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President Trump Allies Take To FOX News To Give Him Legal Advice On Mueller | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. jtizzy12 says:

    Trump the most successful president ever in the first 2 years and it's not even close. Economies don't lie.

  2. Geno Bourn says:

    They have sold their soul to the Devil….Oh that's right, they most likely don't believe in Jesus Christ.

  3. Irene Gavenlock says:

    Just get rid of trump ! He's a con! He's a Jerk !

  4. USA says:

    Let's do a tally of all of Obama's scandals, OK? Whacha got?

  5. Robert Smith says:

    Trumpy has NO administration and NO State Department both of which are grounds for his removal from office. — Pence will be even worse !! — Trumpy is a known Liar and has admitted to obstruction, the Russian Collusion is Real and Trumpy's Tax returns can Prove it !!

  6. Uchenna Alisigwe says:

    Those lawyers will have will have jobs soon anyway…trump will soon face impeachment and probably go to jail…so they should preparing his case

  7. La jack says:

    Thank u sirs

  8. Alix Dickson says:

    So the same thing MSNBC does is which is invite experts on to give their opinion. Is some how a bad thing on other stations? #HYPOCRITES

  9. DR Ir M says:

    Hannity said No Collusion. Of course he's right. Absolutely. Period. Great Guy. Brilliant like Trump. Al Capone did not go down for murder…..No he didn't. No murder… we'll see….

  10. Gary Witherspoon says:

    We are not having it and will hang there mthrfkrs where they stand. This Administration, its minority support in the media arms of its fascist agenda should hide. Millions died fighting the fascism of last century. Death to fascism in America

  11. Pieter Prasetya says:

    paul ryan = dead

    trey gowdy (nice man) = not running
    trey in the wrong team.

  12. Mister Grizz says:

    hey! come on!!! let trump keep acting like a fool his impeachment will come faster and his arrest will give america a much needed smile and happiness to the rest of the world

  13. MrChaes says:

    If Russia hit the WH during Fox and Friends…. fool

  14. Fred Derf says:

    If Mueller is fired it's time to revolt.

  15. ElPocho DelMundo says:

    BTW, although it may not look right now like Trump will move to "fire Mueller", if he does indeed fire Rosenstein, we must take it to the streets for the biggest continuous group of days of protest the country has ever seen. If this happens, we shall need literally millions in the streets of every state in the union.
    It should be organized, legal, using permits where possible, and non-violent to be effective in the direction of helping to re establish our democratic republic. Any movement toward violence is support for Trump.

  16. Martha Washingup says:

    Trump does not think he is subject to the law. He thinks he is above the law, THE law, the law maker. NO. Congress is the law maker. Congress has also a duty to check Trump. These are not his lawyers and they may just want to be more famous to a type of person. They have no duty to Trump, right? Trump is not loyal to the people and he still expects loyalty. But he has used people, it seems to me. So why does he think some lawyer who he has no relationship to might tell him a truth good for him versus the lawyer himself or the country? WE want folks who will do for the country the best thing and this we think is Meurller, Comey, McCabe, and even Rostenstein trying to stem the flow of blood our country is truly experiencing in LOSS OF TRUST, LOSS OF RESPECT abroad, loss of honesty, loss of someone to admire. LOSS. Putin is laughing and he got his money's worth. He got his goal. WE need to smarten up about our country. EDUCATE people, not indoctrinate. LIES flow out of the mouths of ….who is that square headed ranter on fox. My God.

  17. beethovensbeloved says:

    Joe DeGenova, the man Trump found too disheveled and not good looking enough to be his leading attorney is still defending him on Faux News?

  18. Lewis Graham says:

    1 Bill Priestap 2 Unauthorised Fisas 3 Retrospective Clearance of the Clinton Maffia. Comey self named St Thomas a Beckett has never told a lie in his life huh

  19. Darrell Smith says:


  20. joseph colling says:


  21. Zachary McCoy says:

    What are these Drumpf supporters gonna do when they take the TANGERINE TERROR out of office in handcuffs? along with everyone that's been aiding his LIE'S? Especially his FAMILY!!!!!🇺🇸💯🙌🎉🎊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  22. Zachary McCoy says:

    False News Can't Help Him Stay Out Of JAIL! They'll Be With Him Lol 😄 STAY TUNED TO WATCH AND SEE 👀

  23. Mountain Trolling says:

    That picture of Trump and the Republicans is very much the picture of a true criminal organization. Look at it. Everyone of those people in that picture have been ripping of America for years. I sure hope when this is over our country can progress into the future and not be stuck in 1950 ignorance. We need to focus on the future. We need clean energy. We need to actually prepare our children for the future. We need to it. It’s the only way America stays on top. We are being left behind by the rest of the world. We’ve become a communist controlled country.

  24. bigart1993 says:

    I have relatives living in foreign countries.
    They are doubled over laughing at us Americans.
    The world see's us as reality TV watching idiots who made Trump POTUS.

  25. mizzypoo says:

    Toxic Don CAN'T WIN.. fired Rosenstein NOW.. hes gonna prove that there is something he want to HIDE.
    Don't Fire him and let Mueller finish this investigation..all kinda stuff on Dotard SPANKY is going to be exposed.

  26. s w says:

    Paul Ryan got out because he doesn't want to be involved in impeachment process. I hope he does fire Mueller because this will begin the impeachment process. We will be in WW3 if we don't get this con man out of office.

  27. Carole Wilkins says:

    If Obama had done what trump does in a week, he’d have the KKK at his door.

  28. Greg Ford says:

    Mike Steele reminds me of the guy who used to work for Verizon but now works for Sprint lol

  29. altitude illume says:


  30. Eo Tunun says:

    …but wouldn´t he strengthen the case of obstruction of justice if he followed that advice? ^^)
    Maybe he should just do it. That might shorten the drama in the White House.

  31. kenny edwards says:

    Old Alan Dershowitz. He's paying Trump back for recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, against the protestations of the civilised world. There is nothing Alan wouldn't do for Trump now – despite Trump's latent anti semitism.

  32. Benjamin Miiller says:

    Two real American zeroes

  33. ren775 says:

    Time to hang it up Dershowitz. You are on the wrong side . Why?

  34. pantonec says:

    If Fox continues to defend Urine Trump, then that's proof they are receiving a nice paycheck for FAKE NEWS.

  35. Rocky Colavito says:

    Do liberals believe all this BS? Are they smart enough to understand that this is all for ratings?
    I mean Mueller said no criminal charges against Trump.
    They have no evidence if they had anything it would have been leaked already are you liberals brain dead.
    Keep on believing what these paid whores tell you.
    Their boss tells them what to say.
    Just like a John does.

  36. S H says:

    Sean Daily Had Obama done ONE thing that was unconstitutional, Republicans would have IMMEDIATELY gathered at the front door of the White House like a flock of hungry vultures, dragged him out, “locked him up,” and tossed the keys into the Pacific Ocean!👨🏾‍💼🦅🏛🚨👮‍♀️🚔🔑🔒🌊

  37. therooster333 says:

    Lol is msnbc all upset that Trump watches a truthful network. Can u imagine if he took Q's from you ppl…there would be politically correct ppl worse than it is now. Trump isn't going to fire Mueller because that's what the dem ppl want. What a bunch of liars conning out of msnbc.

  38. douglas steel says:

    An entire nation of 350million people don’t know if trump can fire mueller, none of them

  39. lovingtessa says:

    Do these people have to be dumb AND ugly.

  40. Johnny Nitro says:

    Lmao people still wacth fox after they literally got caught making fake news people living in a fantasy world

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