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North Korea starts to OBEY U.S.! Breaking News

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  1. Wayne T says:

    Kim doesn't won't to be harassed. He''ll denuclearize because he has shifted to economic development and he got committments from China, SK, and maybe Russia that will back his safety and help. He's not expecting any help from Trump, so does not plan to deal or interact with the US much.

  2. Sandeep Godolo says:

    Kim will never give up their only insurance policy

  3. Colin Tan says:

    Kim needs to denuclearize to attract FDIs.

  4. Abdul Baari Oladunjoye says:

    a u all fools can USA give locations of its arsenal and dismantle them
    u want NK to do all that while under sanctions
    It took Kim grand father and father under sanctions to get that far
    Kim should think about what happen to Saddam and Gaddafi

  5. Didi Morales says:

    To Trump/US govt, it is needed that South Korea must have full partnership w/ North Korea in development and military (a deterence to China aggressive action in Asian Countries;

  6. Chong Dowdy says:

    Do not fall for sweet action Kim Jong un is not trusty yet , I ksnow Korean people are very stubrn heart maybe eve killing themselves. Must keeping pushing, or ignore them .no money ,no money for nor Korea until complete death. !!!

  7. ghouse mohiuddin says:

    Don't be in inillusions.

  8. Juan Figueroa says:

    I don't like the title of this video is provocative of a war.

  9. Richard Lumley Smith says:

    China get controls N.Korea via N.Korea generals not Kim .Shame Israel gets a "free pass " via USA U.N. veto -reuniting Korea is the goal.

  10. Canis majoris says:

    Obeying? My foot. Even China he ignored for years. Anyway it is about time Trump get conned. Good for him. World will be laughing. Let's not tell him. Ha ha ha. 😊

  11. Scott Angermeier says:

    Once Rocket man always Rocket man 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  12. Nasrin ChLabianlou says:

    ladies and gemtleman please do say hello and fair well to next ghaddafi in waiting….

  13. davmanx says:

    So US is still in that delusional state believing Dumb has signed some thing back from Kim
    If it is so, wouldn't we be blasted by megaphones screaming his success daily?
    Arrogant Dumb who will jump for credit even when you successfully bombed the loo
    Will he be hitting the bush while everyone wanted to know of his so called smooth and successful

  14. Clifford Rocketham says:

    He won't he will go to war before he he does

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