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Reports: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un visits China

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  1. Rahuley Shar says:

    President of China is the most dangerous man who will be taking total control of western world civilization through debt. Under his rule, state owned investment firms acquired 10x more abroad companies than any other presidents in China history combined!

  2. fallen one says:

    Fox News full of bullshit.

  3. Realstuff Steve says:

    I've been saying for 7 years now that 2019 is a very pivotal year major events to come

  4. Firee Sword says:

    US, UK and other European countries have stained their hands with blood by sparking a none based forensic accusation against Russia, YOU ALL FUELLED TENSION TO BREAK UP INTO FiERY BALL. You are all abhorrently extremely merciless, conniving and calculating criminals of mankind. Where is your human nature conscience?????????

  5. Jason Chow says:

    fox news and all illuminati gang is so salty now because they are so irrelevant now because china will be the new world order, and Rothschild dont get North korea bank hahaha.

  6. riva2003 says:

    He is visiting China? According to who? Some Japanese media? Come on, you can't be serious.

  7. YouTube Zone says:

    I as a American , I want North Korea to be DESTROYED

  8. 马邦德 says:

    I had my doubts on Trump, but it turns out he's a good player. North Korea Crysis is over now, Trump wins again

  9. truth seeker says:

    it a ;look a like

  10. truth seeker says:

    that fat uck would not go to china unless they protect him Executed kids are Hungry all day pregnant
    mother are forced Are forced to give birth in prisons executed place a look a like and get him
    they just let him walk in they want a war some one stop them Stop them from exploding thatountry really making him there lidhar

    Looks like an alliance Looks like an
    Looks like an alliance china Russia they are work with him because of emps

  11. Black Dynamite says:

    I believe that this is the real cause of the bipartisan Establishment's freak out over Bolton is that he's going to flush a whole lot of people who don't want Trump to succeed out of their taxpayer provided positions of wealth and power within the permanent bureaucracy that makes up the Deep State

  12. Griever says:

    Let China take Taiwan and Kim is all yours.

  13. David Brill says:

    China needs to take a page from Putin's playbook and poison that troublesome runt Kim.

  14. Raksmey Chan says:

    Donald trump like banana

  15. Zip Zap says:

    Putin said, he do not understand😑

  16. Lisa Mastrangelo says:

    Kim Jong Un is China's puppet !

  17. ranko 67 says:

    Defense your country Kim. Support from USA.

  18. Areeb Waseem says:

    Travel all the way to China to know "what's Donald Trump like", are you serious?

  19. aaron gao says:

    I thought North Korea will learn China opening-up policy after meeting with Trump. nuclear weapon just make sure USA donot invade them.

  20. Bart Larsson says:

    At the central Beijing train station, Kim Jongun or a remarkable lookalike, was seen tossing a book entitled Lose Weight with the 250 Calorie a Day Cultural Revolution Diet into a trash bin.

  21. Robert says:

    It's time to sanction the shit out of Russia and cripple their already shit economy. Then, fuck them in the ass dry. No lube!

  22. mkmr888 says:

    Two fat [email protected] met, one of the younger fat [email protected] is going to meet another old fat [email protected] very soon. three fat [email protected] are playing each other's fat [email protected] and having fun.

  23. Steven Lee says:

    expelled Russian diplomat , trade war with China and now China and North Korea leader had an unofficial meeting . seems like someone tryna make a trouble this year ……….

  24. Jin Wu says:

    This is the consequences of Trump's launching trade war with China.

  25. Jack Jones says:

    The little tyrant is no idiot. He understands he's got it very good as the dictatorial "Dear leader" and doesn't want to yield power.

  26. Justin Walsh says:

    George W Bush White House Press Secretary interviews George W Bush deputy assistant about George W Bush Ambassador John Bolton. NEXT ON FOX NEWS! SEAN HANNITY RUNS FOR SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!

  27. krishna G says:

    if usa doesn't realize this is in relation to the tax war between usa-china , there is no de- anything ,in fact they will clarify to usa that they will keep nuclear weapons
    when china said we will retaliate this is how it does………if usa fell for this again then it is high time to say goodbye to usa .
    north korea is the reason why china able to achieve trade imbalance against usa,not just because it is cheap to produce in china, china will get $350 billion a year from usa each year and china generously offer 1 billion for north korean nuke program .
    if usa doesn't have next step now then it is all over again with same drama.

  28. Richard Teh says:

    The American should ask why their government has more than 72 wars around the world killing millions of innocent people and babies and where the yearly trillions of dollars goes to?

  29. Richard Teh says:

    American child are born with sin and blood in their hand

  30. freeyourmind says:

    war is inevitable. the good vs the bad again. north koreans are enslaved.

