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OUCH: Huckabee Sanders Blasted The San Juan Mayor | All Hell Break Loose In The Press Room!

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    News Sources:
    # http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/white-house-criticizes-san-juan-mayor-trump-protest-article-1.3543684
    # http://freebeacon.com/politics/san-juan-mayor-zero-comments-relief-open-discussion-trump/
    # https://libertywriters.com/2017/10/sarah-huckabee-sanders-just-said-san-juan-mayors-nasty-shirt-made-hell-break-loose-press-room/

  2. Robert Rivera says:

    That mayor is one dumbass and need to be removed.

  3. Celia Ullery says:

    Get rid of that Mayor bitch, she’s no good for her people, she’s a liar and dumbass just the biggest idiot I ever seen. She need to be in mental institution with Hillary!

  4. One Wind says:

    This witch is unfit to be mayor. She is only installed there to politicize the HAARP created hurricane relief. She is a Clinton/Obama installation. Her $600 eyeglasses are the first clue that she doesn't really care about her poor constituents. She is nasty and an absolute embarrassment and humiliation to San Juan and Puerto Rico as a whole.

  5. Kwik-Key Kline says:

    The Democrat's Owns this so called Mayor That's a coward not to speak up then but to talk shit after our president left this is how the Democrat's do thing's not to do it face to face but to stick a knife in your BACK when they Loose my pinion the Democrat's are the most Corrupted party & evil they are for Profits period they talk shit in front of the Camera's How they want the Best for the people but did nothing but TRASH OUR PRESIDENT THAT THEY CAN'T DO WHAT HE'S HAS DONE FOR THESE COUTRY THIS PARTY TAKES MIND ALTERING MEDICATION FOR MANY THINGS TOO OLD NEEDS TO BE KICK OUT PEIOD DEMOCRATS ARE SCUM

  6. Joe Morales says:

    This woman have no class or manners at all

  7. Andy Cig says:

    Shes not nasty, shes just a cunt!

  8. sipo70 says:

    Please stop with the computer audio.

  9. Richard Kincaid says:

    Just another demo

  10. Maddie Vega says:

    Cut the crap,

  11. Michael Turner says:

    The mayor of San Juan is a sack of shit and is it the one that stop from shipping the food from the people. Than she had the nerve to call out Trump.mow she is busted and people will now know she is a lying mayor that don't care for the people of Puerto rico

  12. John Doe says:

    Fire her "NASTY" ASS. Trump is correct "AGAIN" No lies here.

  13. mcpeake69 says:

    She has one characteristic of a typical DemoRat: LIAR!

  14. Leah Brown says:


  15. ourplaceourplay2 M says:

    She really is looks "NASTY", idiots chosen her for mayor, she look and sound like fucking loser!!!!!

  16. Vegas Sims says:

    Sorry I don't subscribe to channels with robo talking videos. Sounds like crap.

  17. robert cobianchi says:

    somebody get rid of this fucking bitch

  18. carmen e Gonzalez says:

    not true racist administration

  19. Eagledives says:

    Puerto Rico (a.k.a Welfare Island ) A TRUTH THAT MUST BE TOLD

    The USDA
    Food and Nutrition Service told CNSNews.com that, on average, 4 million people
    received food stamps in Puerto Rico each
    month in FY 2012.
    pathetic miserable island is distinguished by its high crime, poverty and
    joblessness, which are far worse than in any of the 50 states. The territory's
    economy, moreover, has fallen further behind the national one over the past
    four decades. Bad inept government is largely to blame.

    Yet most
    Americans are oblivious and unaware to the Caribbean
    island's problems. After a Century of American Citizenship, Puerto
    Ricans Have Little to Show for It. After one hundred years of citizenship, the per
    capita income of Puerto Ricans is roughly $15,200—half that of Mississippi,
    the poorest state in the union
    Rico is the bottom of the barrel in the Caribbean.
    Too bad, it could be a nice place…however, the locals have destroyed it. It
    is dirty, overpriced and overrated big time !. If you want a nicer, safe beach
    and lower cost, just go to Florida.
    If you want a nicer Caribbean vacation,
    just go to about a dozen other destinations in the Caribbean.

