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NYT: FBI raids Trump lawyer Cohen’s office

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  1. SeaBass Gorka says:

    How does Bill Kristrol have a job.

  2. Fake News Scum says:


  3. Colin Tan says:

    Get Stormy Daniels to testify before he fires Mueller.

  4. MrOnyourbike says:

    All our thoughts and prayers to Cohen

  5. jeff blancett says:

    The only thing we now fear is the FBI and it's total control of all you sheeple. So get in that line for your toilet paper. Comrade.

  6. Bruce K says:

    Just another CNN nothing burger

  7. Dorrie Roberts says:

    Attorney Client Privilege is DEAD. Fire your Lawyer TODAY! No more Fucking Lawyers. There will be no More Law Schools. Shut DOWN Harvard! Close up Shop thanks Mueller for Nothing you piece of SHIT Liberal who Voted for Loser Hillary. Crybaby’s

  8. lX Taliban Xl says:

    yea Cohen's a bitch too

  9. Jose Sanchez says:

    Federal prisons will soon have the highest per ca-pita lawyer population.

  10. Alonso Moya says:

    Connection candle anxious investigate victory complete line evident compound alone.

  11. Lenny Jackson says:

    CNN SUX!

  12. Big E says:

    Well if you like Nixon's gestapo tactics then I guess you're OK with this one. Cohen probably is a crook because he sure looks like one. However, when you start raiding people's homes and crapping on attorney or doctor/client privilege, everyone should be concerned. Hell, let's just throw out husband/wife privilege. Kenneth Starr didn't even do this when he had Bill Clinton dead to rights. If this were anyone else, the ACLU would be all over it.

  13. Gareth Hannah says:

    Sooo. A kid shoots up a school and the FBI was warned multiple times that it would happen and they did nothing. People died. A legal prostitute says she had an affair with Trump and they raid his attorney?

  14. C T says:

    CNN is in 7th place overall ratings,,,, lol

  15. John Hall says:

    The hypocrisy of Mueller's move has not escaped notice to those that support President Trump. What Mueller could have done, which would have been more worthy of his mandate, was to raid the home of James Coomey. This would have perhaps produced evidence for all kinds of misdoings by people with names like Obama, Clinton, Rice, McCabe and on and on. That he didn't is telling of the prejudice he carries against President Trump.

  16. Thomas Wellnitz says:

    The FBI is a corrupt agency and this is what criminals do, they attack those who don't follow along with their satanic agenda .

  17. Skip Pallo says:

    This is how the NSA, CIA, FBI, and now Homeland Security work.. It has nothing to do with the Special Counsel investigation into Collusion which is not a crime. But what is interesting is this is nothing more than CIA and NSA it is Character Assassination and that is all it is.. and that is what NSA, CIA and FBI have been doing for all of its careers … Since they have no crime to investigate..

  18. Dr.Gavagai says:

    BREAKING NEWS: the CIA just found out the FBI recuit as red army of russia, they try to overthrown the gvmt 🙂

  19. wormwood says:

    I don't understand how this is news? Who cares?

  20. George says:

    Robert  Mueller  is  the  head  investigator  in  the  Russian  probe.   Stefanie  Cliffords   got  (  supposedly ) $130,000  in  hush  money  from  an  attorney  before  the  2016  election  got  started.   The  Stormy  Daniels  case  has  nothing  to  do  with  the  (  made  up  story  )  Russian  interference  in  2016.  Their  is  no  connection  between  Stefanie  Cliffords,  and  Russia.   But  yet  Robert  Mueller  got  the  FBI  to  raid  a  lawyers  office,  and  home  to  collect  information  about  the  $130,000  payment  to  Daniels.   And  when  they  do  look  into  this  information  by  Michael  Cohen.   They  will  probably  find  that  Donald  Trump  has  no  involvement  in  the  $130,000  dollar  payment  to  Daniels.   To  me  this  is  an  abuse  of  power  by  Robert  Mueller.  Robert  Mueller  should  be  fired  right  on  the  spot  for  abuse  of  power.   I  can  bet  the  farm  that  their  is  no  connection  between  Daniels,  Cohen,  the  $130,000  payment,  and  the  Russians.   The  only   reason  I  can  see  why  Robert  Mueller  wanted  this  information  thru  a  FBI  raid  is  to  have  information  to  use  against  Donald  Trump  in  the  2020  U.S.  Presidential  Election.    A  complete,  and  total  abuse  of  power   by  Robert  Mueller.   Robert  Mueller  should  be  fired  right  on  the  spot.

  21. Cory Palmerini says:

    This smells so bad. I guess Rule of Law no longer exsists, Funny how she speaks of ethics. Gees SMH!

  22. Jesus Crust says:

    I didn't realize that mueller has been releasing all of his findings to FAUX NEWS. That's way they know for sure there was no collusion. Cohen denied ever going to Prague but we just found out that he did and he did me with Russians close to Putin and were discussing how to hide or deny what they were up to. The Steele dossier is for real.

  23. Jesus Crust says:


  24. steve bradbury says:

    These raids are ment to tell President Trump Mueller is in charge of the country🤔🤔🤔

  25. steve bradbury says:

    Establishment will not let you take over, JFK learned that lesson!!!

  26. James Cunningham says:

    i want on Brooke Baldwins Taint Team =)

  27. Richard H. Im says:

    “Michael, the FBI is raiding your office.”

    Cohen: “Says who?”

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