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President Trump’s Russia Lawyer Crashes FBI Meeting On Robert Mueller Probe | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. nancy coole says:


  2. Duffy's English says:

    Fake news

  3. TheDaveman75 says:

    TRUMP = utter corruption. People like Trump, Erik Prince, Wilbur Ross are at the centre of international corruption. It's going to come crashing down around them

  4. Owen Oulton says:

    The rule of law is dead in the USA.

  5. Sam Wells says:

    Think the lawyer planted spying bugs to listen in?!?

  6. Timothy Brandriff says:

    Last I heard 70% was higher than 30%. Can someone explain to me why the 70% who suspect Trump is guilty or at least want to see the investigation proceed, why we are beholden to the 30% who, for whatever reason, don't?

  7. seacow1970 says:

    However much Trump may seem invincible, he isn't. No one is. He will come crashing down at some point. The trick is to try to minimise the damage he can cause in the meantime.

  8. Johnf275 says:

    MSNBC has become a joke.

  9. Autumn Blues says:

    Trump is a thug.

  10. Saroj Rai says:

    MSNBC is admitting that there was a spy, but they are putting it in such a way so that they can fool American people.

  11. kelly washington says:

    We're losing the process because of obstruction at the highest level. Because the process is turning up informants detailing wrong doings and indictments and pleas and digging up the whole graveyard where trump and company have buried all of the bodies. I mean my god just look at the HISTORIC number of scandals and shady dealings. How many times have they said this did not happen only to have it found out that yea, that did happen that way and for that reason? And the perjuries=i do not recalls and jailed white house officials, high office holders, and 13 russians and on and on and on. There's a whole lotta there, there. Obstructing the process is a desperate last ditch attempt to prevent all those bodies and all that dirt from being overturned onto trump instead of the other way around. Why else obstruct unless you are guilty. SURELY after this latest ABUSE of power not even the most entrenched trumpist can claim he is innocent and worthy to be president. Just because he is in office, doesn't mean that we should just blindly pledge fealty to him. He's a treasonous criminal who should not be representing the united states in any fashion. Not even as a businessman. Or even a freeman.

  12. Gary Brockie says:

    Doesn’t matter if Trump’s lawyer was there or not. Nunes will share everything with White House.

  13. Everblue Freediving says:

    Ryan, Trump, GOP…all traitors. Party before principle or country… liars all…..

  14. Everblue Freediving says:

    Russia wants a war. Give them one. Putin, Trump, etc…hang them.

  15. John Gilmour says:

    nobody is mentioning GEORGE SOROS meddling in the us elections, providing billions of dollars towards hillary clintons campaign?????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. John Gilmour says:

    It has become an even larger "SWAMP" that anyone could imagine, and the cleanup won't be complete by Trumps term in office! and he may decide that it may not be worth Saving, in it's present state of corruption???

  17. Just another Mexican American says:

    Every time i watch these Videos every few months im reminded why i Voted for Trump!!😎🇺🇸

  18. tatlas says:

    Donald Trump the man who lies 24/7.
    Here are some bible verses for pathological liars:

    You destroy those who speak falsehood; The LORD abhors the man of bloodshed and deceit.
    Psalm 5:6

    You who practice deceit, your tongue plots destruction; it is like a sharpened razor.
    Psalm 52:2

    No one who practices deceit
    will dwell in my house;
    no one who speaks falsely
    will stand in my presence.
    Psalm 101: 7

  19. Carlos Simon says:

    If the Trump campaign wants to tell their people "SPIES" wherein Trump's campaign…

    Tell Them… " YES!! They were 'SPIES"… THEY WERE Russian Spies were working in the Campaign…"

  20. Albert Juarez says:


  21. Allen C. says:

    This is the most disgusting group of public officials we've ever had leading the American government, and that is saying something. Especially leading as corrupt a government as this one. When you can't pass the "smell test" in a government that has as bad a "smell" as this, you've crossed a big line. That's why I know these people are guilty; they've done something even their predecessors believe is extremely dangerous to " sovereign security and control" of American government.

  22. fiereke says:

    If Donald Trump shot someone on 5th avenue, the Republicans would try to shift the attention to Hillary's emails.