    Puerto Rico
    has a population of 4 million, meaning 40 percent of Puerto Ricans are on food
    stamps paid by the federal government !

    How prosperous is Puerto Rico?

    Not very, by
    any standard. More than 53% of the island’s residents live in poverty. The
    median household income in 2015 was $15,350. Puerto Rico’s
    colossal debt load — now close to $84 billion — has left it in a state of deep
    financial crisis. Its inability to maintain basic infrastructure made Puerto
    Rico highly vulnerable to severe hurricane damage that
    destroyed much of its water, roadway and electric-power systems



    Although the
    supplemental assistance cash is designated for eligible food items, it is
    widely acknowledged that participants use most of their allotted cash for
    non-food essentials, drugs and illegal gambling, now that is dumb !


    The smaller
    than Jamaica Island is filled with high crime, drugs, thieves and killers, way
    too many hard core criminals for such a small island and a fake witchcraft
    religion that has divided the population.


    Most US
    Hispanics stereotype Puerto Ricans as dumb, or with lower inteligence but.. as
    you can see there's some truth to it:


    The food
    stamp program has had a negative effect on the population they even admit they
    use the money to buy pot, guns and cocaine. The 'boricuas' of 100 years ago
    would be ashamed of the current crop of 'boricuas'. No wonder why most other
    Hispanics consider Puerto Ricans, lazy, dishonest, corrupt and heavily
    dependent on US Government handouts. Most other Hispanics agree that Puerto
    Ricans speak the worst Spanish language dialect in the western hemisphere, in
    fact they don't even speak good English either.


    Among other
    problems: rampant identity theft by P.R. immigrants – often from the 'welfare'
    island – who use stolen Puerto Rican birth certificates to obtain U.S.
    passports, Social Security benefits, and other federal services available to
    Puerto Ricans because they are U.S. citizens.


    In a recent sample of 8,000 passport fraud cases investigated by the State
    Department, 60 percent involved Puerto Rican birth documents purchased
    illegally for as much as $10,000


    Rico's annual income per person was around $12,000 in 2004,
    less than half that of Mississippi,
    the poorest state. More than 58% of the island's people live below the
    federally defined poverty line. That poverty rate is nearly four times the
    national average, and more than twice as high as in poor states such as
    Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia.


    Has anyone
    ever noticed how much ( false ) pride Puerto Ricans have? At the same time many
    Puerto Ricans are filled with Anti-American sentiment. Most Puerto Ricans see
    the United States
    as a symbol of Imperialism and a very oppressive country to their beloved
    little island ( smaller than Jamaica
    ). While many Puerto Ricans have spent time in different cities throughout
    United States, return migrants and their children are often ridiculed because
    of their inability to speak Spanish with the same accent and lexicon as natives
    and their poor English language skills, so the Dumb Puerto Rican is NOT a Myth.


    Ricans are the most violent offenders in NYC, they are the poorest group in

    The Island of Puerto
      Rico is known as Zombie
    Island due to the all
    the crack heads. The wrongly imposed name of ' La Isla de El Encanto' this a
    Myth and a distortion of oversize proportions !, Puerto Ricans have been here
    in the US as long as Italians, Cubans, Colombians, Dominicans and other
    Hispanics and while Italians, Cubans and Colombians have moved on to the
    Suburbs, to upscale single family homes Puerto Ricans are still living in the
    projects in section 8 housing ghettos and high crime neighborhoods ( The Hood

    Well the logical question must be asked. Why would a prideful bragging
    irrational with an identity crisis people such as the Puerto Ricans constantly
    vote to remain an American
    (Commonwealth )over the past 5 decades?


