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North Korea: US-South Korea naval exercises a rehearsal for war

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  1. PyroEnderSlayer says:

    The Gippy is still protecting us to this day, god bless him.

  2. H Q says:

    At the end Koreans gonna die ,we call them S.Korea ,N.Korea , they are Koreans .

  3. My Friends says:

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
    Proverbs 1:7

  4. Unknown says:

    inB4 nuclear holocaust

  5. Bobby A says:

    World war 3 will NOT happen… why.. because our microscopic species has a future…on this tiny planet.. the leaders of this world.. know way more than me and the human race… long live our species the human race… peace….

  6. Daryl Leckt says:

    if all men are created equal, what about nor kors 2nd amendment rights?

  7. Tennessee's Fan says:

    Hey North Korea Bring It

  8. Tom Joebee says:

    Yes N Korea. USA will demolish you in less than 2 hours.

  9. Nukishou says:

    North Korea: Flexes

    US: Flexes back

    (Honestly all I got from this.)

  10. god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP says:

    everything a military does is for war

  11. George Ramsey says:

    Since late events, l now estimate 4-6 hrs to flatten most of NK.

  12. Felixius Dzerzhinsky says:

    Sure, it's rehearsal but North Korea is ready. This nation has been preparing for war during decades. S.Korea is just a barking puppet.

  13. Sagest K says:

    And NK isn’ evil lol

  14. tea42 says:

    North Korea's secret weapons are cargo ships.

  15. steve119md says:


  16. richie s says:

    China should just take Korea and make it a state

  17. Art Ang says:

    Moron narcissistic Trump is a corrupt businessman NOT a leader.
    North Korea Kim Jung Un is dangerous & insecure just like a little boy.

  18. Fel Ani says:

    Hey Al Jazeera, you silly bunch of kumquats….EVERY military exercise by any country anywhere in the world is a rehearsal for war.

  19. merkemal xbox360 says:

    You mean Donald Trump no president Donald Trump did it right the Lord and profit

  20. Sinjinbin64 Sinjinbin64 says:

    Every militaries JOB is to be prepared for WAR!

  21. BibleOrTraditions says:

    "US-South Korea naval exercises a rehearsal for war" Haha! No kidding. I thought they were rehearsing for curling. We do have the Winter Olympics coming up. Practice makes perfect.

  22. Supreme being says:

    Put on the armer of the lord……..I AM READY graves the sword of the spirit with the lord shall all evil B slain by the spirit

  23. Alison Copeland says:

    WE have every right to exercises of any nature to defend ourselves. N.K. DOESNT NEED A REASON. IT HAS A NUT. U ALL SEEN HOW HE KILLED FAMILY.AND NOW COMPLAIN ON WHAT WE DO?GET REAL!

  24. TheMystery Gamer says:

    Is America bored/finished with destroying they ME so it's moving onto Asia?

  25. Rully Auto says:

    When war begin.. just drama & comedy…??

  26. greg william says:

    I dont trust the South Koreans or the North Koreans. All South Korea has to do is go in by themselves and get rid of Kim, instead they sucking up United States resources while Kim is perfecting his nuclear program. When you start hearing South Koreans say they dont want regime change, they just dont want nukes, its trouble. Kim is 4 times worse than Saddam since he has killed even his own brother, and fired at least 2 rockets over Japan, even threatned Hawaii. He should be dead by Christmas.

  27. Aita Gurung says:

    When 75% american finished in this war but south asian worry about to 25% refugees will be in india and they are now making hard law about human rights as switzerland ,europ.

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