Fake News

Relax, This Is OFFICIAL Fake News

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  1. J Rods says:

    How is this paper different than any tyt fake news? oh right, it's not

  2. Romantisme Noir says:

    At this point, all sponsors for all types of media must be disclosed to the public.

  3. vgernyc says:

    What does one expect when one stays within the walls of AOL 2.0?

  4. Diogenes Laertius says:

    You guys are fake news…so….wtf? NOT reporting the news is fake news too turks.

  5. Diogenes Laertius says:

    I hope some people are keeping an eye on that 20 million. You have disclosed NOTHING about it. Corruption. Why else the secrecy? Where did the 20 million come from and where did it go?…

  6. Diogenes Laertius says:

    hey puppet…is that cenks arm up your back?…with george's arm up his back?…with jacob's arm up HIS back? You guys are more dangerous than a firearm ever was.

  7. Net Hoser says:

    The right is, and always has been, the biggest creators of fake news. Fox News leading the charge.

  8. Joe Ciliberto says:

    Michael Shure; "I think people have become lazy". right on. If people don't make an effort to understand the facts from fiction, they get, and if they are the majority, we get, what we deserve.

  9. athews1976 says:

    It isn't just laziness, Michael. It's willful ignorance. It's the same as how people are willing to vote against their own interest as long as you're telling them that they're better than and righter than "the other." The southern strategy.
    Human beings can be quite petty, small-minded, treacherous, and self destructive.

    Ana's right about the "media literacy" thing too. There are sooooo many unsophisticated people in this world who are also simply reactionary and don't think critically about things. These are the types of people who don't know the meaning of the term objective thinking.

  10. type40tt says:

    Goebbels would have been so proud! If you think FOX is the official state-run GOP propaganda machine, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  11. No Way says:

    We should expect bias. This doesn't mean that all bias is equal. Dan Rather was legitimately biased. He was a Democrat and it showed to some degree, but it was a very small degree. Fox News is wildly biased in contrast. We should always adjust our expectations.

  12. Nikesh Gamage says:

    Tyt is fake news

  13. David Arnold says:

    Yep, people are lazy. Tend to not research anything. I know people like that.

  14. J. Nichols says:

    I'm bothered by it. I taught communications at the college level. Always source your evidence. If they are hiding this, their RGA association, what else are they hiding.

  15. Anita Smith says:

    Ana is a Journalist capital J

  16. Karl Haynes says:

    Agreed. All TV news, like CNN, CNBC, etc. should disclose their biases too!!!

  17. Ashley Van Hammer says:

    These whiney bullies already have the majority share in practically every level of our government. Is their position really THAT weak that they need even more propaganda to satisfy their ego? Conservatives are pathetic. Eat my furburger you internet-shielded dime-store hoodlum trash.

  18. Dragon1717 says:

    Oh the irony! Liberals harping on a lack of integrity when it comes to a matter involving media. I hate to break it to them, but after how the media has shilled against Trump, journalism and journalistic integrity is officially dead. Most "mainstream" news stories now are editorials / hit pieces masquerading as objective news.

  19. Mysty333 says:

    I am a disabled housebound person who has lots of time to stay informed. However there are so many things going on that it takes me 4 to 5 hours everyday to make sure that I have true information!!! How many people have that kind of time to stay informed. To call people lazy because they are not informed is a horrible thing to say!!! I think saying that shows that you are to lazy to be informed about the average household!!!

  20. ranger1000 says:

    tyt is fake news

  21. sean fast says:


  22. minombre esnada says:

    Typical right-wing bullshit.

  23. desertclair says:

    Trump’s base has always consisted of white racists who want someone to champion their cause, white losers who want to be told whom to blame for their failures, and to magically make them rich.

  24. Buddy Page says:

    Once again, never forget that the right wing machine consist of Fox news and the many fake news sites that it has spawned and supported since its inception. Furthermore, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch were key backers and puppeteers of Donald Trump. It is no mere coincidence or merely "projection" behind Donald Trump's aggressive attack on the Republican party's, right wing machine's, and Rupert Murdoch's competition as "fake news." It is a well thought out tactic that he and they have undertaken.

  25. Javier Smith says:

    You people are racist and promote genocide your show should be banned by the way you're fake news communist

  26. Jf H says:

    Michael, you sound like a smart man. This somewhat implies that you sounds SMARTER then the average man. Meaning some might not be as smart. Meaning they could be easier to dupe.

    Why would it be OK or legal to dupe people? Why would you set up a system where its OK to exploit people that are not so smart? Somehow, when Russians are the ones doing it you didnt seam as OK with it then when its Americans doing it.

  27. Red Flame says:

    "News" outlets have a responsibility to strive for transparency. Otherwise, they should present themselves as what they are… a GOP supporting organization; which is perfectly ok. What the Free Telegraph did was INTENTIONALLY DECEITFUL.

  28. Anthony Bauer says:

    still loving tyt

  29. Henryk Pliszczak says:

    We have to face reality. People have a lot of problems with simple live – they don’t have time and knowledge to investigate averting. I really like TYT-is my best thing to watch, but I notes you start to have some bias- some out of reality opinion just like calling people lazy in this episode.

  30. Atmost11 says:

    They don't want the deplorable viewers

  31. SilentOtto says:

    Republican Governors Association: "Who needs Russians to spread fake news?"

  32. Alan G says:

    Ana wins the argument because it is not a big issue for her counterpart.

  33. elfudge35 says:

    Shure is wrong, there's money behind the propaganda, which is the problem, without the money, the RGA wouldn't be able to fund the propaganda, they'd actually have to represent their values

  34. jay ericson says:

    Could have shown us an example. Sorry, you lose Ana.

  35. TheByzantineBeserker says:

    Old Turks, you ARE a propaganda site. If there was ever an example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  36. Jens Blaze says:

    And i expected the trolls to have a field day with this after seeing the title of this video 🙁

  37. Diogenes Laertius says:

    I hope someone is watching where that money goes and where it came from.

  38. Domagos says:

    No Ana. I DON'T know. Please stop saying I do.

  39. aaronpolitical says:

    Michael's lack of concern for establishment bullshit continues to piss me off.

  40. jmtnvalley says:

    Shure isn't bothered by this. Of course! He's a devotee of Clinton, so this shit won't bother him.

  41. anoger says:

    Michael is totaly off on this topic… hell ppl still think that Dave Rubin is a "lefti"

  42. Vel Ma says:

    I was going to make Mike's point. I'm about as upset about it as I am about Fux News, who pretend to be telling "just the facts" when they invent so many "facts," totally lying about them!

  43. Jammit Timmaj says:

    Where are all of the "fake news" posts?

  44. MalikaiDragonSlayer says:

    Come on Michael, the difference between this and Fox News is that this one is DIRECTLY financed by Republican Governor's Association. Fox News may be full of shit and hard right but they're still technically an independent news station.

  45. future305 says:

    This side says one thing the other says another.

  46. Sean Hayes says:

    Sounds like on of those things where the average non-retard could read 2 lines & figure it out… the amount of people on the other side is super worrisome, though.

  47. J.U.C.E. says:

    WTF is Michael talking about? This is why i'm skeptical about him half of the time.
    "I'm not bothered by it but you're right"…word?
    He doesn't have any serious passion for truth in a situation of purposeful subversion to spread propaganda.. He's seems used to justifying establishment bs that he's numb to this.

  48. omnimetabell says:

    Nothing on the Tennessee shooting, you racist prick's?



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