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One of my Favorite Samurai Anime Gets a Sequel 2018! Anime News Week 17

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  1. TheUndefeatedMagician says:

    Hope Megalobox will be good. Glad they are going for an original route instead of trying to one up the 2 anime series which would probably end badly.

  2. Thomas Fernandez says:

    Have you read the Peace Maker Manga?

  3. Speed Weed says:

    What's peacemaker about

  4. Ziusudra says:

    I am surprised to say that myself but Peace Maker Kurogane has room for improvement. During its original run, Gonzo (the mediocrity made anime studio) crafted a run of the mill period action/drama. I watched it during its release and to talk bluntly, I got no recollection about it left beside the piglet mascot and the sluggish pace this series had.

    I am split about White Fox; Katanagatari was an interesting series of theirs. If they manage to imbue the essence of this title into PMK I can foresee a successful run… Or it can turn out to be as shitty as Akame ga Kill. Who knows? Definitely not easy to tell.

  5. ZeroYabuki says:

    Peacemaker is getting a new anime! Thats cool I remember liking it when I watched it when the movies come out I'll have to rewatch the series. I'm actually kind of excited to see a continuation. The ANJ boxing series sounds interesting but I'll have to see more to be truly excited. Ashita no Joe is a masterpiece and one of my favorite stories if you couldn't tell by my profile picture lol so anything that has to do with it I always down. Great vid bob!

  6. lucio banaga says:

    Not gonna lie I thought the sequel was for samurai champloo lol

  7. Dlsturbedfan says:

    Yay! I actually was happy that you introduced this anime to me months ago. Thanks Bob!

  8. WickedAnimeTroll says:

    Yes Bob, go watch Ashita no joe. It is a masterpiece and a complete story. There is no excuse for you to keep avoiding it

  9. Entertainment Ally Nick says:

    I saw the thumbnail and thought… "hmm, interesting Samurai Champloo is getting a sequel." (That so might show that I still haven't finished watching it… and honestly don't have much intention of doing so.) Though I must admit if it did get a sequel/a form of it in some way I would be more… inclined to try to pick it up again, and finish it. I am not saying it was the worse ever, but it really struggled too maintain my interest in the episode(s).

  10. KingOfBeasts says:

    Reads videos title. Another Berserk adaption maybe? how are they going screw it up this time.

  11. nice meme says:

    fuck i thought i saw samurai champloo frick u for usin that heckin thumbnail

  12. PH Katiica says:

    Wow I thought no-one remembers peace maker xD
    I only discovered it a few months ago and I really liked it, especially when drama hit the fan later on
    I'M SO HYPED!! This really is a series no one talks about and I really can't wait for that updated animation!!

  13. BlackAndRockn says:

    Damn idk y I thought it would be samurai champlo lol

  14. Neil says:

    Really excited for the Peackemaker sequel as a fan of the series. Closet I've seen to a historical accurate anime of the Shinsengumi and if what I am thinking about the title of, "Fate of Friends" oh boy………………… (we're not ready)

  15. BooBop1987 says:

    I can't wait for the Peacemaker sequel!

  16. Yukiitachi says:

    Looking forward to new Peacemaker stuff. Have you seen the news about netflix making a live action Mob Psycho 100, Bob?

  17. TacoYaki Anime says:

    Didn't really like Peace Maker when it first came out. Maybe my taste in anime has evolved over they years. I think I'm gonna re-visit it too.

  18. Ayyelemayo says:

    Just finished made in abyss so i'm looking forward to Friday's review!

  19. Double4anime says:

    Skype is down 🙁

  20. Double4anime says:

    I messaged u on Patreon

  21. xxnike629xx says:

    Peacemaker Kurogane sequel? Oh man. I haven't seen Peacemaker Kurogane in such a long time.

  22. Ibrahima Wone says:


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