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President Trump Press Conference w/ Greek PM Alexis Tsipras: “You Called Me Evil?” 10/17/17

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  1. Maritza Martinez says:

    He is making up these numbers. Ridiculous. Trump is Evil.

  2. Maritza Martinez says:

    How can you respect a country which is now a laughing stock throughout tge world. He is winging the presidancy position. idiots voted for this white trash unpresidential.

  3. Maritza Martinez says:

    Trump has taken advantage of the USA in a negative way. He make his merchanise elswhere

  4. Tlaw Yensid says:

    Greece's government is full of communists. That's where commies like hang out, that's why the USA needs to fire/jail 90% of those in the bloated government. Only true servants in our government, not the other way around like they act!

  5. Tactical Exosuit says:

    Greece is poor as hell and needs America's money but insults our president shameful. He should have shut up.

  6. 999acharya says:

    Greeks – show some guts: get out of the EU….

  7. TheJukeboxhero15 says:

    oh, Alexander/Feinstein at trumps request will fund OB CARE for 2 more years,

  8. TheJukeboxhero15 says:


  9. Michael Talley says:

    Wtf Is that what represent the Greeks.. what a wormy acting mf. Must be one of them pc fags

  10. Bon Chance says:

    President Trump is a Great Leader !
    finally a real President
    finally a real man
    GOD Bless President Trump & Mrs Trump

  11. tdcrud413 says:

    Way to go John…..luv it. I bet the pm just about shit his pants. Trump 2020

  12. Janese Johnsen says:

    obumcare dead..yea

  13. Bon Chance says:

    Thankyou Sir !

  14. Janese Johnsen says:

    beautiful President Trump. you allowed your guest from Greece to speak his native tongue and have an interpreter. oh what a beautiful moment I see and hear right now.

    I'm astounded! God isbqith all of us. I have tears from the joy and beauty that few take not of.

    oh my just beautiful. WOW!

  15. Scarlett Black says:

    The Prime Minister of Greece smiles way too much for a country leader…. He's like Miss Congeniality of the press conference…. And he's obviously an idiot, calling President Trump evil before even speaking with him…. what a dunce!! Good luck with your bankruptcy Greece. Hope you get back on your feet.

  16. MEDJOOLS says:


  17. Breaking Stupid says:

    Trump is the perfect president for a corrupt, greedy & evil country such as they US and A

  18. MEDJOOLS says:

    don't give them a nickel

  19. Scarlett Black says:

    Simple explanation: he's Greek–and they are broke. He can't afford a tie.

  20. Luca Signorello says:

    Trump don't respect him the guy is a yoyo talking about Trump look what trump worked so hard to build what he has now what does this guy have nothing trump name is on skyscrapers all over the world

  21. Sebastien Chartier says:

    As long as you keep insurance companies in the equation it is going to cost more. If government implement it's own insurance they won't have to pay for the insurance companies margin.

  22. Bob Bitchin says:

    Donald Of Orange = Fucking Moron !

  23. xcops420 says:

    Listen to the haters. Listen to the sore losers. You liberals are the sorest loser in the history of sore losing. What a bunch of fucking babies you are. MAGA. 2 time Obama voter here. 100% behind Trump.

  24. Aging Reversed says:

    Retarded Greek PM. Funny Trump.

  25. Patty Rogers says:

    Why are they asking these questions when the Greek PM is there? This seems disrespectful.

  26. Mac says:

    Unfortunately the young have been indoctrinated/brainwashed through the education system
    to the New World Orders programming.These parasites got a huge foothold through
    Feminists/Minorities using Marxist Philosophy as their weapon of choice.
    The young have been so indoctrinated from kindergarten onwards that they can no longer tell
    what is right/wrong nor moral/immoral. You will see white kids now holding signs saying
    "kill all white people" or that all white people are nazis or white supremacists and not even
    see the irony that they are white,….(now, that is some heavy duty indoctrination).
    These same kids are also peddled the immorality & lie that there are thousands of genders
    and you are in fact whatever you feel,….similar to the satanic teaching of "Do what thou wilt",
    (this too is processed into their heads through the corrupted education system).
    Quite a feat when only 1% of the population is gay,…(the tail wagging the dog).

    At the end of the day it is all about bringing in the Open Border Socialist EU version onto
    a World stage whereby they are trying to destroy Americas Nationality, Culture to collapse
    the West and bring about One World Government.
    * The Democrat Communists say gender is a construct. (unscientific)
    * The Democrat Communists say race is a construct. (unscientific)
    * The Democrat Communists say there is no nationality.
    * The Democrat Communists say there is no culture.
    * The Democrat Communists are Anti-Christian.
    * The Democrat Communists say there is no gender,…no male or female. (unscientific)
    They are trying in essence to destroy diversity by making the same production line of generic
    human being,….(which is far easier to control & brainwash as you are witnessing).
    If they do in fact bring America down then these same brainwashed kids will then witness
    there own deaths,….it will not be some type of Communist Utopia like they think,….it will be
    their end.

  27. Donna L Romero says:

    In the Latter days our Bible teaches U.S. that they will call Good Men evil and Evil good.
    We Love Our Beloved American Trumps, Always been Great Americans.
    Trump?2020 GodSpeed and Prayers U.S.⚓

  28. Patty Rogers says:

    Leave it to the press to bring up bad things- detente is something not understood by the press.

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