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North Korea Says US Declared W A R – Help From South and Japan, President Trump and Kim Jong-un

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  1. Megyn Wheeler says:

    Are we at war

  2. Megyn Wheeler says:

    Fake or not fake

  3. Megyn Wheeler says:


  4. Lani Greene says:

    God Bless America and OUR President Trump

  5. Megyn Wheeler says:

    No comment

  6. Faye Harris says:

    Do you really think there going to tell the world there plans

  7. rokarl roberto says:

    US Not Declared WAR BUT to Help or Protect to other Country…Especially small Country.

  8. Steven Stewart says:

    Kill him before he kills any more people

  9. Yosef Dhugasvhilli says:

    So if the US declared war mr kim jong un, then respond

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