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President Donald Trump Calls Report He Tried To Fire Robert Mueller ‘Fake News’ | NBC News

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  1. Bhebot says:

    . America(USA)'s enemy is within!, not Russia, China or North Korea,,, it's the Democrats Party.
    ,,, and NBC too!

  2. nomy23DH says:


  3. M B says:

    Boo Trump. Trump is a fake president!

  4. El Chivato says:

    Typical verbal diarrhea Marxist anti American liberal sheep propaganda by NBC

  5. G String says:

    Look at the Great negotiator he looks a little bit shaky…. sounds a little bit shaky…..Yippers and his base stands proud until it's "Mueller Time"

  6. John Donne says:

    The Foundation of Journalism is about honesty, not about Propaganda MSM had lost all Credibility. #MSMFakeNews

  7. M Clarke says:


  8. am says:

    Lock him up!

  9. MrGriff305 says:

    He doesn't just say "NO!" hahaha Sooooo guilty. When asked if the sexual affair happened, Stormy Daniels didn't just say "NO!". Soooooo guilty.

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