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Ready for peace? North Korea prepared to give up nukes if provided with security guarantee

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  1. Rizal Idris says:

    Good that they give out their nuke now USA will invade North Korea with ease for example Iraq

  2. Drew Romea says:

    One Korea 💯💯💯2027

  3. DRAFT GHOST says:

    So many anti Americans saying nonsense, wow I'm not surprised because it's a RUSSIAN CHANNEL

  4. Vanilla Gomez says:

    RT what good can come out of you systematically adding confrontational quotes from US officials during a piece that is covering a potential road to peace with north korea? You are a provocateur and cant even report on quite possibly the most positive news in decades without adding some shit on it. I hope nobody takes a russian funded US reporting agency seriously and that regardless what the media says we as americans also want peace and the real people who should be tried and destroyed are the ones who run the national and international media for provoking so much conflict in the name of ratings.

  5. fergal farrelly says:

    Good deal. We are quick to vilify other leaders but seldom do we look inward. Judge others if you yourself are prepaired to be judged. Just because its not reported doesn't mean it didn't happen. Canada is not hated across the world and there nothing wrong with being to polite. Respect is shown where its given.

  6. SaTaNaMa says:

    This is too fucking fishy. You don't go from threatening nuclear war to offering to disarm your nuclear arsenal in LESS than 6 months. Ever seen the godfather? Well, someone is going to get a knife in their hand and wire wrapped around their neck by the end of this. "If it's too good to be true, it isn't [true]".

  7. Andrew G says:

    "You won't hear celebrating in the U.S though"
    Don't say everyone shares the same opinion as Trump in the U.S.
    Most people just wants this drama to fucking stop. Don't lump us all together as if we all agree with our dumbass president because the majority doesn't.

  8. Kim Jong-un says:

    I've made and hidden thousands of nuclear weapons. Now I'm ready for peace.

  9. Salty Bear says:

    Trump is meeting with Kim, personally…. Wow you guys are off base.

  10. Evangelist Rafael Maldonado Gonzalez says:

    Peace Whit out Jesus is not peace

  11. Jacob Dalmond says:

    Finally peace!

  12. Armin Wessler says:

    Russian state run media. Tryin to put a positive spin on north korea and damage the image of the US.

    Wow. Shocking. Must be true 🙄🙄

    Hey guys. I got a bridge for sale in New York. I got video and pictures too. Only 12 million. Let me know if interested

  13. NtRo P1 says:

    The media is such a fucking circus now they want to start war with Russia….so much talk about nord korea in the past …people trying to leave nord korea to the south getting shot and all they care is about the nukes lol now days if a country knows how to build a nuke then at that moment they can do whatever they want.

  14. Mad bro show says:

    When they speak peace just know what's really being said!

  15. Valvehead 9 says:

    Everyone seems to forget that Kim is holding millions of starving people hostage like a giant concentration camp.

  16. Alexander Marshall says:

    You got life fucked up!!!! As soon as the government recognizes that I own the f 35's in Thailand that I stole!! Than that is a high value target to north keroa & china!! Just like Japan & quam!!!

  17. Alexander Marshall says:

    But a lot further away but still very close!!! No way I'd let 10,000 die in two days!!!! # I don't even have anay fucking paid piolts yet!!!! Just my stolen planes in Thailand!!!

  18. Alexander Marshall says:

    Trump!!!! Say my name!!! Like Obama had to in Libya war 1 & 2!! & say the money I deserve is going to my v.a. account. Say I won't have trouble picking it up or accessing it over the phone!! After face contact!!!!!

  19. Alexander Marshall says:

    Than I give my word as a true believer. That that 1 trillion dollars I took goes back into the American economy!! Partly!!! Beacause I need payment..& full control over there deployment/ deployments.

  20. Child of Daenerys Targaryen says:

    We SHOULD send those rich ass Repiblican shit heads, and those Democrat rats, out onto the battle field, and lets lose 10,000 of them in the first few days. Mother fuckers are wanting to INVADE North Korea tginking it'll be great for future stability. WHAT THE FUCK!? There won't be a future if we invade them, because NUKES WILL go off, and WILL kill almost EVERYONE on the damn planet! Then we got allies just miles away from the DMZ, with so many rockets, missiles, bombs, amd other kinds of artillery, that could flatten a whole damn capital city in less than just 12 hours.
    War is a game where old rich men throw young men into battle, so that they (the rich men) can continue to play their games as if we are their chess pieces.

  21. Juan Jones says:

    Good job Kim 😎😃😃😃

  22. Juan Jones says:

    0:58 it takes time it Korea has had a few fuck up things that has happened to them !!!

  23. Juan Jones says:

    1:57 it not trump he just the messenger!! It people in the military who wouldn’t give a dam ! I have spoken not all of them just a few

  24. Messi10unstopable says:

    I’m more and more thinking the U.S isn’t the good guy here. I don’t like what I’ve heard NK does to its own people but I don’t agree on giving up their nukes because the U.S isn’t trustworthy, they’ll just find a way to make a reason to invade & they have in the past.

  25. Aerohk says:

    NK stopped nuke test because it's test site is unuseable.

  26. Ahmed Bashir says:

    Just like we did with Ukraine, we'll guarantee you security. Yours sincerely Uncle Sam

  27. stephan daoust says:

    Don't give up your nukes point them at israel. jews are a crime against humanity

  28. Adam Ray says:

    The US needs to mind their own damn business before they start a war Canada will have to clean up after… Let there be peace.

  29. Internet Bear says:

    If anything I don't think north Korea will give up it's nukes we should just take what we can get in my opinion

  30. Kirkland Cone says:

    As an American it's not that we want war, or are hungry for war. It's just that we don't trust North Korea at a fundamental level. How do we know this isn't kims plan to take over all of Korea? We don't. So we must be cautious moving forward.

  31. Key Wise says:

    No need to further cause them bois allready probably got that shit figured out. LMAO no one changes like that.

  32. Jesus Flores says:

    its cuz we got 👽 on our side n the 🐟 👀 r scared

  33. Jacob Richards says:

    Good for them to make peace..Not war. Lets hope that they can make peace and end a war that has been going on far too long.

  34. iiPixlz says:

    North Korea is like an overly edgy kid. Dog we never wanted to hurt you

  35. City Brics says:

    Vid sponsored by russian government

  36. That Guy Who Doesn't Care says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA! bullshit. Something is up.

  37. Gabriela Fuentes says:

    Kim learn from Khadaffi's mistake.

  38. comlee lee says:

    As long as North Korea is no threat I'm happy.

  39. Nezran 872 says:

    Something tells me that Kim has a different goal in mind.

  40. Game Savior says:

    The U.S just wants to be the ones with nukes…the hypocrisy! Guess they don’t like seeing others arming themselves as long as they aren’t interfering with us then I don’t see why they can’t arm themselves

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