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Owen Wilson Got Fat! And More Fake News That Shouldn’t Be Regulated

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  1. Scott K says:

    Fake news is a problem, but having it regulated is an even bigger problem.

  2. Saurutobi says:

    I'm sorry what? Millenials are less equipped for this than GenZ? That sounds SUUUUPER wrong. I'm right on the divide age-wise, but man I used PCs with floppy disks in middle school. I grew up around the internet. my sister(who's 12 years younger than me) and has been online since age 3 or so doesn't know the difference between an ad and spam. she doesn't know how to control her online presence. To say that kids who never went through the "be scared of clicking things" phase of the internet about 8 years ago as an adult who can think for themselves(or close to it) are better at seeing garbage online is shocking to me.

  3. Air Em Out says:

    "Peter Stroke." …..Lol hilarious.

  4. Ofek Siegel says:

    Legislation is not the answer.

  5. Darius Gross says:

    Any other Colion Noir fans out here?

  6. Chris Nolin says:

    Wow, should have held the fake news test at the congressional hearing. Has anyone heard the old saying "Don't believe any of what you hear and only half of what you see"?

  7. Richard Nunez says:

    So i have to get notifications from reason tv ? Doesn't look like you are giving me a choice. Ill just unsubscribe.

  8. Han Onyme says:

    3:38 "I would be surprise if judges in France could review every news story"
    Plot twist: they already do! Kinda…

    We have the CSA, whose members are appointed by the president, and its job is to review anything being said on TV and radio.
    This comes on top of the justice, so for example a radio host could go to prison for saying something illegal (more on that later) then the radio station could also be fined (or even closed) by the CSA to discourage it from broadcasting that host ever again.

    "Hate speech" is illegal in France, and its definition is very broad and up to interpretation. For example Boris Le Lay was condemned to prison (despite living overseas, he would be jailed if he even come back to France) for saying "We never saw a black celt", implying that a black musician should not perform celtic folk music.
    I don't agree with him and I think the guy is a complete moron, but that's not the point. Government should not make racist speech illegal, nor any other speech.
    The only communications that should be illegal are direct and targeted threats (like calling someone to say you'll kill him/her).

    What's tragic is that most French are convinced to have freedom of speech! Just because what you currently believe and say isn't illegal (yet) doesn't mean you have that freedom.

    Macron wanted to make an example with Russia Today France : a media should not contradict him, or he'll make their life a living hell, and he succeeded.
    Now he want to go one step further and be able to shut down completely any media.
    By the way, if France wins the soccer world cup, Macron will be able to pass any anti-freedom law he wants for the next 3 months…

  9. abram galler says:

    Censorship is a very bad business.

  10. Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera says:


  11. Jason Woods says:

    Did anyone else expect Mark Dice to slide into the beach interviews and ask something like, "Who fought in the civil war"?

  12. Ben dover says:

    A good video and great topic but lost me when you show a completation of videos talking about gen z but show Logan Paul then right after Philip DeFranco and talk about gen z being the most capable to compat fake news and how do you get to the conclusion of that? And how baby boomers, gen x are the worst at seeing fake news(sure i can relate so believable) and millennials are as capable? Gen z is? How because they grew up with modern Media? Just don't see the connection between the two

  13. Charles Lumia says:

    No regulation. No censorship. Dianne Feinstein can go eat a dink.

  14. cravinbob says:

    She says she and her peers dig for truth while older (baby boomers) believe everything they read. This is based she says on what she sees her mother do. Could the interviewer not stop her there and say "What? That does not mean jack shit except you are an ignorant little kid."

    There has never been truth in news and now they are completely and unashamedly biased as well. Often when there is truth it is met with skepticism and lies are held up as set in stone facts.
    Bottom line is there is no point in making this video or anything else. John Kennedy's assassination is still not accepted as a lone gunman being the assassin. How do these skeptics know that Kennedy even existed at all?

  15. fluffy bunny says:

    guy with sun glasses around his neck is dumb as a brick

  16. Engineer 314 says:

    4:44 For those in the 18-29 age group, I think some of them forgot that it doesn’t have to be the same tech giants. For all we know, there’s already a new tech startup who’s come up with some algorithm or system to assess how fake a news article is.

  17. Gabe Daily says:

    this video should have more views

  18. Austin Massey says:

    If you thought that he said that he would deport the NFL players then you're actually fucking dumb. I mean ffs

  19. The Paranoid Pill says:

    Aye dat's me on the internets!!! Honestly that was such a fun convo, I get that you had to slim down what was said bc of time to make the vid more fluid and quick paced but idk I might be a vain fuck but I kinda wanna hear myself talk about this shit again lol, sparked a nice convo during my photshoot that day. Great vid, and I love how you put some Philly D in there, ya'll actually took the time to listent to what I was saying and without bias shape the vid around it. Proud of ya'll.

