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Roseanne Barred | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 517

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  1. Joe Blow says:

    The Jarrett tweet is true…and hilarious! Do blacks have no sense of humour? Again the left uses race for political gain.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    If HRC and Ratatouille had a baby=Andrew Klavan.

  3. Pirate Radio 9 says:

    Boycott Disney, LOL

  4. Peeking Under The Blindfold says:

    I gotta say, the image of Klavan and Knowles dragging Ben into heaven splits my heart between melting and laughing

  5. Captain Spire says:

    That intro was the best I've heard in a long time.

  6. bronxhouse00 says:

    We used to call it monkey bars when I was a kid

  7. J Logan says:

    So has anybody proven how trump is a racist yet? All ive seen is shit taken out of context and projection on what he really meant all the while he seems to wanna help the black and hispanic communities which hes been doing

  8. Daniel Kauffman Jr says:

    Do they realize this why Trump got elected this elitist snobbery

  9. Denise Hansen says:

    Oh Andrew, love your speaking style.

  10. Apollo_da_Great says:

    This is why you proclaim the good news of Jesus the Christ, He commands it.
    Mark 16:15
    And He (Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

  11. Ernesto Gamez IV says:

    Dat intro do

  12. jim says:

    I’m tired of hearing the word racist

  13. Jay Ferguson says:

    We used to call them 'monkey bars' for that very reason.

  14. DriftingAimlessly says:

    OMG someone needs to make a clip of that intro I NEED it for my FB page.

  15. VerumAdPotentia says:

    You just can't trust those damn pin dropping bastards!

  16. assindiastignani says:

    The Italian historian and philosopher Ennio Flaino once wrote: "(In Italy)…the fascist subdivide into two categories: the fascists and the anti-fascists."

  17. assindiastignani says:

    Jane Austen was certainly a very good writer, but if we are talking about the truly great women authors, check out George Elliot (née Mary Ann Evans) and Willa Cather.

  18. Ryan Rhoades says:

    That lady is racist!! Blaming Trump for another's comments is ridiculously stupyand he never said there are some good Nazis!!! As the grandson of a 2 grandparents who fled Nazi Germany it is gross to compare 99% of any Americans to Nazi's. There ain't anyone close

  19. Frank Bowman says:

    I think it's great when Jews convert to Christianity, given that Christianity is a Jew religion, and is therefore only suitable for Jews. Actual White People, on the other hand, are traitors to their native blood, soil, and spirituality when they embrace Abrahamic religions.

  20. Chris Rardin says:

    Was Roseanne making reference to Valerie Jarrett's race or her looks? Valerie Jarrett doesn't look particularly African-American to me. Just asking.

  21. Spills51 says:

    Rosseane fucked up. Putting that aside I have never seen America more racist in my lifetime. Except I see it coming overwhelming on the left. I have never seen a group able to make situations like Starbucks etc into a race baiting subject. I have never seen a group so easily ignore factual statistics to make There point. Everything they talk about revolves around race. It’s fascinating to see in a way. The most racist people are those crying racism about everything. But hey, what do I know. Apparently I’m white and my race doesn’t count. But if you need info the LEFT has made a handy chart so you can see where your RACE ranks 🧐

  22. Paul Carhart says:

    I was laughing at work with my headphones on at the opening of this one. Well played, Andrew.

  23. Kntfst says:

    Check Archive.org key word "BlockingThePathTo911".

  24. MrMajenta says:

    that intro will be the high point of your career, so i really hope you wrote it

  25. Anazah Whan says:

    It's not a question on whether Roseanna did something objectively wrong, the question for ABC is "Did Roseanna say something to offend the viewers and would it be to out benefit if we fire her?" If ABC feels it damages their reputation and popularity then they can end her contract conform the conditions of her contract.

  26. Josey Wales says:

    Trump never even one time said that "there are good Nazis out there" where the hell do they come up with this stuff?

  27. Cymric says:

    Ever wonder why conservative voices try to play on liberal media turf? Why don’t big money conservatives start their own networks to compete and get those voices out? Is it seriously an oversight or could it be that big wig conservatives see the bickering amongst the lower classes as a good thing? Seriously just rhetorical questions I keep asking myself. Also Roseanne did nothing wrong.

  28. P S says:

    I had to search through past episodes to hear this intro again!

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