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Proof That Dems Must Be More Than Anti-Trump To Win

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  1. copycoonie says:

    Democrats have gotten even worse since 2016 in their Election corruption . Sorry Kyle I completely give up on the Democratic Party .

  2. Amos Soma says:

    The problem with the progressive agenda is that the average working Joe, and there are more of them now, knows that he will end up paying for that very expensive progressive agenda because the "Tax the Rich" bullshit never happens. You can promote the tax the rich scheme all you want but in the end it's the average taxpayer who ends up footing the bill and they know it.

  3. EllChorizo says:

    the left wing is right ? does that mean the right wing is left ? Man, politics is so complicated 🙁

  4. M Hend says:

    Wasnt the 2016 election proof of that?

  5. TheViewFromUpHere says:

    How Clinton lost.

  6. TheViewFromUpHere says:

    How Obama set up a Trump win.

  7. Snakeway Skywalker says:

    “We’re for good things and against bad things.”

  8. N. Aalders says:

    Hillary was already prove the dems neede more than "i am everything trump is not, that includes that I have a vagina".

  9. Alegend13 says:

    Just like the last election if they put up a corporate Dem vs a republican ill be voting 3rd party again.

  10. Jibo Da Grey says:

    its not stupidity, democrats dont want more voters. if they get more voters, they will have more people expecting change. if more people expect change, they will be under more pressure. if they are under more pressure, the likelyhood that the facade that they oppose trump and republicans will fail increases.
    democrats can only benefit from an illiberal democracy even if it doesnt win them elections since republicans will do what they want to do anyways. their job is to be controlled opposition.

  11. onlykube says:

    Vote MAGA 2020!

  12. bohemianwriter1 says:

    "We're for values, and togetherness and breaking down the barriers'n stuff"

  13. Goofy8907 says:

    Can you please stop acting as if the Democrats should say what they're for?
    They are not a left party and they don't represent you.
    You might as well ask the Republicans to represent your ideas.
    Acting like this is part of the problem.

  14. Andy Robinson says:

    “Better wages, better healthcare, better noncommittals and platitudes…” <— Dems’ 2018/2020 slogan.

  15. Alabama Mothman says:

    These SOBs that want to send us into the facism that happening in the EU are traitors to democracy. You want to ban free speech and a free press and then you idiots call us fascist. Children are only meant to be aborted or the targets of pedophilia.

    Your the scum of the earth and the wrong people are being aborted.

  16. Jeff W says:

    What I find frustrating about this video is that the main point occurs in the last 30 seconds of the video.

    We know—anyone who watches this channel knows (as you acknowledge)—that the large majority of Democratic-affiliated voters want a “progressive agenda.” All this Trump-bashing is just diversionary, hand-waving for not having that. But, for most of the video, you act as if it matters or, at least, might matter to these corporate Democrats what their voters want—they should at least pay lip service to those things even if they don’t want to deliver them.

    I think this video would have been a lot stronger if, instead of acting baffled, until the last 30 seconds, about the utter lack of regard the establishment/corporate Democrats have for what the overwhelming majority of their voters want, you simply took it as self-evident—it is—and talked about the implications of what that meant.

  17. Tyler Pilkinton says:

    And yet, there will still be people who take away from this: "Lol, but don't you oppose Trump? I guess you don't oppose Trump!"

  18. your lord says:

    Being anti something with no plan if replacement isn't an actual platform…. yet most your viewers will vote Democrat regardless because most of the dimwits that listen to you vote on emotions and deny reality!

  19. Mprator says:

    Yes, wealth confiscation policies will play well in the suburbs the democrats need to win the House.

  20. FNX League says:

    I haven’t seen anything from the left that even comes close to proving they have the right policies, it’s been the exact opposite. Policies on the left have had many disastrous consequences spanning many realms of policy over many years. It’s a nightmare, and this is coming from a former democrat who woke up looked at the real truth and gtfo

  21. Malik Jones says:

    The phrasing is misleading. Most average people hear "progressive" and think good. They don't think about Kyle and his idiotic policy ideas.

  22. Joseph Torres says:

    No, they aren't refusing to use liberal rhetoric because they're stupid. It is all a part of the massive oligarchy conspiracy to try and keep the Overton window as far to the right as possible, pushing the myth that progressive candidates won't survive in D.C. and desperately hoping that if they stick to the plan for long enough, they can make people start to actually believe them, especially as more and more people grow up knowing only the modern status quo and going to schools with shit to no proper political history and economic curricula (and I doubt that a fundamentalist religious mindset would be frowned upon at all) so they simply don't know any better. Seriously, that's the plan, they want to turn the nation into sheep.

  23. David Mester says:

    The party that offers medicare and public education for all, and can deliver it, will win forever. That's why I think these things are never debated.

  24. Jeremy Stangle says:

    Bernie should b for legislation that restricts food producers from producing foods that cause so many health problems , this would lower the demand for health care services and ultimately lower the cost of a single payer health care system , but I must b fuckin out of my mind, since I never hear anyone else bring this shit up !!!!

  25. Crazy Snake says:

    Kyle, please don't tap the glass on our aquarium. We like the Democrat fish right where they are.

  26. TheWin200000 says:

    People don't seem to understand that the two groups in this country are not left and right, liberal or conservative, Democrats and Republicans. The only two groups that exist are the rulers and the subjects. If you allowed 18th century black slaves to vote on who their master is, eventually they'd wise up and realize it's bullshit. Unfortunately modern America has become too brainwashed to see what is really going on.

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