    The people
    of Puerto Rico vote every 4 years (during
    the same time we hold our American Presidential elections) towards becoming an American
    State, remaining an American
    Territory or becoming


    During the
    last two elections Puerto Ricans rarely voted to remain an American territory
    (49% of the vote) over becoming a an American
    State (48% of the
    vote). While the voting toll for Puerto Rican Independence
    was a mere 1%. If Puerto Ricans are such patriotic and proud people how is it
    possible that only 1% of the population wants to become independent from the United


    The answer is Welfare. Each year American tax payers send over $17 billion
    dollars to Puerto Rico in Welfare (social
    services) alone. These social services include food stamps, public housing (Los
    Caserios), and college tuition for Puerto Rican students attending American
    funded universities. To make matters worse Puerto Ricans do not pay any Federal
    Taxes. This means that American tax payers are getting back very little into
    what we are putting into Puerto Rico. As
    an American Tax payer we all have a difficult time sending our tax money to an
    island that constantly votes against becoming an American
    State. You don't have
    to be the smartest cookie out of the bunch but it's safe to say that there is
    not much logic behind this.


    What does
    the United States
    get in return for all of our tax money and services? The answer was the Vieques
    Marine Base which served as a strategic base in the Caribbean
    Sea. However, the United
      States lost the base when angry
    Puerto Rican protestors were claiming that the Base was a symbol of American
    Imperialism. Many of the protestors even burned American flags during their
    protests (yet Puerto Ricans rioted when American boxer Bernard Hokpins tossed
    the PR flag to the ground).


    The other insignificant
    and mediocre service provided to the United
      States from Puerto
    Rico is a very small number of their citizens who serve in
    our arm forces.


    However with
    Puerto Rico's population of 2 million, Puerto Ricans do not even make up 3% of
    our Arm Forces ( If you asked a Puerto Rican they would tell you a lie that 90%
    of the United State's Arm Forces are Puerto Rican ! ).


    Notable Quote from a 'New Yorker' from Aguadilla P.R. (
    poste on May 3rd, 2009 )


    " I
    myself am a Puerto Rican. I have been living in P.R for about 4 years (maybe a
    few months shy of 5 yrs whatever). I moved from NY to Puerto
    Rico, because I HAD genuine pride. "


    " However
    moving to P.R made me lose that pride I had for a long time (and I had a lot of
    pride !). Puerto Ricans are in fact lazy; no doubt about it and there are many
    examples and undisputed evidence, they work only because they feel like it’s an
    obligation or something (cause let me tell you they work like shit, very


     " Service here sucks, in the Hotels, in Government
    buildings in the public and private sectors of the economy, the people think they
    are somewhat superior than all the rest of the world ( false sense of pride )
    …a.k.a they somehow think their shit don’t stink (4give my French) I can't
    wait to move back to NY. Everyone in P.R has like mental depression; hummm, you
    would wonder why, it is very evident. Puerto Ricans can’t speak English, they
    are way too lazy, it really doesn't take much to impress a Puerto Rican, and it
    is being destroyed within."


     "The beautiful natural destinations in
    the island are very few and take hours just to take a quick look at, people
    here going to a social party or club is like going to a pub/ sports bar so the
    social life sucks and you have to put up with so much bullcrap, inefficiency,
    bad manners, low moral standards, crime and just plain stupidity. I WAS A PROUD
    SINKS. "


     "The only reason why this piece of shit
    island isn’t independent is because Puerto Ricans know if it were to become one
    they would have to go back to the sugar cane , they would have to work harder
    to earn a living and stop selling drugs and like I said THEY ARE STR8 UP
    pathetically LAZY."


  20. Jack Gross says:

    The thing in the white house, creepazoid…on his way to jail…unless creep in waiting pardons..which it will under the guise of, and mark my words, " the healung of the country", which he's had both hands in wounding lest you all forget,..which convienently you will…nor regret, admit or apologize for supporting….yous all are sooo sad…

  21. Michael Merrow says:

    Why don't they get rid of that worthless pos mayor. She is incompetent, hostile, greedy, and a fucking lier.

