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North Korea to halt nuclear and ICBM tests, shut down nuclear test sites

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  1. Justin BiEber says:

    Denuclearization is best for humanity we want to saw our planet as a nuclear-free planet, but please S.K, China and Russia first guaranteed the security of N.k after denuclearization. Maybe the CIA invade N.K after the denuclearization through any excuse. The worst example in history in Libya.

  2. above9866 says:

    Hope it's not becoming another show to avoid economic sanctions like before. And what are they going to do about their ICBMs and nuclear plants? Just keep them but only stop nuclear tests? That's not enough.

  3. The Secret Man TV says:

    Im waiting for the moment when North Korea realized they fucked up

  4. Seraphim Light Bearer says:

    Socialist economy?


  5. Renz Manez says:

    I rather believe in alien abduction than nokor giving up its nuclear missile coz those missles are the only reason why their country still exist today

  6. Anne Mack says:

    it's a good day .. amen !

  7. don quattrocchi says:

    Thank you to China for stopping these tests

  8. David K Smith says:

    Unexpected for some perhaps, but not for those paying attention to the signs of things to come, as they look forward to the day of the Lord God their Saviour Jesus Christ return.

  9. Dale Smith says:

    feels right now.
    Every feed is slowly allowing your in put, without an ugly as a reference.
    Your MAD play is highly function based. Good Job, fellow Planet Aqua visitor.
    It's really nice to see vid spots with your crew.

    And The Children Of The Whole Wide World Are Watching !

  10. GentlemanH says:

    This sounds positive and another step towards the reunification of the two Korean countries.

  11. SUB3ERO !! says:

    Nk is smart, they already have the nuclear B than tell the world we want peace n we are shutting the sites,

  12. MIchael Belt says:

    This will likely result in a Trump re-election. This is his 'we got him' moment. The upside for N. Korea is economic development like Hong Kong achieved by westernizing. The upside for S. Korea is lowered threat and possible reunification under reasonable peace.

  13. samsung gamer says:


  14. Yadi Sheikh says:

    Hahaha this is World biggest jock that north Korea stoped nuclear test, Hahaha Bloody Donald trump begged to North Korean president, please help us just to give this statement to the entire World that " North Korea has stopped nuclear tests" just to show the World that bloody Americans made him frightened to do so. Hahaha Bloody American jocker playing and fucking around the World and promoting terrorism around the World. We wish to fuck Americans up.

  15. YoungKuk Yeon says:


  16. YoungKuk Yeon says:


  17. Travels World says:

    He is very smart man and we all have to say thumbs up 👍 to him yay 😁 happy news stories ever before.!

  18. Joyful Joyful says:

    Are trade sanctions going to be lifted from NK for being subservient to the US Terriorists Regime?

  19. bernard2310 says:

    It could also be a propaganda.

  20. Sophia Ift says:

    This is great! Maybe the world will be safe and the Korean people will eat and live better lives! Gods speed!

  21. Morph Verse says:

    Well, it seems it worked out well!!..

    I'm glad it ended up logically and in diplomatic meassures.

  22. MAJ Sepeng Iklabuay says:

    Kim Jong Un, how did you stop manufacturing if victory is in sight? Watch America fall before our eyes.

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