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President Donald Trump Hits ‘Rock Bottom’ Discussing Fallen Troops | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. nelsonta00 says:

    Every time I hear somebody say "later", in my head I'm thinking "they're just dodging the question, they forget, or just clueless"

  2. Nic Phan says:

    A President who uses the fallen soldiers for his political agendas is a coward just like he did with the NFL.

  3. Patrick D. says:

    3:00… those words couldn't stay swallowed for long

  4. Last in Class Rebel says:

    took him 3 sec. to lie

  5. progranite xl says:

    This guy call anyone he's such a liar you about letters are going out

  6. Zay Dawood says:

    A disgrace to humanity

  7. Shelton Ross says:

    Get ready to break your back the bar will get lower.

  8. Paul Foss says:

    Trump is always at rock bottom. It's just more noticeable when he's discussing sensitive issues.

  9. PCBacklash _ says:

    I've said before that Donald Trump has only one genuine talent — making enemies.  But now I humbly stand corrected.  It appears he also has the talent of dropping the bar of despicability lower than we ever thought possible.  Just when we think he can't go any lower, he surprises us once again.  Congratulations, Donald!  😛

  10. Brent Lindhorst says:

    president donald j dogsh!t

  11. Inca1980 says:

    hijo de la gran puta

  12. EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    Besides being a beyond stupid, illiterate, ignorant, bigoted bully and lying hypocrite, #DisastrousDonald #TyrannicalTrump is a #FakePresident, #MoronInChief, and #UltimateFuckerUpper.
    #MAGA really stands for Moron Are Governing America.

  13. dameyale royster says:

    It's tough for him.smh

  14. Yasmine Rivera says:

    Oh no trust me he will find away to go even lower?

  15. Eileen Knowles says:

    How many did past President,s murder you American people are your own worst enemy your people at the top are killing people and if you speak out they get murdered take Las Vegas. Stop and listen .

  16. Chiwuike Nwserondu says:

    What a fool.

  17. David Copperfield says:

    Not one word T is saying is true. He NEVER made 4 – 5 phone calls to killed soldiers families in a day. Probably never made ONE call to comfort their families EVER. His voice knows no truth.

  18. Steven McCann says:

    Just an absolute waist of space-

  19. Shie H. says:

    How is there still surprise from anyone? This is the same snake the American electoral college picked up last November. People voted for him as he said similar things and worse. And 32% still approve of him. This is who a third of you are America.

  20. Tristan bar Avraham says:

    What a lying piece of grrrrrrrrr its always ALL about him no matter what. 5:52 could you imagine Trump wanting to keep a potential photo op secret?

  21. Traci Richardson says:

    The only thing hitting rock bottom is MSNBC. #FAKENEWS #MAGA #TRUMPLICAN #Weloveourpresident

  22. Pamela Worley says:

    And I can see Russia from. My window this man has no feelings for people who are hurting

  23. T S says:

    No truth on the face of this man! Once again blaming others!! Why the blaming others?? Another hit at another honerable man Mr. Obama. At the cost of those family's that had lost there own he has to demean another American!!! What a disgrace!!

  24. Laura Churchill says:

    Trump is an offensive expert that is a great con artist

  25. Laura Churchill says:

    Joe don't even forget you was his friend during the elections

  26. Delcio Acosta says:

    He hasn't hit rock bottom. Wait for it.

  27. T S says:

    Ask his Generals??!! Okay when will enough be enough?

  28. Alan Miller says:

    It's way past being a disgrace to the office of President, or to America … he's reached the point where he's a disgrace to the entire Human Race …

  29. LieutenantSloth says:

    I wouldn't say "rock bottom", more like "infinite failures"

  30. subitodantes says:

    He will not destroy Obama…f..k moron Trump

  31. brown boy says:

    Talk about disrespecting the flag and our troops…

  32. fi2lwa says:

    Trump must just accept that Obama is better than him.

  33. David Copperfield says:

    POTUS probably thinks it's no big deal…'only 4 died' like he thought when 'only 19' had died in Puerto Rico. He is really making himself known. New York has 'known' the black heart of T for decades. Now the entire world knows.

  34. karakol86 says:

    He is so vile. All about himself, no one else. He is an embarrassment to this country.

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