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President Trump: Barack Obama Didn’t Call Families Of Fallen U.S. Troops | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Chazda70 says:

    WHITE HOUSE NEWS FLASH:..In stark rebuttal of the latest round of "Fake News" which reported that President Trump was too busy with other more important things, to waste time calling families of fallen troops; "who did not play any significant roles anyway"…In line with President Trumps well documented tremendous personal flair for highly effective marketing of the really important things which concern the ordinary, average; unimportant  "Joe Nobody" who makes up around 99% of the "Great American Village"…in a new, bold initiative, President Trump has signed into Law by Presidential Decree, that henceforward, each and every Presidential Twitter and Tweet of Official Policy will be accompanied by a personally hand-picked Presidential Cohort of Black-Shirt Trumpeteers who will give a stirring rendition of "Zarathrustra".followed by "Hail to the Chief"… from the rooftop of the world-famous Presidential Palace of the American Republic…also known as Trump Towers…….END WHITE HOUSE NEWS FLASH:….Return to your normal business….

  2. Michael Walker says:


  3. julia herbet says:

    Is it a competition. Trump knows he no where near Obama by standards. This is why he struggles to even reach 50% of support from the American people. Stupid orange clown

  4. mildred grossman says:

    The lying Moron speaks again, scapegoating for his imperfections.

  5. Katrina Harvey says:

    I'm sure this will be labeled "Fake News" and his zombir followers will believe him even though he said it out of his mouth. He is so disrepectful to this country and try to pretend that he is patriotic. He keep using the military as a scap goat to get followers. He is a failure. He disrespect those who have fought for this country including my dad.

  6. Rory Fansler says:

    That speech was one of his more appalling, He flat out doesn't care about troops or veterans, there disposable employees in his mind. He hasnt written the letters, its obvious in his answer. He doesnt even tweet about the deaths, including the Navy crashes. His priorities are himself and his family. Period.

  7. Leyla Lawson says:

    Every leader ever !!!
    Every leader my show reverence for his fallen soldiers it’s part of the job

  8. Sam Pak says:

    Donald Trump dont go to war with North Korean
    when u start attacking former Presidents He has no respects in white house….

  9. sugarface06 says:

    The White House covering his lies again smh…so sad!

  10. bat in the attic says:

    Donald Trump is like the morning after the night before.

  11. santacruzer says:

    Trump's brain wiring is damaged. This is what a sociopath looks like. He is literally incapable of empathy and all things relate to him and how it affects him. Anyone confused or denying this by now is unimportant to America.

  12. Denise Alston says:

    It is so sad about president Trump he is making the WH look stupid, his base look stupid and more importantly he is making America look stupid. A word to his base if you care about him at all get word word to him that he has to be accountable for his actions( words or deeds) you can't agree with anybody on everything if you do you're blind or maybe you just have narrow vision and want the tax cut.

  13. Marilyn Pizziferri says:

    Trump is darkness. Obama is pure Light.

  14. Jessica Robinson says:

    We should make man crush Monday posts of obama to his Twitter

  15. Vellar Lim says:

    …because the little man didn't see the past Presidents calling the fallen soldiers's families on TV so he thinks it didn't happen

  16. Chris Davis says:

    Did y'all complain when Obama let that slaughter happen in Syria because of the Iran deal ?

  17. Néo Bourgeois Christum says:

    lol sapiens, all you have to do is lock one up to see who they really are. these are actors not leaders.

  18. jedi26 jedi26 says:

    I am a democrat and I will be voting for Trump in 2020 !!

  19. Fast Er says:

    This subhuman garbage got a free pass for 8 months but not any more. Journalists should have called out this coward and fake news factory from day one. Then his ignorant inbred racist base would not be so brave either.

  20. Daniel Lopez says:

    How anyone can still defend this guy. Ohhh but they will!

  21. vladviking says:

    You little maggots are showing up in my auto play again. Brian Weenie when did we decide we could trust your lying asz again?

  22. sean jokela says:

    when military force has to be used, it means that the politicians have failed. I don't see this administration as even trying.

  23. Chester Finecat says:

    Trump understands only suckers go to war. The poor losers that didn't go to the best schools, that didn't have such good brains or good genes.

  24. Info Illness says:

    Who is the most hated man in America right now??

  25. Obamais aNigger says:

    Where is the documentation that backs up all of Obama's claims such as he called or he was born in American. Both are missing.

  26. Obamais aNigger says:

    Do you see where the left's interest are. trump said why didn't call all families and says that sometimes it isn't appropriate such as they could be on a secret mission somewhere or he may not have the time to do so at that moment but the left wants to focus on Obama's feelings.

  27. Charles Davis says:

    U.S. PRESIDENT PSYCHOPATH?!: Purposely planned plunder+pillage. Positively producing predator politicians, physicians – preachers – pastors – pious pontiff popes+pedophile priests. Plaguing public people's planetary populations. Play prejudicial party politics, period.
    DIVINE DECREED DEVIL DAMNED DONALD TRUMP: Total Truth Teller?!= Doing an excellent job in the Executive Officers' Oval Office. Intentionally instigating – insidiously inspiring + invidiously increasing internalized insurrection. Intimidating individuals, indeed, indigenous inhabitants, inclusively Indigo-"Indians". Of South-Central-North Americas!!!

  28. Gossip Girl says:

    Trump, his entire party, and all of the idiots who voted for him should be strung up to a pole and shot.

  29. TheTomozzo says:


  30. 1956soulmate says:

    This is MSNBC

  31. Glen Hansen says:

    Trump had 2 scoops again

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