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Reports: North Korea fires unidentified missile over Japan

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  1. EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    Why are perfectly rational people around the world insisting on letting two crazy people play out a devastating no-win scenario? The only option on the table is to commit them both to their respective presidential asylums.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Japan, South Korea, America. Your leadership and military is full of cowardly pussies

  3. NickSlaughter says:

    Ask Russians for annexation of north korea. They can do it in 24 hours with no victims. They could even made up 97% ppl voting referendum for joining russia.

  4. Trade Mark says:

    Damn, who gave this Fat kid that runs a broken country, missile launch codes.

  5. Edward M. says:

    China needs to step up their game and put NK out of commission. Otherwise, the U.S. will have to handle things – as usual.

  6. KingCakes TV says:

    Kim needs to fire at his barber

  7. Kim Jong Un says:

    Don't send them nukes

  8. Jeremy Parsons says:

    that Ebony girl is kinda sexy, wonder how ghetto she is with no makeup on.

  9. monster Lopez says:

    for all of you talking about praying fuck you!!! and start being real!!!! praying don't do shit!! your imaginary god is useless!?

  10. john doe says:

    why are they all women

  11. Sheldon Brown says:

    Let's bomb them before they bomb us

  12. Steve Bergeron says:

    Prepare to die, Lil Kim.

  13. Handrias says:

    n-Korea is beein played by smarter.

  14. Shaun White says:

    And now people are going to freak out… Calm your tits people. They have done it before, I was over in south Korea 2 others times they shot a middle for testing out into the ocean.

  15. Green Pepper says:

    No, it's time to stop threatening NK. NK can nuke our East Coast, too.

    Nuking NK means many of us can no longer even be writing idiotic suggestions on YouTube.

  16. Chino Colwell says:

    Time for the talk to be over and more doing. Time for war. You can't talk to a lieing person you got to show.

  17. Rene Dulnuan says:

    these cases are complex formula reactions not easy wit Princess Izzy ! he he he

  18. Savage Savant says:

    We are ABSOLUTELY obliged to come to Japans defense. They are our vassal! Didn't hear Fox talking like this when their beloved Bush wanted to attack cave-dwelling nobodies in the mtns of Afghanistan!

  19. Al Brown says:

    Is fox news feminist or lesbian?..

  20. Edward Powell says:

    Stop doing that kim,because the system is wondering,were should we put "Walmart"hell,or let hard workers in,dramma has to be banned,no drama state.

  21. Edward Powell says:

    if kim is bombed,im launching my rocket ship to "mars"dam it i. forgot the C02.

  22. Skull_Sword17 says:

    North Korea is just trying to get themselves back into US news

  23. Doug Mac says:

    Where is all this fury donald said he was going to unleash like the word has ever seen? NOW, can we stop believing him when he says believe me. All lies. Don't believe a word from his mouth. Maybe send Dennis Rodman over there to replace

  24. twenlil says:

    All low IQ Yankee women discussing about North Korea.
    I am impressed. What happened to the Yankee men ? Are they still trying to cross-dress as women too !
    Idiots !

  25. SS42R D says:

    Finally the DPRK can now fully protect itself from american terrorism! GO DPRK!

  26. Roger Thornhill says:

    Pray hell!
    We Need to shoot down those damn rockets so he gets the message to stop !

  27. dub 1 says:

    Give the little guy a break,the hole world getting on his case just because he let a missile off big fucking deal,ive just ran out of tea bags and the shop is shut now thats a big deal

  28. Marshall Martin says:

    Barking dog no feel good

  29. TylernZack says:

    That little fat man thinks he is better then me??!! I live in the Netherlands and he has never said a single thing about my country!! Arrogant prick!!!

  30. turnbuckles1 says:

    All these women sittn around the table like they are going save the bra-less world. "Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwhich……"

  31. RedShot101 says:

    TIME !!!!! lets fucking go you stupid cheek ,, i say assassinate that piece of shit.. LOL

  32. Young Phan says:

    Are there any American alive? Over 300 millions souls walking on the US soil, there is not a SINGLE real american who dares to teach that small NK a lession of respect. What a bunch of useless pigs.

  33. Young Phan says:

    Why dont you do your part to save this country from insults from all over the world?

  34. LiannaBunny 777 says:

    We're all screwed! Screwed with a capital S! We're all going to die!

  35. HitMeQuick says:

    She's highly bangable

  36. ram graphic says:

    Do the strength of money, development lead to war

  37. N.O.Y.B M.F. says:

    Fire and Fury started yet?

  38. STRADART says:

    Get the animals and kids out and Nuke the hell hole once and for all!

  39. Boeingemployee1989 says:

    Who wants to be president and do something about Kim?

  40. forfparty forfparty says:

    Kju does seem 2b ignorant

  41. Wezhira Wezheve says:

    I like north korea

  42. Vy vivu says:

    Look like usa will betray it's ally. Im not surprise it's a traditional since vietnam war! Make love and peace huh? Let's see if anyone left trust uncle sam!

  43. Norma Frederick says:

    Somebody has to tell that little shit to have sex and relax. North Korea has been a pain in the ass for over 60 years. I think he has autism. Ignore the little bastard.

  44. WeNeedLoveAndTruth says:

    Has anyone else noticed that fatty Kim has himself surrounded by bed-shitting old men?

  45. Radioactive Banana says:

    Wahahaha! You mean the missles that Hillary Clinton sold him? Kim Jung Un is a CIA whore! The CIA runs NK.The sooner we hang the fucking pigs for treason, we live! CIA is the rogue deep state! They don't take order from anyone. They are on a mission for the Vatican for a one world satanic gov! Na. We will wipe them the fuck out! CIA, CFR, NSA, we are coming for ya Nazi whores!

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