  20. elev8tr15 says:

    The problem is deeper than all this. Personal integrity. Can you, will you write something about someone else that is not true, not provable, or substantiated. Social media provides a platform for every idiot in the world. Why do you listen?

  21. internet god says:

    This is fake news

  22. devwreck127 says:

    "In today's news: everything Ron Paul and Alex Jones said 10 years ago."

  23. Fierce Mouse says:

    Fake news is much more subtle. Like CNN saying open marriages are good for relationships.

  24. Donny Boy says:

    Why in the hell do men wear white sunglasses….are they metro sexual…soyboys….

  25. Terible Teri says:

    Still they use Google for news and it's algorithm makes it so it looks like all the sites say the same thing… Like look up Democrats and slavery, and the southern switch that never happened.. Wikipedia is no better… You'd never know GOP started for anti-slavery, about the democrats party and KKK, or that free slaves in Congress were all GOP.

  26. klondike99 says:

    No control, regulation, censorship, by 'tech giants'. If anything, a governing body (FCC) should be able to fine the media company that willfully transmits falsified information if it can be proved that it intentionally attempted to mislead with said 'fake news'. Burden of proof required just like for other crimes.

  27. aslsmm 00 says:

    I'm going to Google fat owen Wilson now.

  28. John Marston says:

    @3:55 This is me 5 minutes into thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws

  29. To Release is To Resolve says:

    Salon is the leftist Info Wars

  30. To Release is To Resolve says:

    Giving the government more control. Be careful how far you go with this.

  31. Bob Jones says:

    1:56 LOL

  32. Hydrated RDA says:

    -Hmmm, that's delicious! Oh wait; it's brocoli? Eww!! That's disgusting!

  33. Dominant Wolf says:

    Regulation of news is scary as shit. Like 1984 Ministry of Truth and Newspeak stuff.

  34. Bobby Sparks says:

    To play Devils advocate, the guy in the hat with the white sun glasses that had drink in his hand had less drink in his hand than laster when he was questioned. Even this was edited to make a point.

  35. maxcohen13 says:

    "maybe shouldn't be in this country" is a FAAAARRRRRR cry from "Donald Trump threatens to deport NFL players who defy him."

    Judas fuckin' priest! There's not much reason in "ReasonTV."

  36. Schtroumpf says:

    Generation Z(yklon)

  37. WTF HaveIDone? says:

    Who is Owen Wilson? And why are you people so fixated on him? Freaks.

  38. Dr. Ramon de Torres says:

    "Baby boomers don't understand it?" To whom is he referring? My doctorate is in IT and management, not underwater basket weaving.

  39. Two goats [No pigs] says:

    Publishers should work on their brand, separating fact from opinion.

    Reason included.

  40. TruthFoot says:

    Here are #FakeNews headlines from Reason.com on 13-July-2018. Every headline stretches the truth to push the Koch Bros / One-Government-Over-the-World pseudo-Libertarianism (legalized homo marriage / legalized drugs / legalized prostitution) of Reason.com

    Reason.com 13-July-2018

    • 'Constitutional Conservatives' Lose Interest in Holding Trump Accountable

    • Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic

    • Preview of a Future In Which All Political Arguments Are Health Care Arguments

    • Trump Voters Stand by Their Man as He Wrecks Their Jobs

    • Donald Trump's Supreme Court Pick Will Shred the Constitution! Or Save It!: Podcast

    Reason.com has been in the business of #FakeNews for far longer than almost any "news" site on the Internet going back to the early 2000s.

  41. gentellabs says:

    the people interviewed seemed relatively reasonable. not perfect libertarians but way better than some videos i've seen

  42. ILoveCoffee says:

    The problem with ''fake news'' is not the false information, but the selective information. The information they report is accurate, but it is selectively cherry picked to portray a certain image or narrative, thereby creating misinformation about the whole picture. There is no way to combat selective cherry picking other than to learn to question what you hear, do not accept any word you hear unless you know what it really means, and you verify the information for yourself.

  43. Jonas Strzyz says:

    "Respectable news sources." *Cough cough.
    Never go full semiautomatic.

  44. Peter Jacobsen says:

    Judging by the people interviewed, it turns out Americans are pretty smart after all.

  45. Butch Crassidy says:

    Check out theknifemedia.com. (I'm not getting paid to mention, the knife media.)

  46. maganalia says:

    Not all boomers are ignorant about fake news. Some of us are big researchers.

  47. j barnes says:

    CLOWN PEOPLE in Venice

  48. Red Pilled Libertarian says:

    It's funny when Trump mentioned fake news during the campaign, people laughed and mocked him. Now people are finally realizing that fake news is actually a real problem. Trump was right again.

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