  31. TheUrbanAvenger says:

    Those sanctions are spanking that ass good..lol

  32. 이면진 says:

    이면 진

  33. Justin BiEber says:

    Sanction Sanction Sanction. Really Fox news is the puppet of Trump Administration. Stupid Zionist Media.

  34. loong H says:


  35. Giacc S says:

    Sanction has smoked your hairy white ass out. Go home Yankees.

  36. santos leandro says:

    China is not stupid at all, they are fully aware North Korea nuclear problem is just an excuse for USA attack the Asia Trade market. Selling Fear and controling the media narrative is no longer functional like old times (Vietnam/Afghanistan/Iraq/Kuwait etc)The World is awake and aware.

  37. Elias T says:

    so where is the proof Russia poisoned a spy. i think they poisoned there own spy just to blame Russia.

  38. DIPDIP Potatochip says:

    fat piece of turd

  39. Edd P. says:

    Mexico is going to pay for the wall.

  40. Sharon Sirvio says:

    Are you that dumb…Kim loaded that train with supplies for himself. He knew no one would stop that train. Dah!

  41. Sam TheMan says:

    Trump really like Kim, love at first sight! I do not see big deal if Russia poisons their traitor spy, i mean U.S. does the same thing that is how game is played but this to me sound like they wanna start WW-3 with Russia and they are looking for smallest excuse to do so! Radical warmongering wing took over power in U.S. and does not matter anymore if president is Democrat or Republican once in White House they all go to war destroying small countries and killing millions of people that is not right that is evil! It took only 30 years to turn U.S. from beacon of freedom and democracy to Evil Empire! That is one of the reasons majority of people in the world cannot wait for China to get strong so the balance in the world can be restored again but now U.S. is out of control and people are just hoping that U.S. will not start WW-3 before China gets strong enough and balance in the world is restored but it looks like U.S. is trigger happy and trying to start WW-3 with Russia as soon as possible.

  42. BongPanda says:

    Jinping met by:
    Duterte, Putin, Trump and Jong-Un!

  43. H Rational says:

    Go Kim Go. Invade America.

  44. Ilya Demochkin says:

    What a interesting time to live in… Now with the help of internet we can finally see the true disgusting lies and hypocritical outburst from the Western Civilization.

  45. Seniors Penname says:

    AMERICA FIRST: The same voting process that elected Barack Obama President also elected Donald J. TRUMP President. TRUMP is Americas’ choice for President and he was Inaugurated President on Jan. 20, 2017. America and the world acknowledged this. In four years TRUMP may be replaced, if America wants a change! This is how it works in America and the Free World! What else is there! COMMUNISM! Mission: Preserve “Real News” for Real Americans and Insure Real Americans can Review Real News! Thank you, for your countless comments of support for this ‘Real News’! Please, do your own research!

    Had the DNC Party not been “Bought and paid for" by Clinton, Bernie Sanders may have been President! OBCESSED with blaming others for the DNC and Clinton Defeats! Start with this gang of Corrupt Elitists! Clintons, Obamas, Lynch, Clapper, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein, Ohr, Podesta, Abedin, Weiner, Pocahontas, Brazile, Wasserman-Schultz, Creamer, Fake News Media, Soros, DNC and GOP Elitists!

    Comey;s reopening of the FBI Probe of Clinton, 11 days before the election, cost Clinton her Presidency! Comey cares little for America. If he did, he would have challenged TRUMP before he was fired, not after! Had Comey not been fired, he would’ve never said “TRUMP HOPED I soon end the Flynn Investigation”! Comey admitted his Leak was His Plot to Impeach TRUMP! This confirmed Comey’s Seditious Intentions!

    Fake News Polls and Statistics were useless! Their best talent never foresaw Clinton’s DOA Presidency! TRUMP isn’t Americas “Moral Compass”! Voters chose TRUMP, disregarding personal and financial data! TRUMP transcended Democratic and Republican Parties and all of their Elected Corrupt Political Elitists. The election wasn’t won by the “Anybody but Trump” GOP party. TRUMP won, in spite of the GOP party! This election was a David vs Goliath marathon. TRUMP spent millions vs the Corrupt DNC spent billions! The choice wasn’t TRUMP vs Clinton. The choice was between the Corrupt DNC Party and America 1st!

    Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States are Accountable for 40 Million Illegal Immigrants, and their Crimes! TRUMP right again! A few thousand drug dealers are killing millions of Americans! Death Penalty is Just! Dear Illegals, who violate our U.S. Immigration Laws, “DACA Dreamers”, blame your parents, not the U.S. Using Our Military as a resource to “Build the Wall”, as a part of America’s Defense, is a brilliant proposal!

