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NY Times Jaw Dropping Biased Reporting On Israel

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show says:

    Next LIVE Jimmy Dore Show JULY 1st Portland, Or. Tickets

  2. Drew Hanscom says:

    If Rachel Maddow is paid that much she has to be felching somebody

  3. Laura Powers says:

    Most amazing Progressive Comedy tour!!!

  4. Laura Powers says:

    Semites=All Arabs….Semites are not only Jews.

  5. Lenin Lives says:

    Palestine lives! BDS Yes! Here in the Bahamas, I will not buy any Israeli products until Palestine is returned to the Palestinians!

  6. The Novelist says:

    Jimmy your wrong on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. It's not an apartheid state cause Arabs have power in every level of government and no one discriminates or segregated against Arabs in Israel. Arabs do have power in Israel. But everywhere else in the middle east they don't. And the reason why the open fired was not because they were protesters, but because they tried coming at the Israeli guards.

  7. Edgar Sanchez says:

    All of America needs to wake up from the Jewish deception.

  8. Zeph says:

    Just everybody knows, the great march of return is an ANNUAL event Palestinians have been holding DECADES before Hamas ever came into the picture.

  9. Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus says:

    someone speaks the name Rachel Maddow Now there's a name I haven't heard in a loooooong time…

  10. Josh Shacklock says:

    @Jimmy, equating Israeli actions with Nazi actions against Jews is apparently anti-semitic by British law nowdays, not sure about Murican.

  11. kalooha Bel says:

    The truth always find its way out!

  12. william wakefield says:

    man j8mmys sidek8ck purty lame

  13. enos218 says:

    The BBC are ignoring this story.

  14. MrMahlerman says:

    It would help if we stop adding to the absolute lie that israel was established for the safety of jews. That is not the case. it's the footprint in the oil rich area. That's it.

  15. Peter Wexler says:

    The Jew York Times

  16. swiSSy Schweizer says:

    I LOVE ZIONISM I would exterminate Gaza today!!! Palestink is a fraud. Hey Jimmy how about a show on who stole CHICAGO under ILLEGAL OCCUPATION by your family.

  17. Johnathan Myers says:

    Another example of a people becoming what they used to abhor.

  18. Stuart F. Andrews says:

    Here's one thing Jimmy gets CONSISTENTLY wrong. If you had subscribed previously and you check to make you're STILL subscribed then guess what, chances are you probably ARE still subscribed. I wish someone would explain that to Jimmy. I know they're getting viewers claiming they're unsubbed but that's far from the majority.

    Get this one right Jim. We need you to stay on point with the FACTS.

  19. Where the HELL is RON?!!!?!!!?

  20. max bootstrap says:

    Ask NYT to identify their source of information. What Hamas leader? What did he say, exactly? Who did he say it to? When did he say it? In what context?

  21. Abshir says:

    Gaza has the highest cancer rate in the world. 50+ years of bombardments and occupation will do that.

  22. Menachem Gottlieb says:

    It is amazing how distorted Jimmy Dore's views are here.

  23. Ross Dalrymple says:

    Most of the wounded were shot in the genitals. These Israeli soldiers are animals.

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