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NYT: Russian lawyer at Trump meeting closely tied to Kremlin

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  1. jason morgan says:

    Oh shit if it's treason she'll be executed.

  2. Eat my Shorts says:

    Fake news. #SAD. Russian to SPY on the US. YEA.

  3. NismoFury says:

    Lol you idiots are dumb af.

  4. Saveea Paris says:


  5. Soul Survivor says:

    Give it a rest. Nobody cares about this shit. I want to hear about issues.

  6. Brian Holmes says:

    “Trump’s friend’s brother’s cousin’s chef knows a guy in Russia, Collusion!”

  7. Lance Morrison says:

    I'm pretty sure that she's the one that made Jr's wife hire a criminal lawyer for her divorce! Just Sayin!

  8. Daryl Leckt says:

    this russian lawyer is the missing link proving the
    "trump / russia conspiracy".
    mueller is going to prove the NRA laundered $16,000,000 of russian mobster money that was donated to trump and congressional republicans.
    where is jared kushner?
    why are so many congressional republicans and paul ryan retiring?
    the russian conspiracy!

  9. chad Armstrong says:

    CNN is funny

  10. Nick R says:

    There still on this Russia bs😆. Haven't u knuckleheads learned ur lesson yet? Guess not, oh well it will b funny yet again when the trump haters fail yet again🖕😁

  11. Jose G. says:

    Your still talking about this CNN. It's over alrdy.

  12. jjbrianjj79 says:

    Dirt= the truth. Ok

  13. Ricky Fontaine says:

    Kremlin commie slut bag who jarrod don jr paul and donald all got in the bed with impeachment time for this treasonous ape.. Then he goes to a rally and try to scare his supporters into voting for him again " if we dont win the house im gonna be impeached" dam right spanky if not sooner !

  14. Art Art says:

    Michael Avenatti lawyer for Stormy Daniels is doing amazing work to expose Liar corrupt Trump. Liar Corrupt Moron Trump in office. Vote in Democrats Nov 2018 for Congress & Senate.
    Let's vote moron Trump and all his corrupt cronies out. TrumpRussia Treason.
    Trump Tower is burning down. Moron Trump is a laughing joke to the World.

  15. Art Art says:

    Why don't Democrats, their lawyers and all network reporters use a legal term to the word (collusion) eg conspiracy by Trump Russian interference on 2016 election by Trump and his Campaign Cronies/staffs

  16. Sharon Reilly says:

    Oh but don't forget who in Obama admin got this broad into the US on special request.

  17. Jason Perez says:

    Don't worry about her the Russians will soon take care of their own…she knows the game

  18. earth walker says:

    CNN closely tied to dogshit

  19. Walts Logos says:

    Okay then. So your source is from New York Times. May someone in the audience provide me a link?

  20. DrSylvestreMatuschka says:

    Muh Russia

  21. Full Time Grind says:

    Dayum she fugly😂

  22. Fluteristic says:

    Again, the assholes protecting the real criminals in the FBI & Clinton camps, keep on bitching about Russia. We are guilty of provoking them after invading Ukraine. This nonsense just won't stop. I wish someone will hack this station employee roster and list their numbers and addresses. All traitors to this republic.

  23. Hallands Menved says:

    Jeezz CNN, give it a rest. You've long since moved from biased to creepy. Now your just asylum bound. Don't you have any standards left? On the other hand… What do I care? Never really respected you much anyway, but it's sad to watch anyone so obliviously crashing and burning. Oh, well…

  24. Alexander The Great says:

    So hillary and fusion gps hired a russian spy.

  25. Nimori Kandara says:

    Trump this and trump that. Yes hes an asshole but comon, do we gotta look up his skirt all the time? XD

  26. Cameron Blanton says:

    Fake news

  27. Jack Brown says:

    Body Language Analysis No. 4273: Natalia Veselnitskaya and The Trump Tower Meeting – "I am an Informant" – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

  28. protectbodythetans says:

    I dream of the day, congress impeaches trump, congress disbands the secret service, fbi marshals enter the white house, Trump is arrested and taken out in handcuffs, Trump is sent to Guantanamo, all his assets are frozen cause he never diverged, and his kids are all selling all they can scrap and looking for jobs. But tiffany i love tiffany, she'll be fine, and don jr ex wife, she was smart to abandon ship…

  29. Vladimir Trichov says:

    So tired of this cnn . Get over it russia russia . It has been over 1 year 😂

  30. Bigger Man says:

    Hey you, CNN, I know you're listening: Stop the Russia/Collusion garbage – its a made up story – we all know it – it has been shown conclusively by the lack of evidence supporting it (that would be zero) that there is nothing to it. In fact, evidence proves that it was made up. Trump did nothing wrong. Now, lets get to the truth. The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC orchestrated this hoax; the media (that would be you, CNN) have been willing accomplices in perpetrating it. The democrats paid for the dossier; Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et. al. leaked the information to the media so that you could do what you've been doing. It's over! You're guilty of treason and the public is going to demand that you pay the price for it. Obama, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein, and the rest of these traitors should, and hopefully will, "hang" for what they have done. Many members of the media deserve the same fate. Trump is doing a fantastic job as president and you just "can't handle the truth" of it. Thankfully, FOX News has presented the clearest picture of reality by reporting the truth with actual evidence and you present nothing but unsubstantiated BS and "leaked" information from the traitors in the FBI & DOJ that is designed to deceive the public. It ain't workin"! By God's grace, more and more democrats are going to be voted out of office and when we have removed enough sludge from the "swamp", we're gonna get our country back.

  31. Agnes Maia says:

    Trump haters. Go on in your hatre! Lol! Trump remains the best. Either you like ir not! Find peace in your life caring of your family and cleaning your home!

  32. randy smith says:

    Here comes fake news CNN, frothing at the mouth and hoping to create a story where there isn't one. It's been widely reported in "THE REAL NEWS" that the transcripts reveal ZERO Trump/Russia collusion, again. This is why CNN's poll ratings are far below Trumps. Nobody believes or trusts CNN anymore.

  33. double down says:


  34. Langley J says:

    And what about the Russians tied to Clinton? You never talk about this?

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