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President Donald Trump Defiant About Immigration Amid Mounting Outrage | NBC Nightly News

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  1. timmy says:

    this infestation is totally out of control we have to start exterminate

  2. cstuff says:

    #impeach little hands twitler and send team treason to gitmo until put on trial as terrorist.

  3. Sandra Winkleman says:

    I`m sorry for all the parents that lost there children. trump thinks he is hitler and he should be shot down 00000 i mean shut down for being nonamerican. If America could think for one minute were they came from. Most of us are not Native Americams and i can remember in school we were called the melting pot of diversity.Look it up and you will understand why WE is not just YOU but ALL that want to come to America to live a safer life and raise there children the same way you were and i was. PLEASE set these poor familys go and have there children. Listen to your heart and you could be in a cage next if you dont watch what you do and stop kissing trump feet. he might through you some candy and stop paying you too.

  4. Kevin Lake says:

    How many lawbreakers take their children to prison with them? You break the law, you pay the price.

  5. Michael Van Wie Jr. says:

    1:20 that woman doesn’t care at all what she’s saying.

  6. kalumnist says:

    Trump should continue the Obaminion policy of helping the child traffickers escort the children to their final stop

  7. forever a patriot says:

    We love you president Trump please don't give into these lunatics about immigration build the wall stop illegal immigration and we will vote for you again in 2020

  8. gary stigall says:

    If I break the law ,like maybe Rob a bank, and my children are in the car do I get a get out of jail card so we won't be separated ?

  9. pop person says:

    This isn't immigration rights they are discriminating anymore they are human rights they're unvalidating

  10. Destyni Cannon says:

    My goodness, I know God is in control but how long with this.

  11. Clubland Exrcixe says:

    Merit base this:  Trump's Kid Baron is AUTISTIC – his corrupted W.H. just keeps it covered up.  Melania had no Kidney Surgery done – just a new plastic face lift – Fat Donnie admitted it himself on Faux Fake News' Steve Duncey sidewalk interview with the Putin-Installed Pig — Time to spill the beans on his "illegtimate Illegal Immigrant wives eh, people!!

  12. MrGobsmack says:

    this is what fascism looks like

  13. The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band says:

    Blaming your problems on the weakest ones is a Hitler Remedy. Separating children from their mothers is a Hitler Remedy. Donald Trump is America's Hitler. He is the leader of The Nazi American Republican Party.

  14. Dilla9D9 says:

    Good freaking Riddance!
    If illegal Guatemalans can't get in Mexico then no illegal Mexican should be able to get into America!we have enough of our own issues

  15. Nobody's Perfect says:

    It’s funny how everybody trying their hardest to bring donald trump down but failing at it. Just stop 🛑 cuz you really making yourself look like a plump fool.

  16. Superman says:

    What is the different between Hitler and Donald trump?????

  17. Superman says:

    Mr donar tree will come to end by people

  18. Google User says:


  19. Rocky Castro says:

    trumps is evil and God will deal with him as he does everyone else.

  20. Hot News USA Trump says:

    Holocaust survivors are having flashbacks! Trump the new Hitler

  21. Doggie J says:

    Did you know: Every now-a-days American is made up of British, Deutsch, Polish and of European nationalities. So there is no such thing as a pure American apart from PURE West Indies.

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