    TRUMP credited with N Korea Denuclearization Talks! Idiotic DNC and Their Media fight to Stop Talks! Idiotic Britain persuaded many, with unproven allegations, to expel Russian Diplomats Russia test ICBM! Idiotic ideas will end our world! Only TRUMP wants better relations with Russia, China and North Korea! America must reduce paying 22% of UN’s Annual Budge! Others must soon start paying their fair share! America must end the practice of Funding Countries that are, in reality, Opposed to American Interests!

    TRUMP kept campaign promise! Unfair Trade Practices will be addressed with appropriate Trade Tariffs! President TRUMP works with Senators on Trillion Dollar Infrastructure and “Obamacare Fix or Replace”! President TRUMP works with our GOP and DNC Senators to Reinforce and Strength our Military Forces! TRUMP supports and promises to approve every Gun Control proposal presented by Bipartisan Senate!

    Mueller said we’re “Unwitting Participants” doing Russia’s bidding! Sadly, too many are “Wiling Traitors”! Mueller said, after TRUMP won, Russia started the “Not My President” movement to Divide Americans! Russian TRUMP Investigation Cost Millions and 16 MThs so far! House Intel Propose Investigation End! Conclusions: No Collusion!! No Obstruction! American Government needs to refocus on Actual Priorities! American House Intel Elected to End Russian TRUMP Investigation! Corrupt Elected Elitists Reject This!

    Winning Elections isn’t an Impeachable Offence! Treason by Corrupt Elected Elitists is a Capital Offence! Corrupt Elected Elitists & Others Plot for Illegal Russian Trump Investigation to last TRUMP’s Presidency! America will defend itself and our duly elected president by Investigating American Home Grown Traitors! Government and AG Session have Requested Priority 1 “Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors”! Treason Investigation will legally halt the “Illegal Russian Trump Investigation” until Traitors are convicted! Treason Investigation will also reveal Treason Offences within the “Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation”!

    Mueller won’t subpoena Corrupt Elected Elitist, to avoid evidence of lying to obtain illegal FISA Warrants! Mueller should have been recused as Special Council! TRUMP had interviewed him for FBI Directors Job! TRUMP expected Mueller to recuse himself! He didn’t! Mueller should now resign, like FBI”s McCabe did! Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation needs to be dismissed, with prejudice, due to. Illegal FISA Warrants! Any and all plea bargaining done under this Illegal Investigating will be null and void due to this dismissal! Illegal Activities are just cause for AG Sessions Ordering “Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors”!

    Corrupt Elected Elitist Seditious Plots to Impeach America’s President, IS the Legal Definition of Treason! A Superiority Complex Accompanied by Intolerance of Others’ Opinions and Decisions fueled TREASON! Treason is a Conscious Decision! Social and Cultural Intolerance by Traitors is the catalyst for Civil War! TRUMP will never be president”! Traitors were wrong. TRUMP will be impeached. Traitors, wrong again!

    Our Military Stands United with Our Government and Our President in Our Mission to Defend America! Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ will be required to provide their material to Our Government and our AG! This Treason Investigation will look for Traitors within the IC, DOJ, FBI, Supreme Court and Congress! Treason comes with consequences! Treason is a Capital Crime! Treason is America’s Greatest Threat!

    IC Dir J Clapper, and his 16 branches were ordered by Obama AG L Lynch to hid Clinton Russian Dirt! McCabe, Comey and Mueller were ordered to call Clinton Investigation a matter by Obama AG L Lynch! Dossier Dirt on Candidates from Anywhere BUT Russia is OK, unless Dirt is on TRUMP and not Clinton!! The DNC used FBI TRUMP Dossier and Illegal FISA warrant to wiretap TRUMP, his Family and Others!

    Obama ignored Russia for eight years! TRUMP Wins! Obama Lies to FISA! Starts Impeach TRUMP Plot! FISA wasn’t told DNC and FBI paid for Dossier, by Steel & DAG B Ohr’s wife N Ohr, from Fusion GPS! Obama, via Flawed FBI Dossier and Illegal FISA Warrant, Ordered Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation!

    DNC, Obama, Clinton and Others “Obstructed Justice” when they lied to Obtain Illegal FISA Warrants! Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation’s failure to Impeach TRUMP will also influence a TRUMP 2nd term! TRUMP Failed Impeachment will be recognized as Treason Based Witch Hunt by Corrupt Elected Elitist!

    TRUMP, Commander in Chief, endeavors to govern, all while enduring Fake Investigations and Treason! Clinton had a meltdown drunken stupor when TRUMP won. That night she showed her presidential value. The DNC and Clinton’s day late insincere concession speech confirmed they’ll never accept their defeat. Corrupt DNC controlled Media were ordered to continue their Relentless Treasonous Attacks on TRUMP!

