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Outrage In China Over Latest Vaccine Safety Scandal | TIME

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  1. Theresa Greech says:

    What good does fining them do? They all need to be locked up.

  2. theylied1776 says:

    I'm shocked… shocked I tell you! Who would have ever guessed that a Chinese company would falsify records about life-saving vaccines? Well, another Chinese manufacturer did the same thing with Baby formula, that ended up killing babies. And there was that Train rail company that falsified construction safety reports and cut corners on building materials which caused a bridge to collapse killing several people. So I'm not shocked at all. Corruption is a way of life in Chinses corporations.

  3. Romanke says:

    they need to be shut down. corporations can easily pay fines and go back to doing what they do.

  4. Christopher Fairfield says:

    LMAO shes wearing a US AIRFORCE HAT………LOL..even the Chinese wish they where American

  5. Sekai Ni Heiwa says:

    Please don't take western made vaccines they 1000 times worse . The most safe vaccine the one you will never recieve

  6. calvin chao says:


  7. poopy2010tative says:

    Now behead the executives and get on with it.

  8. English Tea says:

    I am from Hong Kong and please Mainland Chinese do not come to our city. Our medical resources can only take care of the 7 million people here, not 1.4 billion Chinese.

  9. li yuting says:


  10. li yuting says:

    Fake vaccines produced in China cased death of many people, terrible, very bad. It is UNFAIR and DISGRACEFULL that our great American pharmaceutical companies are excluded from Chinese market, where dozens of lives could be saved. UNJUST. THIS MUST CHANGE!【川普的一段话,竟然是这中国六月寒雪疫苗天气中的一股清流】

  11. wen xiang says:

    After knowing this news, I immediately asked my wife to check out my daughter's vaccines record, the result was bad. Moreover, my wife said that the government demands that the courts cannot accept the applications for fake vaccine compensation, and the testing institutions can not accept the privately applications for vaccine testing….May be it's time for me to take my family here in advance

  12. Alex Tan says:

    What's ironic???
    Chinese citizens storming us embassy to beg trump America to take actions to help solve this issue.

    #Trump #Winning #Tradewars

  13. Chooi Edward says:

    1. The manufacturing defects are all caused by oneself within an organisation and nobody else. From top level to the bottom level, every employee has a share of this problem.
    Are all the instructions strictly adhered to ?
    Are all management instructions valid according to practise.?
    How is this checked and controlled ?
    Is the data reported genuine or fabricated and who verifies them? One cannot check for every single batch of drugs but one can use effective sampling techniques in a fully automatic environment . !!
    2. The organisation's duty is only production target of the day , profit and market share at the year end , they have responsibility but no accountability to the public at
    large. Money is the only matters.
    3. The lack of experienced and sufficient resources is the greatest problem in this type of industry. Today is this offending company , the next day will be another company. Sannu Milk powder was an example.
    4. The certificates awarded to this company by institutions worth their salt or for display ?

  14. paul han says:

    Chinese people rise up. CCP will only try to cover this up. Revolution is what will save you, your children and children after them.

  15. Ian H. says:

    Mainland communist mindset – greed. Just shaking my head.

  16. BlessAll2015KC says:

    Evil pharmaceutical companies were created by evil monsters disguised in human forms. There is nothing human left in them – No soul, love, compassion or any feelings. They must be exposed & eradicated.

  17. BlessAll2015KC says:

    In reality, ineffective or toxic vaccines sold to the public is a latent mass murder plot. It is a silent population elimination procedure.
    Is it just a greedy entrepreneur or the CIA of an enemy state that has engineered the killer operation?? Hopefully, the investigators can find out the truth.
    There were vaccine scandals in China twice before, why would it be allowed to repeat a third time??

  18. Zhenyu FU says:


  19. Chen Sun says:

    When i blamed such a crime on the corruption of the CCP, some of their errand boys just began to defend the CCP by citing the examples of Japanese making steel of low quality and westerners knowingly adding the health unfriendly lead to petrol…lol. So i think their point is that their evil doing can always by justified by finding someone else who does too. FXXK it!

  20. mandie sayavedra says:


  21. paul8kangas says:

    Millions of parents, carrying young children are marching

    in the streets of China,

    protesting the fact that the rabies vaccine does not work.

    In China, Parents are allowed to sue

    Big Pharma, under current Chinese law,

    the vaccination of children is

    compulsory for many illnesses,

    but a string of health scandals

    involving unsafe storage practices

    has left hundreds of

    families seeking compensation

    for harm done to their children.

    American parents are forbidden by Bill Clinton from suing Big Pharma.

    In China, millions of dogs have been killed to protect people from rabid dogs.

    This is the largest mass protests in China since 1948.

    The CEO of the Biggest Pharma was arrested.

    The demands are so powerful that even President Xi Jing Ping has joined

    the protests, saying, “Head will roll.”

    Youtube: paul8kangas

    The police are not stopping the marches.

    Lawyers are preparing Class Action law suits against Big Pharma.

    The US Immunity Laws, that prevent Americans from suing Big Pharma

    are being challenged in UN courts

    & Chinese Courts.

    The Immunity Law are about to be overturned.

    Still, as of 8-6-2018, no US press has covered

    the massive protests sweeping China.

    Why is there no US media coverage?

    Is it because Big Pharma is about to fall?

    This is a serious international mass movement.

    Now most Chinese parents are afraid of all vaccines.

    Realistically, no child under age 18 should be vaccinated.

    Are all of the vaccines as useless as the rabies, DTP, whooping cough, Flu vaccines?

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