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OMFG!!! New Naruto: The Next Generation Anime Incoming 2016?!?!

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  1. Madara Uchiha says:

    Resurrection of Madara? Why? Its bad enough that they all look like their parents, have their parents jutsu, Some even dress like their parents and act like them. Why resurrect Madara too? Might as well have not finished Naruto Shippuden then

  2. Emy Pierre-Louis says:

    end 2015-2016: more Naruto + Marvel&DC + Star Wars + SnK

    i want to live.

  3. angrydragon114 says:

    hope this is why we got all this filler

  4. andres vargas says:

    Fornever please do a top 10 of "YOUR" best fights of all times.

  5. Saud Aj says:

    but masashi will not be the one to write the story
    he said it him self
    so i dont care about new generation i just wana finish the anime were the manga ended

  6. Jung Neol says:

    I HOPE THEY ADD. 10,11,12,13,14,15 TAILED BEAST!!!!!! And Obito will be reborn!!! I hope so, so he can be the 10 then 11 will be sarada then 12 hinata then 13 Himawari 14 WILL BE BORUTO!!! And 15 NEW ENEMY LIKE MADARAAA!!!!!!!!!

  7. 123 456 says:

    cool shrt

  8. lilmario0 says:

    Naruto Shippuden gunna finish in 2020 with all those MOTHERF***ING fillers. Every Thursday I start the video and sigh .. then come back to YouTube

  9. Teng Yang says:

    Why would anyone be hype about a new Naruto? People must really love to watch a million filler episodes…

  10. Chris Soriano says:

    fully agree. Kishi involvement in SOME degree is a must no matter which way this thing spins. Otherwise, HYPE as FUCK.

  11. kam shaft says:

    and orochimaru son gonna betray in 3 2 1

  12. Dj Buttermilk biscuit says:

    I want this to be like part one naruto with good animation and for people who don't like it stfu your gonna watch it anyway dumb sluts

  13. Curtis Sargent says:

    I f**king agree. I miss Naruto!

  14. Igneos Kai says:

    i had enough of this naruto, it just simply means that naruto failed to find the real meaning of peace which was entrusted to him by his masters. i was realy looking forward to his answer but in the end war still goes on just as much as real life

  15. -phurion says:

    I'm SO excited! Just watched Boruto in theaters yesterday and it's definitely gotten me back on the hype

  16. crashpal says:

    Boruto GT > Naruto Fillerpuden

  17. TheUnknownHunter says:

    Naruto GT = cashgrab

  18. lollipop az says:

    I am happy to hear this news but it will be better if they give Kishimoto and the series a longer break… so he can start fresh and people won't get bored of the series as well.

  19. TheFlameing Ninja says:

    I am just going to say this out of my own opinion. But why is everyone so hype for this new series about boruto. Boruto didn't contribute to the Naruto series one bit. He was shown in the last chapter of Naruto and all of a sudden everyone want to see a whole new series about him. Come on guys, I started watching Naruto at a young age and grew up watching it. I love the charater Naruto so much!!! I wouldn't want to see a whole new series about a dumb character that so happen to be the son of Naruto. This is just a opinion, and I don't care what you hater say.

  20. Patricia Perez says:

    Thanks dude for letting me no I'm totally jumping through the roof

  21. Jessica Yun says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the new movie about the next gen?

  22. Pavlinče Jovanović says:

    i look forward for the new manga and hopefully anime, don't know why everyone is so upset, i don't want Naruto to end THAT'S IT!

  23. VG Courage says:

    I just hope it doesn't end up like GT if kishi isn't writing anymore… cringes

  24. Leshly Orozco says:

    Wait will there be a tv show about Boruto or what
    can someone tell me

  25. Atid Mata BenIsrael says:

    but this is what i don't get why did Masashi Kishimoto stop making the manga for the new naruto serie ..Boruto it was going crazy and good until he stoped whys that… is it because he run out of ideas?

  26. Jason Brown says:

    not going to happen

  27. xHawt Sawce says:

    Bruh crying new series in still on the original one is I ok to skip to the boruto new series

  28. وليد العنزي says:

    كل زققققق كعدك سلفه

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