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Russia 2018: Argentina pulls out of a match with Israel

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  1. Hibo Maxamad says:

    Viiva Argentina down Israel god peles Palästine ✌✊

  2. Benny Harriston says:

    i bet now that stolen state will cause unrest and accuse argentina of something for refuseing to be a part of that stolen state war crimes

  3. Walkie talkie says:

    Viva Argentina Viva Palestina viva la conciencia de la gente latina ✌🏼🇦🇷💜🇵🇸💜🇦🇷💜🇵🇸💜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. syed hassan abbas says:

    alliance of great nations mexico, colombuia, argentina, brazil, ,venezulia, palestine, iran, hamas, hezbullah and syria against USA , ILLEGAL ISRAEL and their allies

  5. peace for all says:

    well done Argentina. sport is for peace. terrorist dont hv place in this event. nurse killer.

  6. Muhammad Firdaus Syah Umar says:

    God bless you Argentina🇦🇷
    Love from Indonesia🇮🇩

  7. Zain Sisku says:

    We love Palestine from India 🇮🇳

  8. Italian CIA says:

    Boo boo get over it. What able what those people who alwat attake Jews for no reason

  9. Italian CIA says:

    Argentina should mind their business and worry about their people.

  10. Anab Adan says:

    Respect to Argentina soccer team for standing up for human rights.. May u succeed in the world cup this year.. I will be your #1 fan.. world for Argentina 2018.

  11. Armed Liberation Xecutive says:

    ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍✍

    BRAVO team ✌
    BRAVO Argentina 👍.

    You all have ⚽⚽

  12. E Elias B says:

    And Natanyahu's the furious screams were heard across the world…..the united states kneels before us and these argentine goys dare to do this!!!!

  13. Fadly Sonata says:

    Argentina known how it fell if another country invade their land, thanks che

  14. MagicKirin1 says:

    Argentina like Turkey has to answer for their support Palestinian terrorism

  15. The Game Hacker of the universe says:

    Well done 👍🏻

  16. Sultan Erdogan Hun says:

    Respect to Argentina

  17. hamed shirazi says:

    Respect for Argentina

  18. t ng says:

    Not good for the shifty Choos

  19. adlan Is Here says:

    Love it

  20. a says:

    I will support Argentina this world cup.

  21. east coast says:

    Bulshit! Soccer is against politics

  22. tube3365 says:

    Support BDS – it works!

  23. Eva Draxl says:

    wow Argentina! ❤ thank you from all the world! you are good people as always, as we know you. Happy you will not allow yourselves to be used for Israeli ongoing murder!

  24. Luiz Guilherme™ says:


  25. Sumer Rana says:

    If I was an Israeli, I would never have had supported terrorism and genocide on Palestinians, Shame on those people.
    I don't wanna hate someone but those idiots have left no choice.

  26. Ankur Verma says:

    Support Messi in WC
    Pls request all Palestinians

  27. •Mojoաorld says:

    Restpect Argentina and Messi for supporting Palestinians against israel. You've earned my respect as a nation with love from Pakistan to Argentina 🇦🇷 Zindabad Pakistan 🇵🇰 Zindabad

  28. Rhino Don says:

    Argentina recognised the bloodshed is the rest of the world asleep…friendly with Zionist’s good game Argentina won…bless Argentina done what the the rest of the world should do…stand up to oppression killing of innocent children..iv allways supported Argentina hope they win now eliminate Israel Mosad Illuminatis ban them from all sports 😉

  29. adriano hetzel says:

    Adolf Eichmann: Viva Alemania,Viva Austria,Viva Argentina,nunca los olvidaré!

  30. Barry Goldwasser says:

    Argentina, cowards and Arab lovers. Nothing new.

  31. edisontegar edison says:

    we love argentina and palestin, from jakarta indonesia thank you for argentina

  32. Marcela Trezza says:

    Shut up, Israel. Why should we risk our players' lives over your conflict? Not our place. Players are not soldiers.


    Hmm which means terrorists are happy now

    Israel 🇮🇱 try again bro support from india 🇮🇳 🤣 😍

    And kill muslim terrorists 😡

  34. Md. Mesbah Uddin says:

    I love Argentina team.

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