and assign blame when banned chemicals were used.

  13. Tim Minh says:

    Fuck man, it seems like the Deep State isn’t going to let go of Syria..

  14. Hindu Nationalist says:

    lol Russians are terrorists.

  15. Hindu Nationalist says:

    fuck muslims btw

  16. R A says:

    Russians should not use small weapons against this people , once they are found shell them with 380 cannons , use heavy artillery to make them dust at the scene , show no mercy to terrorists , that's the fastest way to kill them all

  17. Modi kee 56 inch kee gand after winning elections says:

    russians so sweet…

  18. B. Ghould says:


  19. Jason Querubin says:

    Russia is going to bomb them now

  20. John Baldwin says:

    US boots on the ground has a presence in that region that also has air support… that is occupying a Conoco oil refinery and outer perimeter… This action shows to be a direct special interest… Back in February 2018, A contingency force made up of Syrian government forces and a contract Russian security firm was ordered to secure all refineries when both sides were engaged… Who is to be believed when the US State Dept. narrative telling us that our forces were under attack and also attempted to contact Russian command in Syria to ask if their people were a component of this opposing force to which it was communicated that the reply was no and then a full offensive order to engage and defeated/ repelled the Syrian government forces and Russian mercenary contractors; many were killed but no evidence were shown as the US State Dept./ US Commander saying that all of the dead and wounded were removed from the area?!? The US one sided conclusion was to say and blame Russia and Putin and maintains the status quo of this encounter…
    Syria has their sovereign right to secure their resources and that in this case there should of been a direct dialog and avoid the entire engagement but why would the US be there securing a US oil company asset that has a contract with Syria? Without notifying the Syrian government of their presence and reasons to secure a Conoco oil refinery?

  21. TVTruther says:

    If these terrorists were provided by arms-intel-resources, etc., by the West, Russia has the duty and right for a first nuclear strike

  22. Tommy Robinson says:

    Russia grew off the yoke of communism (judaism) and the khazar is quaking. Just imagine what will happen if China throws off the communist yoke….

  23. First Last says:

    1:02 beautiful lady 😩😍

  24. Nitro Express says:

    I thought Russia said ISIS was cleared out in Syria?

  25. Chase Avery says:

    Russia once again, saving the world.

  26. J Mute says:

    Storm them like Fortnite

  27. Rivera リベラパオ Yue says:

    Rest in peace comrades.

  28. FUK Government! says:

    Well they Jews fucked up… Russia will wipe out all those Jew owned slaves AKA ISIS. Also some Jews as pay back. You by the way will never see that on the news because you are not allowed to see how weak the Jews and their puppets(USA) are.

  29. Nitro Express says:

    Russia appears strong, but is actually weak.
    Pantsir S-1 Fail

  30. says:

    R.i.P. dear 26 syrian soldiers and 4 russian advisors. May the zionist terrorists mercenaries rott in hell.

  31. j Law says:

    Guess the US will once again need to step in to wipe out the isis pos..

  32. Cutting Edge says:

    Carried out by the USA only Russia can't say that as that would mean Russia would have to retaliate, so rather than Russia do that they merely say it was terrorists, this is very very weak from Russia.

  33. Artful Dodger says:

    Dirty baby killers. I'm glad they are dead.

  34. Sparkie Lyle says:

    Isis/Ice This AmeriKa. A nice Deceptive Way of havin ur Boots on the Grd in Syria, with out the Ppl of the States Knowin. Black Ops @ its Finest !

  35. Yakav8r55m says:

    As long as you stay in Syria, Russians will suffer this type of attrition. But don't worry about it because to can be guaranteed that Putin has already forgotten their names or the cities they lived in.

  36. Mohammad Doofesh says:

    Fighting terrorism has a price to be paid.
    Russia may now have revenge on 40, perhaps 400, terrorists of America, Israel & Co..

  37. Here_We_Go_Again2 says:

    May they RIP, many condolences to their families.
    Not only Russian soldiers, also two SAA soldier were captured and killed:

    "Isis has killed 2 SAA soldiers captured in Al-Mayadeen [Al Mayādīn] Syria:
    1 beheaded and 1 shot to death." Mayādīn, Syrialed-2-saa-soldiers-captured-in-almayadeen

    Al Mayādīn, Syria is on the south/west side of the Euphrates; it is south
    (downriver) from ar-Raqqa. It is north (upriver) of Abu-Kamal (which is
    just over the Iraqi border in Syria, near the Iraqi border city of Al-Qa’im)

    SDF/YPG are fighting ISIS on the north/east side of the river and
    also where the Euphrates crosses into Iraq. IS has been trying
    to break out of the very small territory that it now possess along
    the Euphrates.

    Most likely the IS fighters were attempting to cross into Syria and
    join IS that is in a pocket east of Palmyra. Or they were attempting
    to make a run for it into the Anbar district of Iraq (via Syria), into
    Jordan or into Saudi Arabia. IS is being bombed almost daily by
    the Iraqi AF and other members of the US coalition — as the
    SDF/YPD and ISF (on the Iraqi side) call in airstrikes.

  38. Artful Dodger says:

    Can't stop laughing at the Russian terrorists deaths. Hilarious

  39. j Law says:

    Stuff happens in a war zone…

  40. Luke S says:

    Last time say say 4 it was 300. Man they need to ask for help from the west. The west hold 99.99% win on any Russian tech.

  41. Otis Chambers says:

    21 gun salute for my four family member's😭

  42. YouTube commentator says:

    Americas sponsored rebellion terrorism of syria

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