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North Korea says U.S. misleading public opinion

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  1. Robert Gamble says:

    North Korea, like Iran, is just another piss ant with a bloated sense of it's own 'power' that really needs STOMPED or just vaporized from existence… ( I prefer the later ).
    That goat replacement spouting ' North Korea 'warned' ' was as far as I could go with this trash reporting… put that islamic whore out to pasture.

  2. Armed Liberation Xecutive says:

    ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍

    Kim is reconciling the Xi in China and Moon Jae-in is based on the fact that he now has the BOMB deliverable nuclear weapons and he's never going to give that up. Kim and Trump never meet my guess why would they?

  3. Amadou Bojang says:

    USA is the Evil of all veil god bless north Korea

  4. CensoredScouser 1066 says:

    Trumps Base want peace Trump ran on a non intervention platform unfortunately hes fully on board with the war industry and neocons

  5. Kayper31 says:

    Ahha haha 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤗🤗🤗😂😂😂😂 i knew it. Everybody trying to credit for Trumpet for N. Korea making strides for peace LMAO. He hasn't done a damn thing but talk. No meeting yet they make assumptions about what will occur. This is just hilarious because Trumpet hasn't done anything but make Amerikkka reveal it's racist bias undertones.

  6. Lord of Hosts says:

    TAKE NOTE! Please SURRENDER & choose to be MY FAMILY while you're physical.

  7. blanca José says:

    In other words…the USA media is feeding you propaganda! "I'm shock that gambling is going on". 🤔

  8. Purple Carnations says:

    Oh yeah!!
    wonderful!!! It shows they are no pushover. Stand firm with your brother South Korea

  9. Preverbal says:

    It's that psychotic rational disorder again … "We beat on you because we LOVE YOU … we love the children is why we use them as target practice and drop white phosphorus on them, oh yes we do we LOVE all the little children and they love us back … honest!!".

  10. Milton Cristo says:

    Trump is a freaking idiot.

  11. Milton Cristo says:

    And a neocon.

  12. Bart Versteege says:

    n.korea and iran are look a likes

  13. roger Brownfield says:

    All any country has to do now to win against the USA is out wait them and tell the truth. Eventually the lies in America will reach critical mass and it will spontaneously combust. Since America did not build a future based on truth or it's good ideas , time is not on it's side.

  14. Don Parker says:

    yes zionist puppet chump, is attempting to make Israel great again … war at a time.

  15. Skynet says:

    The US will do its best to hinder the peace process

  16. Ñørth Kõrëå inTelligencE. says:

    North korea.😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋

  17. David K Smith says:

    When the US and their allies do go to war with the Russian bear, and the bears allies, after world leaders declare peace first, the number of troops that go to war, and will kill one another, will be 200 million, and a third of men will be killed, a third of 200 million is 66.666667 million.

  18. Leonardo Jenner says:

    That is exacly what the Zionic Bastard Trump is Doing!
    We really must screeming from the Roofs that Jews, British and Americans are untrustworthy bagstabbers?

  19. The Woob says:

    🔴 TO PRESS TV…..GORDON DUFF IS THE BIGGEST FRAUD TO VOICE AN OPINION. The CIA must be howling with laughter that you entertain this lunatic as a political commentator. LOSE HIS NUMBER, it will be the best thing you could do..🔴

  20. The Woob says:

    🔴 the USA does not want peace between the North and South Korea. All those rare earth minerals are not to make Korea great again. Instead, the U.S. wants chaos, IMF LOANS, American contracts, cheap labour, empty promises & BIG DEBT. 🔴

  21. Janko Hrasko says:

    It's never the wrong time for diplomacy.

  22. I AM WHO I AM says:

    I think it's rather foolish for Kim to meet with Trump, there will be nothing positive for NK doing this. Trump will just have ammunition for him to say he put the hammer down on Kim, and get a bogus peace prize. Nobody should ever speak to the US establishment, it's worthless, they will say one thing, and do the other, or just plain lie 24/7/365. It's disgusting what US anti-freedom & anti-democracy does to the world. I hope the empire falls quickly.

  23. Living Wage , Robots . says:

    her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard

  24. dave goldfarp says:

    death to Iran suck at freedoms

  25. Zaki Muhammed says:

    UNITED TERRORISTS STATE is a Garbage Bully.

  26. Qui Bono says:

    The real goal of the USA/central banks is take over north korea economy.
    Same with Iran.
    The USA you cant trust.
    I wonder if north korea have realy atomic bombs.
    They have wapons from the 70ths.
    The USA (G Bush) sanction north korea in the 90ths,and where around a million of people die of famine.
    This is what you call the endtimes,whats all about.
    Controling the money system,so then there is peace/slavery.

  27. József Osztronkovics says:

    US as usual evil zionist israeli Puppet jews don’t want peace because thy live on people Blood -so they control zionist US and the reason is no peace

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