    TRUMP’s ‘No Holds Barred’ Sarcastic Attitude towards Elitist Politicians and Fake News Media is Just! Fake News Media didn’t stop TRUMP”s Presidency! Fake News Media promise to stop TRUMP 2nd term! Billion Dollar Media are “The Fake Empire”! They’re abusing the 1st Amendment! Their MO is Treason 1st! Federal Communications Commission can legally strip Seditious Fake Media of their broadcast licenses!

    TRUMP Cabinet Members are optimized for an imminent Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors! For eight years Corrupt DNC and Obama Infiltrated All Branch of Government with their Corrupt Elitists! Business as Usual, is over, in Washington! President TRUMP is purging Washington of Corrupt Elitists! Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and AG Regulatory Rules are wantonly violated by Traitors! Career Civil Servants don’t own America! They must be there to Defend America, not Destroy America! America must and will defend itself from Seditious and Treasonous activities within its Own Government!

    Obama begged African Americans to vote for Clinton and the DNC party, or he will be personally insulted! Obama begged illegal immigrants “You can vote. Don’t worry you won’t get caught”! IC & FBI did nothing! The corrupt DNC party doesn’t own the African American, Hispanic and Minority vote, and they never will!

    2007 Washington Post confirmed ‘BIRTHER’ started by Clinton, her campaign, and her DNC supporters! Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery! MEDIA as always MIA! Obama became a felon by providing his forged birth certificate to the government MEDIA as always MIA! Obama shadows TRUMP around the world discrediting him. Logan Act: Obama investigated for treason! Obama, a president on an American pension, chose to become a Traitor, to the Country that elected him!

    Russia hacked the DNC! Obama used FBI TRUMP Dossier and Illegal FISA warrant to wiretap TRUMP! Countries all around the world, and this includes America, interfere in other countries elections every day! Logic, sadly, confirms Russia earned our gratitude for showing the world all of their internal deficiencies! Countries and this included America Must Repair their many internal defects, or stop using their internet!

  46. Gordon Chang says:

    americans are garbage. Kim will finally nuke those american monkeys

  47. 김인섭 says:

    South Korean President Moon Jae In’s BlueHouse directly intervened and order for a suspension of budget of one of themost prestigious American research institute, Johns Hopkins’ US-Korea researchinstitute(USKI) . USKI provides the “38 North” program, from where we receivedthe latest news about North Korea restarting Yongbyun nuclear complex. Relevantofficials at USKI including President Robert Gallucci are very upset with thisgovernment intervention. Moon’s government is widely known to be North-Koreanfriendly and sympathetic for North Korean government’s possession of nuclearweapons despite the world-wide effort to make North Korea to give up thenuclear weapons development.


    The following is the link of the Koreannews breaking this information.  



    I am very surprised that no American newshas come out with regard to this matter when this can be very important pieceof news related to the upcoming talk between President Trump and Kim Jung Unabout N.K.’s nuclear disposal. This news shows that Moon’s Blue House is nottrustworthy, and he does not represent South Koreans at all. All he representsis Kim Jung Un’s agendas. I urgently ask you to look into this matter andpublicize as soon as possible.



    A South Korean citizen who is fighting forcommunization of the country.


    *P.S. Below is google-translation of mostrelevant parts of the Korean news linked as above. Hope this helps.


    “The Korea Institute for InternationalEconomic Policy (KIEP), a national research institute, decided to suspendbudget support for Johns Hopkins' US-Korea research institute (USKI) fromWashington in June. The Blue House of South Korea was confirmed to directly ordersuch decision.

    After the intervention of the Blue House,KIEP confirmed that it requested Johns Hopkins to dismiss the USKI head of thecouncil, known as conservative, for funding.

    KIEP has asked the head of theInternational Joint Chiefs of Staff of Johns Hopkins, who visited Korea inJanuary, to ask for the dismissal of the former head of the organization. InFebruary, Nasir said, "We can not dismiss the old doctor without justcause." It was confirmed that he sent a formal response to KIEP, sayingthat it violated the freedom of science and the value of research institutes.

    South Korean government officials have alsoconfirmed to President Robert Gallucci that he is pressing "to dismiss theformer head." In an interview with the magazine, Mr. Galuchi said, "Iwas surprised by the actions of the Korean government and I am verydisappointed with the attempt to infringe on the autonomy of the academicprofession." He said, "I engaged in improper intervention tocontinuously ask for replacement of certain personnel."

  48. Tall Girlfriend says:

    uk usa europe are ruled by queen. its queen vs putin

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