  23. Gary Witherspoon says:

    This no longer matters the chaos of Trump and the GOP with their FOX NEWS propaganda machine to hold tight the base. A new Party is born in America and its called The Hanging Party. Whether this Justice Dept succeeds in removing Trump and Pence and their sycophants takes a back seat to The Hanging Party that will hang this Administration on the steps of the US Capitol. Trump, this Cabinet and the 115th Congress of Republicans. No sanctuary for those engaged in government and industry to perpetuate this insurrection against society and the government Americans seek.

  24. Laurie Cloonan says:

    Since the Senate has agreed that Russia did, in fact, influence the 2016 election to favor trump this is an unconstitutional presidency. We need a special election for president ASAP to replace the entire Trump administration. The GOP must also be held accountable for their blind support of this insane and unconstitutional presidency.

  25. Laurie Cloonan says:

    They’re smarter than you … Trump is so busted like never before.

    Trump does NOT deserve daily coverage. Stop feeding his ego. You are also part of the problem.


    MASS MEDIA: DO NOT STOP TELLING US THE TRUTH AND THE "truth" THAT TRUMP SAYS IS TRUTH…these horrible animals KNOW that us left are taken/known to be whining whimps; that we don't/can't work on can follow through on our beliefs. Pundits: give us direction we citizens can take. What about the 70% of us KNOW this animal is wrong for our country. Why do you pundits keep talking just about the 30% that the animal is serving? What about the majority of us?

  27. Toni Olson says:

    Question? If President David Dennison aka Donald Trump is known for not paying his attorney bills who is paying these attorney's? What bank account are the funds coming from? Who is putting money into President David Dennison aka Donald Trumps legal defense account? This new attorney whom has had some really good things said about him made a foolish move on account of His client right , well my other question is Will he still get paid? Is his salary guaranteed? How much has Giuliani been paid so far? Is He paying taxes on his salary or is Giuliani getting paid under the table?

  28. Barbara Arndt says:

    This is such scarry stuff. This would not happen in any European Country. What kind of country has America become? How much lower can Trump sink? The NY Mafia Don.
    Read Orwell's 1984…….The Ministry of Truth.

  29. Kim Hawkins says:

    Let's call it facts news

  30. Lynn Brown says:


  31. Lynn Brown says:


  32. kstram1 says:

    Michael Avenatti needs to get Trump into the New York courts to end this mess

  33. Donovan says:

    Knowing ahead of time that Devin Nunes plans to give him all the documents anyway, they are just skipping all pretense of legitimacy and perhaps he thought he would get copies directly, while attending the meeting himself.

  34. Mario Iazzoli says:

    America should deport that fat, old, orange skinned, comb over, hands too small for his body, habitual lying, arrogant, sexist, racist, Vladimir Putin admiring, sociopathic clown and his minions to Russia!

  35. Joe San says:

    I hereby demand full transparency on the Mueller Russia Investigation.

  36. Mikael Holmgren says:

    Every day, Trump in his decisions declare war to the common american (not the richest). But people seems blind to se what is happening!

  37. thorntonwatson says:

    IS ROD ROSENSTEIN IN ON IT? Rod Rosenstein is a Republican. Every time Trump gets upset Rosenstein gives in to Trump's demands. The head of the FBI was there also why didn't anyone say anything at the meeting. Trump has been guilty of accusing others of stuff he is actually quite guilty of. Rod Rosenstein the Trump administration and members of Congress the head of the FBI the Real deep state? ? ? imagine robbing a bank and the police standing right there in the bank. So if Rod Rosenstein and the head of the FBI aren't in on it. Then this should never happen again or even bending to Trump's demands in the future.

  38. DY RC says:

    I have never been so impressed with bs in my life. You say "no spy" yet here is clapper telling you they did. Wow you realize don't you that you're tearing our world apart?

  39. Richie Rich says:

    For those whose eyes are opened.

    The corporate soulless 1% traitorous pigs have dumb down the public

    so much that all they are now concerned with is, Reality TV & Reality Politics!

    Hey Gentiles, the garbage of man has taken over; it is their time. The greedy, filthy, soulless 1% pigs are part of the corporate scum that have stolen our country. Remember the words… Choose. Choose the form of the Destructor! Goats, don't you know who you are? You chose drumpf the orange orangutan. POS drumpf was given the keys to the bottomless pit and with them was allowed to drain the swamp. Which allowed the filth of man to climb up out of it, called citizens united. As your democracy is now dead, bow down to your Lords and Masters the 1%, citizens united.

