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Putin it in the back of the net: Russian president has kickabout in Red Square

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  1. KotPlay says:

    С puyol не поздоровался, азахазааз

  2. Frodo H says:

    Putin is the only leader who really care for his people. and even planet earth

  3. Aun Muhammad says:

    That kid goalkeeper is gonna miss his family

  4. Abdul Quddus says:

    I think Russia is more better than what u see on the TV.

  5. digitop marketing says:

    The kid that caught Putin's ball is now dead.

  6. MVMT says:

    sends balls to the net
    sends bombs to the syrians
    what a piece of shit

  7. Michael Chan says:

    Is there anything he can't do?

  8. MontyCarlossal says:

    He can kick on either side – impressive

  9. sunl0unger says:

    Путин так побежал, будто на нем коньки и он на хоккее.
    Putin ran like he was skating in hockey

  10. Ravin Ramloul says:

    I appreciate Russia and Putin.

  11. Gordon Matthew says:

    LOL putin kicks like a girl…

  12. DIE POOTIE-POO!! DIE! says:

    Puutie gotta die!

  13. LaProfetesse says:

    Oh my God, I love Putin. Sneaky and mischievous, I find him interesting.

  14. Saddam The Positive Boy says:

    Russia deserve this world cup.
    just wait and see … ?

  15. Ajay kumar says:

    A great leader

  16. Doridot says:

    Yay more Putin propaganda!

  17. barry lloyd says:

    Ronaldo has gotten fat. I think that I could take him in a 1v1 game–LOL!!

  18. Cara Delevingne says:

    HELP THE GIRL BEEN ARRESTED IN CHI . Please . I am so sorry for her .even I don't know her . But I sense something is me let her did that . Please .

  19. Cara Delevingne says:

    I am so afraid she been ruin etc …………….. Go save her immediately

  20. Cara Delevingne says:


  21. SanDiego Perez says:

    He always​ walk like a gangster O.G .

  22. Petar Oslobodilac says:

    Great leader for Russia!

  23. Pat Cragg says:

    In other news, young soccer goalie mysteriously dies after blocking president for life putin's shot on goal

  24. Seth Rollins says:

    Putin or trump which is stronger?

  25. Hea Pov says:

    Mr Putin i'm so miss that The Russia leave the World cup.

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