  22. Fabien Eldridge says:

    The mayor is a idiot, I'd fire her polical ass, an she would never be ekected again even for dog catcher, nasty is a very hood name for her. dhe is a Nasty PERSON ! Its clear plus now being accused of stealing, man under disastrous situation you put her to the side an put somone else in charge the Governor needs to step up an get out of the way gor his people.

  23. Walter La Rue says:

    This sweathog from Poor Rico is blaming her incompetence on the u s administration..
    She is still bitching about something that happened along time ago…
    These Poor Rico peasant s should have all that disaster cleaned up.. by now…
    Check this sweathog mayor's background and you will C she is daddy little girl…
    Get off your ass mayor, change your focus, instead of takeing start giveing….

  24. Alberto Rodriguez says:


  25. Deacon says:


  26. Deacon says:


  27. Allan Pattison says:

    I saw that video & orange boy called on just about everyone except the Mayor of San Juan. This crazy bi…no, person should try Telling the facts instead of emulating her boss & playing fast & loose With the facts!

  28. Allan Pattison says:

    Addendum: you trump-ets are very loud for such a small minority of the population. You are also mistaken sbout the facts.

  29. Zapo says:

    When they start arresting all those cabal members and their minions, there will be few members left in Congress and other government officials. It's about time. Corruption in our government goes back many decades, so expect a lot of arrests. The cabal has lost the battle. The Resistant Movement is working hard behind the scene to bring down the cabal. The people has to do their part by demanding justice.

  30. Bad2theBone says:

    Dumb ass fat ugly bitch! Looks like Frankensteins daughter!

  31. Ani Fosler says:

    The Trump team had demanded ahead of time that she NOT speak, she was REQUIRED to not speak….please do your research. This is pure propaganda….sad !

  32. Rick S says:

    She's just a democrat………..hillary lover…..

  33. V G says:

    She chose wrong as many others in Puerto Rico have done in the past. By grandstanding with the Democrats in Washington who can do nothing to help, she has sealed Puerto Rico's fate. She is not the Governor and she is overstepping in the name of politics but that politics is a losing strategy for her as time fades on.

  34. Fred Fernandez says:

    Huckabee is an ignorant wrong and dumb little Trump puppet! When the mayor complained about the lack of help from his administration Trump called her Nasty. She said she preferred to be nasty and save lives than kiss the orange one's butt.

  35. Absolute Truth says:

    Typical idiot that is more interested in trash talk than helping the citizens of Puerto Rico. She belongs in the ghetto.

  36. Gene Hess says:

    They kicked her ass our office, so no not right in head.

  37. Raymond Cancel says:

    Impeachment for Mayor Of P.R is needed!

  38. John Thompson says:

    take her out back n shoot her,,,,,, traitor

  39. Louise Burton says:

    She is a losse nut.

  40. Frank Fred says:

    That half pint mayor thinks she is a giant and shoved her weight around more like a pile of sh#*&%$#t, if she would use her brain instead of her ass she could use those moments of interview to get exactly what she and the people of San Juan need, !!!!!????? Remember your catch more flies with honey than with vinager, she isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer that is for certain

  41. Anthony Roman says:

    She is to wear a shirt that says "STUPID" returning home and let her use it trying to do something to help the people and city…

  42. Dinah Mattos says:

    Now I get it ! She is not of the Democratic Party in USAbut she is of the popular party in P R??? This party is the PR version of the democratic party in the states. Opposite to the Republican Party which of course has done nothing to help advance the statehood for PRESIDENT. In any case she is separatist , independentista. The truth of the matter is that Julin is using all this terrible event for cheap gray politic to appear as underdog and poor me and my people. No one does anything.

  43. dark side83 says:

    Carmen and her shitty party all ways criticize and no action

  44. Richard Kincaid says:

    Get it gone

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