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Rumored Trump Chief of Staff Sold Access to Lobbyists

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  1. liberal ontheleft says:

    This sham of an administration is all about the money. They do not care about you, trumptards, wake up!

  2. Gary Berger says:

    This is why we need to get corporate money out of politics. He's just telling the truth, which is basically admitting that he's whoring out our system for corporate lobbyist cash. Sickening if you ask me.

  3. bbolin711 says:

    America for sale to the highest bidder

  4. Jane Doe says:

    The tRump administration is basically just a money-sink for the rich. Not that it was going to be anything else while controlled by republicans, but still.

  5. Eric Sarnoski says:

    Well this is how the plumbing in the swamp operates. With all the recent Tax cuts, corporation are flush with cash. Cash in and crap legislation comes out .

  6. Edward Norton says:

    He's admitting it because Who's going to stop him and the republicans? LOL They have full control of 3 branches of govt

  7. James Champaco says:

    They obviously FORGOT they are public servants;they work for us. Time to remind them.

  8. Husky Passion says:


  9. Jesus Jimenez Hernandez says:

    Donald Trump is the worst President in the 21st Century and modern history through and through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #BigMoron

  10. Alex P says:

    Rust Belt voted in their own financial executioners because Trump promised to be mean to brown people.

  11. P Pena says:

    You know most politicians hide there corruption so either these people don't care about hiding or the things they are hiding, well i'm thinking somewhere between high treason and triple homicide

  12. Macnutz420 says:

    He is describing what has been a common practice, in Washington, for a long time. That is how America became an oligarchy with only a few noticing what has been happening, through the last several administrations. Many dems do the exact same thing.

    Getting rid of the current administration is only a first, if important step, to reclaiming your country. You will never regain control until you can get the money factor out of politics. Very hard to do in a country whose population almost worships the rich.

  13. RobotShlomo says:

    Mick Mulvaney should be in prison.

  14. Jenn A says:

    This is my fucking soap opera….every day!

  15. Widkey says:

    The GOP is the most corrupt political syndicate this country has ever seen, and their supporters embrace corruption like it's their child. There needs to be a giant wave this November, in order to sweep these criminals out of power, it's the only hope.

  16. Loki707 says:


  17. firefox5926 says:

    3:18 soooo? at least he's honest… i guess ?

  18. EmmittBrownBTTF1 says:

    Mulvaney's admission is is an admission of the breaching the "honest Dealing" laws. He legally liable for imprisonment.

  19. billy the dead says:

    He's in charge of the consumer protection Bureau in which he's trying to destroy do your own independent research get informed get involved and vote

  20. The Chairman says:

    Drain that swamp! We need to put the Donald J. Trump Presidential Sewer somewhere!

  21. Hammer says:

    His name tag is "Honorable" Mick Mulvaney. Honorable, my ass.

  22. Zucchinna says:

    and what right wingers don't understand is, average people don't have as much money to offer as a corporation, meaning we will never ever be heard. Get money out of politics

  23. Oblivious says:

    The Hypocritical Hierophants strike again! Seriously, gotta get these fools out of office.

  24. Ben Mangrum says:

    Ben Mangrum for President 2036

  25. Jo Ann Lewis says:

    He is never supposed to use his personal cellphone for government business.

  26. Smileyrie James says:

    Chump is selling access to himself via his properties (mainly Mar-a-Lago) to lobbyists, donors, businesses that want Gov contracts etc so he will have no issue whatsoever with this

  27. lindy919 says:

    "I know the most corrupt people…"

  28. Anarchy Seeds says:

    David Packman is a grammar nazi.

  29. Meta Code says:

    America is finished, we are at the beginning of the end of the american empire!! A fitting end for a destructive, coercive force in the world. $21 trillion and no way to pay it back, a crumbling, outdated national infrastructure, some of the lowest per capita educational achievement standards in the OECD, a corrupt, pay-for-play government that doesn't give a fuck about it's people, only it's donors, and rampant, out-of-control wealth and income disparity, where the top1% own 30% of all wealth. We have become a bunch of individuals out for self gain, who will do anything to screw another over for a buck, that is what america has become. In short, it is a powder keg set to blow, and when it does there will be blood in the streets, literally. We are finished as a nation, we haven't been a nation for decades. What a sad joke, that is why I am emmigrating, I'm leaving this shithole country…. this place is gonna blow up in the next 5-7 years.

  30. Malulo says:

    American politics is the best…that money can buy

  31. Victor Gillanes says:

    What he is try to say is you need need to give him money and kiss his toe to see him.

  32. Penboy as 'god' says:

    We need a new, super-secure prison — we could call it "Congressional Prison" or the new "Governmental Workplace" for making license plates and other needs of our society — with absolutely NO TVs and gyms. They can work out making items for our society.

  33. CButtonshaw says:

    Forget that Kelly doesn't know what Trump is doing with his PERSONAL phone. The AMERICAN PEOPLE don't know. If it's not in the government-owned phone is it tracked the same? Doubt it.

  34. Walt Schmidt says:

    REALLY? You mean just like everyone else in D C. For the past 50 years?

  35. Fabricio Larios says:

    Trump just wants yes man

  36. John Olson says:

    Very possible Quackman takes hallucinating drugs !

  37. jmitterii2 says:

    Trump is such a moron that he took his idiotic show Apprentice in which all he did was "fire" contestants, and think that must be how I'm successful is that I fire people.
    Because everything he is otherwise is a fraud. He's absorbed whatever tint of success from the fraud as reality. He really believes his bullshit.
    And this is the result of it. A game show host/judge with multiple fraud dealings that happens have an inheritance; which he often pretended was his before it was.

  38. John Jordan says:

    Well….it’s now official: the GOP is not even gonna pretend anymore about moral superiority, fiscally conservatism..

  39. Lacey Pelham says:

    Mick Muck, the swamp mucked up

  40. John Maddin says:

    textbook corruption. He's supposed to serve the US people not the elites from a few rich corporations that can benefit from his decisions.

  41. MrOvadose101 says:

    I thought of it as a joke before. Politicians should consider wearing logos like NASCAR so you know who they are beholden to.

  42. Vicky Paulson says:

    Trump is doing exactly what he wants Hillary to go to jail for. What a damn idiot. You can't use your personal phone, Trump.

  43. Vicky Paulson says:

    Actually Trump fires all the honest ones. Trump doesn't care about anyone that isn't his slave, or will make him money.

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