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Russia reacts to U.K. nerve-agent attack allegations

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  1. DarkVoidDan says:

    I'm English and I don't believe Mr Putin would stoop so low to do that to a country he likes.

  2. DarkVoidDan says:

    Dmn if there was a war with Russia I live right where all the action would take place I think I need to move lol.

  3. summer solstice says:

    Britain has been far too eager and too quick to blame Russia without providing evidence. It has not cooperated with the Russian authorities. The public with never know the truth.

  4. Themba Ngcamu says:

    I definitely truly, certain this is work of Her Majesty, James, James Bond.

  5. Sebastian Paris says:

    And THEY say RT is propaganda 🙂
    Biaised and disinformation. Shame!

  6. Mike Akers says:

    I'm American and I don't agree with USA or UK. Sanctions without an investigation or actual proof that the Russian government is responsible is not the right thing to do. I also believe that if Putin wanted someone dead , they would be dead and no one would even know to blame him. In my opinion Putin is a very smart man. I like to read his speeches, says it how it is with no smoke and mirrors.

  7. Cerberus says:

    fool me once (iraqi WMD's) shame on you. fool me twice (Salisbury) shame on you.

  8. savanah cornell says:

    why do people think russia is so innocent, you mean to tell everything is a lie , see the more these things pile up, you have to ask the question , maybe there not so truthful . and Russia always pointing the finger , and playing Mr innocent .. you keep watching mr kgb and you will see . putin never got over the fact the soviet union was dead , and america won . so its a personal war between himself and the U.S.A

  9. Maximilian0011 says:

    hey, why not to blame the weather today in England on Russia, the TV propaganda would make it believable !!!

  10. PT says:

    Why does Russia have the burden of proof? It's the UK government that needs to show proof.

  11. Michael Martin says:

    Britain invented the most deadly nerve agent VX. Who benefits from this attack?

  12. Michael Martin says:

    The chemists Ranajit Ghosh and J.F. Newman discovered the V-series nerve agents at the British firm ICI in 1952, patenting diethyl S-2-diethylaminoethyl phosphono- thioate (agent VG) in November 1952. Further commercial research on similar compounds ceased in 1955 when its lethality to humans was discovered. The U.S. started production of large amounts of VX in 1961 at Newport Chemical Depot.

  13. tony roberts says:

    Reminds of the Katyn massacre of Polish officers… Russia took decades to admit it. Not a lot changes obviously.

  14. Mr. Rusvector says:

    This is how the western law and democracy work : Russia is always guilty until proven innocent.

  15. Bruce Slater says:

    It’s easy to blame Russia even HIllary blames Russia for her loss. Pathetic western propaganda

  16. Georgios Sarantitis says:

    The most disturbed thing is not this story by itself as nobody believes the UK government. Instead it is disturbing that they know that we know it, and insist.

  17. Michael Gough says:

    I will bet that Russia get the blame for brexit ? Then more sanctions? What is it with these western governments,are they all mental

  18. ars t says:

    I see great darkness in Putin

  19. PANKI_7 says:

    I wonder why people disliking so much this video full of prejudice and not objective reporting!?! O_O

  20. Supreme254 says:

    Exactly it's all a setup for war.

  21. Roger SolidSnake says:

    nothing was said i…

  22. One and only Jake says:

    When yanks don't get banta

  23. KCANjojo101 says:

    Wait…none of y'all realised his name is Chris brown?

  24. jimbo jimbo says:

    People going on about the World Cup, i think football is the last thing we should be thinking about.

  25. Charlie Mulligan says:

    Get ready for world war 3

  26. W S says:

    amazing how obvious this is all anti Russian propaganda.. another coincidence BBC released a series called McMafia just weeks before this happened, about Russian mafia, working with the government… unbelievable

  27. k.d says:

    they did it by themself all the time if somethings if wrong its russia

  28. Dmitriy R says:

    Britain much stinks. Putin can launch a preventive nuclear strike.

  29. Вепар Апокалипсе says:

    kosovo je srbija

  30. Michael T says:

    Russia just admitted that they are not ready to stand down or take responsibilty. Neither have they presented new proceedings. Seems like russian civilans will face the wrath of the west. It wouldnt be right. But Putin does everything he can to isolate russoa and affect its tiny economy even further. Its called the maxwell effect or something like that. A country moght habe the strongest of armies but the weakest of economies. With a small portion of world economy russia can only loose a trade war witg a signifocantly larger opponent. Some call it the "Venezuela Effect" For that reason China does never cooperate with Russia when they opearate in a way that may affect its own economy in a negative way.

  31. Elias J. says:

    Russia is not v to blame! I agree wit Lavrov god bless Russia

  32. SimmingLauren says:

    If they wiped the UK out, the US and Europe will attack them. The US and Germany are backing Germany up. And when you think of it. Russia's money comes from industry and most of their land is rural and underdeveloped.

  33. SimmingLauren says:

    Remember, the guy who was poisoned was a former spy. But that doesn't really help. It really points it to the British that have done it because why would they want to poison their own spy and daughter.

  34. MWcrazyhorse says:

    Ties to Clinton and Obama? They colluded with Russia and sold 20% of uranium after all.
    Did he know too much? Or false flag?
    Doesn't make sense for Putin to do. Or?

  35. Les Rogers says:

    I'm British and not proud of it at all. Where is the UK government's proof that this was orchestrated by Russia? Why do they refuse to let Russia investigate or see samples? This does indeed smack of a setup.

  36. giacotubo says:

    NATO members shoud be ashamed!

  37. Tariq mahmood says:

    I think it’s better solution political talk for resolve this issue. 🤔

  38. U.S.A God love all !NO USA says:

    American people always say you are guilty until proven innocent no the American government believe you are guilty until never proven innocent we going to hell

  39. клирик says:

    если бы убевали руские то это былобы клосическо снайпером.

  40. клирик says:

    with the founding of Russia, the Russian supported the British and I want this continued

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