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President Donald Trump Promotes Dubious Conspiracy Theory Against FBI | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. Verruca says:

    This is the Sovereign Citizen defense isn't it? 'Your laws don't apply to me', 'you're trying to persecute me' and try to 'arrest' the cop or judge by using nonexistent precedent.

  2. Silky Tp says:

    My biggest surprise is that the idea of America and rule of law can be so easily put into jeopardy. All it takes is one guy to flip everyone off and say "I'm going to do what I want". It's really scary that our idea, our experiment of democracy and freedom can so easily be at risk…

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    If it came down to a credibility test at the moment, I'd trust Kim Jong-Un before Donald Trump. That's how bad things have become.


    remember trump: you said "What goes around comes around." Please you few good statemen in the Congress: have Supreme Court intervene. suspicions: not only working with support from Russians, but other countries. trump's accusations are efforts to weaken our government

  5. Shanna Mac 39 says:

    The conspiracy only exists in his imagination. However the frightening fact is this is the exact behavior that Hitler displayed prior to his wholesale takeover of Germany.

  6. Susan Bodell says:

    Hilter hands Trump is scared of his own shadow!

  7. Marc Cannizzo says:

    Trump is right: only the mafia pleads the 5th!

  8. William R Warren Jr says:

    "Mr. President, exactly what did you know, and WHEN DID YOU STOP knowing it?"

  9. Taema Nai says:

    Truth is relative provided alternative facts are valid, and triangles are square.

  10. Danny Lee says:

    Have you ever seen someone who doesn't know they have cotton mouth? This guy throws empty accusations just like a pot head sitting on the couch watching soap operas. Surely people have caught on to this childish drama by now…..

  11. BXGUY73 says:

    why doesn't the media just say Trimp is complaining about "INFORMANTS" (C.I. = Confidential Informants)? It is part of investigating CRIMINAL organizations/gangs HELLO!!!! FACT! How STUPID are TRIMP supporters??? Each time they reach a new LOW.

  12. Stev Rex says:

    donal said: "Obama is not an American. Obama was born in Kenya!" And tens of millions of racists believed him. donal rode into the White House based on a lie about a Black man.

  13. EH PA says:

    Donny JJ playing chicken with Rosenstien, while riding a Tricycle. That FBI Mac Truck is going to mess up his "hair" bigly.

  14. Lesley Allinson says:

    Trump is doing all this to get attention away from his crimes

  15. tubularap says:

    I put this video aside yesterday for watching a bit later. Today I opened it again, and it feels like scandals from a decade ago, yet it is only 24 hours ago.
    In those 24 hours the orange menace has cancelled the North-Korea summit, or maybe not. And a bunch of other craze things he and his cronies have done. News, and we the viewers, cannot keep up. Don't give up. Be alert people !!

  16. Bob Neb says:

    tramp the leader of the russia MOB.

  17. joestrummer52 says:

    Trump is just a sick desperate conman. It's his followers that are the problem for our country.

  18. Caliz Iben says:

    Democrats are behaving like idiots, saying there was no spy but :

    1) Clapper and Comey tell us there was GOOD SPYING to protect the Trump campaign.

    2) Congressional dems are fighting to keep the name of a spy from being revealed.

    Can they have it both ways?

  19. Main Man says:

    Thanks goes to Trump voters and supporters for where we are lol

  20. Junior Harry says:

    Hi Chris.👋.
    Exceptional, excellent, brilliant(smart) reporting.👍👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chris.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  21. Franklin Jackob says:

    those strands and viruses I mastered needs to be revoked

  22. Obi Ryn Denobi says:

    Charge the orange shitpile. Enough treason is enough.

  23. Cyd Oman says:

    Since Trump has gone on the public record that he is all for transparency the IRS can now release all of his tax returns, starting when he entered his Real Estate career. He certainly intends to include any State, Local and Foreign tax returns in that promise, so let's honor his wishes completely. I am so hyped to know more about the tax consequences of the bankruptcy house on an artificial island off Miami. Trump bought it for 40 million and sold it to a Russian oligarch for almost 100 million. We Americans want to know all about that crazy story, especially all the tax consequences that issued from it. Also, what has happened to the island now that the house has been removed? Has it become a Russian listening post? A haven for drug smugglers? Has it been given to the Girl Scouts?

  24. panasaya2009 says:

    LIE GATE staring Pinocchio Trump

  25. Team Thayer Official says:

    I don’t buy this bias account of the narrative!

  26. Team Thayer Official says:

    This is the same shallow reporting that led us all to believe he’d lost the election!

  27. Chuck D says:

    The unintelligent tweeting moron is an international embarrassment and laughingstock.

  28. photonrayswaves says:

    If Orange Hitler really wants transparency then he should release his taxes and explain why all his surrogates were meeting with Russians…

  29. Laurent D'Hondt says:

    I wonder why, when autoplay-mode is on, my Youtube Channel keeps leading me to MNBC and CNN videos. I'm not a subscriber to these channels.

  30. Wim V says:

    So when is trump going to jail? Lock up this Slumlord already…

  31. Maarten van dam says:

    What goes around comes around, eh?…Don´t worry, Donald, it will…

  32. langstrom gangley says:


  33. langstrom gangley says:

    its amazing to me how many MSNBC brainwashed commenters we have here.

  34. mark hatfield says:

    That`s right,Trump knows the addage ,you do the crime, you do the time,. . .

  35. Mona Ankeny says:

    Worst president ever, period!

  36. Rodney Armstrong says:

    You are fake news people have already seen the proof of the FBI's crimes. Trump is the return of Cyrus and they will try to stop him but they will fail and fall everything that is going on is in the Bible. Hillary and Obama and many others are going to face treason charges and federal charges through military trybunerals. This fake news media is lying to you people if you believe them then you are not following Trump to see his works your just listening to what you are told by these fake stream MEDIA'S. They said they didn't think that Trump would take this all the way that's bull crap because they knew that Trump would drain the swamp and they have been fighting Trump from the beginning. MSNBC and CBS and ABC and CNN are all going to fall because they all where trying to stop Cyrus. I say put the fake main stream media out of jobs and put them on welfare.

  37. AMERICAN GIRL says:

    Dubious in the minds of P.C. LIBERAL FOOLS who make up their own reality while MSNBC works to destroy America with anti-Trump lies.

  38. allo1490 says:

    Out of the millons of people in the united states, we could not find a person to win presidency who was not an out and out crook! Get rid of Trump!!

  39. Franklin Jackob says:

    destory all hidden bunkers too

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