Fake News

PressPass: The fake news phenomenon and how Kenya is dealing with it

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  1. Isaac Ndirangu says:

    How does a clueless "journalist" like Macharia Gaitho get such a platform!!! His arguments are baseless and without facts! Do your homework next time!!

  2. Mtaani Kenya says:

    NASA is really good at fake news

  3. Luizah Ngugi says:

    How will nasa get more than 1.4m votes to win ??

  4. Nyambura mbungua says:

    I love denno so much .???

  5. Charles Kung'u says:

    I support you Dennis u put things in a mature way

  6. MkenyaTu says:

    After the rigging statement guff earlier in the year Itumbi has been let free from captivity!!! Umama is back.

  7. Simon K says:

    Kenyans have seen that this Wakora network likes to tell people to go to court, like Itumbi says; then the wakora network and their overrated lawyers loose the case and then they start to threaten the Judiciary.

  8. gacw19 says:

    gathaara is so stupid

  9. gacw19 says:

    macharia gaitho is so stupid

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