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President Trump: North Korea is a country ruled as a cult

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  1. nateriovideos says:

    Trump should hang his children for treason, then he should cut his own bowels out so he doesn’t propagate the dissolution of our great nation.

  2. X Who says:

    Ruled as a cult…like the anti american traitor democrap criminal party in america.

  3. nateriovideos says:

    Russia won. good game.

  4. afrose71 says:

    A cult — kind of like the "Cult of morons" who support Drumpf, the chief moron. Did Donny get his two scoops of ice cream for dinner in Japan?

  5. Dumb Carpenter says:

    Talking about a cult. Anyone that still follows this bonehead is a cultist themselves.

  6. el Médico Extraño says:
    Down syndrome is a serious condition… there are irreversible consequences from tinkering with the natural order of mother nature and father earth…Radiation stays forever just like the rotating storms it just moves from region to another…I'm not being racist it is a fact… truth had been twisted throughout the history for the benefit of selfish world powers. Research about Mongols yourself you'll see the connection… Mongoloids, Down syndrome, the harsh environments in ancient times that deformed some human species into chinky eyed or very  deformed proportion, bigger rounder facial structure than the body mass..Eventually it evolved into the traditional chinky eyed asians perfectly healthy and yet still manifest the extremely chinky eyes… it is a fact that the body adjusts and changes based on the toxicity of the environment. Today it happens around the Globe.

  7. Mommagong says:

    He says what others are afraid to say exploitation of our own in our own country

  8. Hmong Xwb says:

    Your stupid speech will get people kill dumb hump. Some one need to take out orange man

  9. BadNews Bear says:

    He’s right.

  10. Dexter White says:

    Trump is jealous of Obama because he had better ideas and a bigger cock, and he's jealous of Kim Jong Un because he is the dictator Trump can never be.

  11. 1988scottcarey says:

    uh huh you heard him HE WAS NOT A HUMAN BEING 0:37

  12. Shnobbs Man says:

    Kick the fat Kimmy in the rice balls.

  13. Agent Secret says:

    Big Liar hhhhhhh

  14. Mr Bogart says:

    Mr Trump, I must tip my hat to you for that most enlightening speech.

  15. RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

    ROTFL, the U.S. is ruled as a cult, a Satanic cult at that.

  16. sheryl coetzer says:

    I was about to say it is like a massive cult when President trump said it. this country needs so much prayer.

  17. Marcus says:


  18. MrEjidorie says:

    All in all, President Trump`s description about North Korea is correct.

  19. Philippe Perreault says:

    Funny, kinda like how trump tries to run the US, as a cult I mean, he says NK imprisons people… didn't he wish reporters could be imprisoned in the US ?

  20. Haulin' ass Wastin' gas says:

    Glad we finally have a President that isn't attempting to gaslight the country per business as usual. Takes a lot of balls for President Trump to get up and tell the truth the way he does.

    And for all the butthurt Trump hating bitches, stay mad faggots!

  21. Carole Miller says:

    Bless you Donald TRUMP!! WOW! TH ANK YOU !!!

  22. Carole Miller says:

    Trump WILL reign in CHRIST!

  23. Carole Miller says:


  24. Agent Secret says:

    omg This stupid rich guy thinks he can scare the north koreans hhhhhhhhh North Koreans are not arabs like those in Irak or Lybia… they are asians, they can fight till the last drop of blood hhhhhh

  25. Brandy Pompeo says:


  26. Mr. KIM REASBECK Ottawa Ontario says:


  27. Polydynamix says:

    That's the most poetically ironic thing President jiggle tits has ever said… his disciples worship him regardless of his actions, they always have their lips firmly wrapped around his tiny orange cock, guzzling up everything he feeds them. What happens if you say something bad about their lord and savior, Donald Christ, hallowed be thy name? That's right.. the same thing that happens if you question a cults messiah. They get emotional and angry.

  28. cuadradoperfecto says:

    ……..That's Diplomacy!…………………………………..Dumbald's!

  29. cuadradoperfecto says:

    In U.S, there are Four Classes: The one of the 1% of the privileged people, les than 50% belong to the middle class and the rest are the Lower class. ……………..The Forth class; Undocumented immigrants.

  30. Judy Erickson says:

    What an incredibly telling statement by the kju – he knows deep down inside that HE IS THE "MENTALLY DERANGED LUNATIC THAT NEEDS TO BE OUSTED BY HIS PEOPLE IF THEY WANT TO SURVIVE. NK – remove the lunatic boy from power before it's too late.

  31. Emperor Caracalla says:

    The only reason S. Korea is doing well because of free trade with the U.S., defense industry contracts, and of course no U.N. sanctions. Don't forget that one time S. Korea was under a military dictatorship and N. Korea had high standard of living.

  32. DreadLife: 101 says:

    I almost forgot He was the president✨?

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