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Oklahoma Just Legalized Medical Marijuana. This Fight Is Almost Over.

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  1. iamchillydogg says:

    End all drug prohibition.

  2. Export Groups says:

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  3. jeff wolf says:

    Congratulations to all you in Oklahoma for having something that should have always been legal legal for you. But get ready to give up your guns if you want to get a license to have it. And I hope and pray they gave you the ability to grow it yourself too if they didn't your rights are being violated

  4. RaceCar Jimmy says:

    smoke break!

  5. Jack Snedden says:

    I am a physician from Oklahoma and am ecstatic that this passed!! The benefits are extensive and the margin of safety is excellent. For the fear mongers our there, RECREATIONAL USE HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES!! As a schedule I, Cannabis is considered more menacing than Cocaine and Methamphetamine which are only schedule 2. Three basic criteria outlined in the Controlled Substances Act for something to be classified as a schedule I, and Cannabis meets NONE of those criteria!! Total BS!!

  6. Brothers Winning Because Love Trumps Hate says:

    Problem is the 70s pot was 4%CBD/4%THC roughly. Today's garbage is 20-30+%THC/ 0%CBD. It also is bad for developing brains so shouldn't be used until your brain is done growing.

  7. This is my real picture says:

    I thought that was a Fist of the North Star reference at first, only because I'm obsessed with FotNS. Same difference though. "You already lost."

  8. John David says:

    Remember, for-profit prisons will still be raking in the cash. Right up until the last billing minute. Yeah!! capitalism.

  9. V Shyne says:

    such a immature society, from the beginning they should've provided these people therapy instead of caging them as if they were actual criminals.

  10. TheIxtlan says:

    Marijuiana should be illegal. Americans have become like Potheads. And Trump is doing nothing stopping marijuiana. . USA gone loko. lol.

  11. Changed My Name says:

    They need to federally legalize it because those who work with Medicare and Medicaid like every hospital can’t smoke and nurses are one of the biggest groups that have pain and can’t benefit from a natural safe plant of state legal marijuana.

  12. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Awesome and congratulations!!!

    Now for the part that annoyed me…. Cenk Uygur, Pai Mei's Five-Point-Palm Exploding Heart Technique results in taking five steps and your heart explodes! Not 24 hours Also it wasn't just five pokes, it was series of hits to pressure ressure points but I don't expect everyone to remember that detail

  13. Cosmo Jones says:

    I used to live in Toklahoms

  14. Ieatfood! says:

    Weed's gonna heal the planet maaaaannnnn

  15. CNN says:

    Oklahoma resident here (conservative) we're extremely happy with this outcome all though we do need a new governor.
    We don't even mind the Mexicans although we prefers them to be legal residents as were spending almost 800 million a year fighting illegal immigration.

  16. Mark Walker says:

    We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee…

  17. CNN says:

    Hey The Young Turks, Phillip Scott from The Advise Show really hates Cenk Uygur he says he's a white supremacist. I thought that was so funny.

  18. CNN says:

    In Oklahoma this had bipartisan support, this was not a progressive win even though Kyle kulinski touts it off as one.

  19. Slave Of Christ says:

    788 for life

  20. Matt Yellowhorse says:

    I'm Oklahoman and I was shocked it passed being in a bible belt state. I'm happy it did tho!

  21. Taylor Motley says:


  22. Derrick Yegge says:

    I voted yes!

  23. Jc JA says:

    LEGALIZE IT!!!!!
    Tired of buying lame shit from lame ass plugs. WE NEED GREEN. LOL


  24. Joey Yared says:

    This is the one issue I agree with The Young Turks on

  25. We Ready59 says:

    I live in Oklahoma I  voted yes so I guess I will be smoking cannabis and gaming thanks okies.

  26. Fun_fuji17 says:

    woo hoo im an oklahoman and im proud

  27. Eddie3074 says:

    Take that, old white people.

  28. Chris the Guy says:

    Oklahoma: That's not Dust in our Bowl…

  29. Ry Ry says:

    Proud to live in Oklahoma…We are voting on recreational this November.

  30. אבישי זלינגר says:

    Its cannabis not marijuana

  31. Jessica W says:

    And just like that, you now can’t sell smokable medical marijuana in Oklahoma, even though SQ 788 passed. Please tell me this is on your radar. 🙏🏻 Also SQ 796 and SQ 797.

  32. Buckwild 65 says:

    It will be so over regulated, in Oklahoma because of this back ass Ward, hillbillies and their government. Mary Failing . Doesn’t make since to lock up a guy with rapist murders because they have a little weed on them

  33. jhill0962 says:

    oklahoma legalized it however the health department is trying to rule it out of existence by banning the sale of smokable forms and other rules

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