    Is anyone still questioning who these traitors are? The corporate 1%ers' have always had control of your world. Now they are just stealing every last cent, before destroying your children, to make more money. Via paid lobbyist, "The 1%" was able to buy everyone, which allowed them to buy this traitorous congress. Influencing laws that allowed them to create "Citizen United." Then seemingly with little effort, helped by the soulless greedy Russian 1%. Also with their token Zuckerberg, FakeBook hacks, trolls and their owned bogus "news" fox; installed a puppet in The White House. The 1%' greedy traitorous pig Zuckerberg, self proclaimed "Citizen of the World;" created his endorphin and dopamine FAKEBOOK, to control and work the peasants of the world of every last drop of blood. Remember Gentiles, Evil is as evil does… Now nothing is going to change, until this time is fulfilled; it is your time.

    Always remember the Word, “All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one." This perverse corrupt man-made system will continue until the end, no matter what Mueller finds. This traitorous congress and their donor masters are laughing as they divide this country to steal everything they can from, "We The People." Understand that even if drumpf were removed, you'll still have the religious fanatic Pence who will complete the job! Especially if we are in Jerusalem, think about that one. Remember the Words… nothing is new all has come before and will come again. So this traitor drumpf, along with his traitorous congress will make sure by the end of 2018 we'll be at war; so you won't have to worry about any 2018 elections. Countless human livestock will be going off to war, a little here… China, I mean North Korea; maybe Megiddo pretty soon. Still we'll be able to reduce the excessive human livestock by billions. Plus, thanks to bone spurs none of the 1%ers' little piggies will have to be sacrificed, just the peasants. So if you want to come out of your box, watch these videos and understand.

    Your men of sin revealed.

    How Zuckerberg's Fakebook plays you.

    The reality of who you are, and your corporate masters.

    I see these donor owned complacent pigs smiling wide, as they spit in our face, speaking on TV. Alternative Facts, FakeNews, Please! This traitorous congress and drumpf 'installing' obedient court are part of that filth of man and are working with other soulless 1%'ers pigs to create their autocracy, which is puppeted by a drumpf in The White House. They will protect him at all cost. So bogus "Citizen United" is now "We The People;" and we peasants, well are just their human livestock. Get your children ready for war! The sad thing is, it is never enough.

  40. whatwhyandwhos says:

    so they didn't attend the meeting, yet your header states they did FAKE NEWS………..MSNBC, TRUMP is not a target. You people sound crazy.. There is no such thing as FAKE FACTS YOU MORONS ……you will lose the mid terms and 2020 you being Dems. You tried to set the POTUS up with ex FBI informants like Paige and dirty political Clinton minions like Downer..

  41. Esoteric Desi says:

    History will judge GOP as a gang of TRAITORS…

  42. coloneldesmet says:

    Why did the FBI warn the Clinton campaign about the Russians and did not warn the Trump campaign. I might vote for Trump the next time around, all this seems very biased. Enough of this BS.

  43. Betsy Laughlin says:

    DT personal attorney presence is to create intimidation & threat & total disregard for law.

  44. David Cheney says:

    Swee baby Jesus, every time is see trump I can see the spray on tan that he uses. You can see the pale skin under his eyes. Using so much so everyone around him need the same glasses and have the same pale skin like they are under control of a alien species.

  45. Nils Telle says:

    How long must one watch them that trample others for there power to rule
    The hearts of free men fight for Liberty yet thay that love the power of money take from the freedom and rights of others
    Be it bruit power to control with ample bounds of lies told
    To tear apart justice sworn is a matter of sadness to all free men and a woman under the earthly skies
    And with downcast eyes action is not taken towards them that cheat the people,
    As tide flowed back and forth with this knowledge one can but watch in sadness eyes a country torn apart for the greed of wealth and power over others.
    It is strange how one can see such horror from so far away
    Even in verse of words not spoken one can see the cruel words spoken of them that gave so much yet the power of one has slowly destroyed fath in justice by tweeting lies to his people each and every day,may justice be the people's strength and let no man control with infinite power over others,for all are mortal when history speaks after there passing be it of cruel thoughts for the shame they have given to the people,@nils 2018

  46. mary mag says:

    Trump's lawyer (Emmet Flood) did not crash the FBI meeting. It has been widely reported that "The two men left both meetings after sharing introductory remarks to relay the president’s desire for as much openness as possible under the law”. Geez, just be a little honest.

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