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North & South Korea militaries meet to defuse tensions

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  1. Abuubakar Sidoow says:

    Is good to both of you

  2. TMA L X says:

    ©™ ALX 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

    Predicted: Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-in cut deal.
    North and South reconcile.
    Moon makes United States remove troops and THAAD missle systems out of South Korea and the US hasn't much to do with the denuclearizing of the Korean peninsula.

  3. Cheryl Brandon says:

    The Korean brothers want to reunite after all these years! Well done! Off course! The Deep state/Shadow Government do the leakings all the time!

  4. Joseph Mosesean says:


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