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North Korea’s special train leaves Beijing, arrives in border city of Dandong

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  1. sky ng says:

    North Korean along was control by China, what North Korean say mean to China instructed. Now China and North Korean surrender to China after USA surrounded with warship and bomber at South China Sea. Lol

  2. MARK ROBINSON says:

    Two things I must point out. He is lucky it was a surprise visit and he's also lucky and take a plane because he has a bull's-eye on his head and he knows that…. This is why the train was armored and this is why he didn't take the plane instead…… Everybody knows if this man comes out into the open like a truly free leader can in the world that he would be killed…..

  3. Evangelist Rafael Maldonado Gonzalez says:

    With all the money NK Have and they don't have money for a Better train hes grandfather and Dad use that train i mean come on kim get rid off that prehistoric scrap metal junkie

  4. youkutudou says:

    this girl is fuckable

  5. godblesschild808 says:

    And hope he bring a tooth brush lol

  6. oldstvital2 says:

    no worries, with Fat Boy on it it will de-rail on its own….

  7. Ajeet Yadava says:

    1:35 smog or fogg?????

  8. Srijit Sen says:

    Kim Jong un actually wanted to ask China: Should I get screwed by South Korea & USA or should I start a war with USA

  9. bullshit news network says:

    It was the leader

  10. fαíѕαl khαn says:

    Lots of fuck to America from india and lots of love to Kim jong un

  11. Great Value Bleach says:

    Someone call Tretto from fast and furious. His crew will take care of the train 🚉

  12. Andre Spaz says:

    Kim went to China to have extention surgery on his little pee pee..Now he's gonna come home, pipe his wife, and work on world know, happy wife happy life and all

  13. William Wen says:

    The dictator

  14. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    The U.S. lost a great opportunity to assassinate Lil Kim 2. Oh that's right, the U.S. only fights with those who cannot fight back.

  15. Sinjinbin 64 says:

    Thats a TOP STORY? Must be a slow News day..😏

  16. cleo0399 says:

    Too bad we didn't blow that train to smithereens.

  17. Rahul tolle says:

    So Americans couldn't plant a bomb on the track?

  18. ronaldo2266 says:

    Polluted video

  19. bob sanders says:

    im pretty sure china would use an exuse on american tariffs to open trade back again it's highly considering letting north korea do whatever it wants since trump is not willing to quit its protectionalisim

  20. don hezca says:

    China pollution is crazy is day time and is cover with smoke

  21. xTrue2Lifex says:

    I pray China and north Korea can be friends like China and Pakistan the more alliance being made America will be hopeless and one day be nuked

  22. GOPguyMN says:

    she talks like she's white. I ruv it.

  23. -Blacklight - says:

    I bet the US had drones over it

  24. Sumi says:

    North Korea has fully support by china and Russia in case of that the western countries dose not have power to resign the regime from ruling the country and North Korean loves freedom like any people of the world.

  25. Max Voronin says:

    Korean bitches are sooo fine

  26. john lemon says:

    He has the same paranoia wit his dad…….

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