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North Korea making ‘rapid’ upgrades to nuclear reactor despite Trump-Kim summit pledges

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  1. Cheryl Coble says:

    Well look how the us is acting the us has no respect for our country or president

  2. hai van nguyen says:

    Good for them , Keeping doing that, so President have a good reason to bomb North Korea.

  3. Thomas McGillivray says:

    China will know what is going on here…Kim has been talking to China often before & after the Singapore summit…I knew Kims discussions with China will probably not be good the US?

  4. Andy Healion says:

    There is not one country in Asia you can trust.

  5. The wolf says:

    You can not trust N.K I said that earlier many times

  6. D Grant says:

    you never know what's really going on.   I wouldn't trust NK but then again I'd trust the Rothschild controlled U.S gov't even less.  Who knows what the truth is.

  7. Kim Jong-il says:

    Its just fake news

  8. TRUTH MATTERS - not greed says:

    You can NOT trust North Korea as much as you can NOT trust Israel !!!
    Despite Israel did NOT sign the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty), our crooked government officials (largely compose of crooks with dual citizenship's to US/Israel) just ignore it and keep giving billions of $$$ in aid to Israel, annually.
    Despite which political party you prefer (in US), that's one of the MANY reasons why you do NOT vote to ANY politicians with dual-citizenship's !!! Keep awake !!!

  9. Ron Dou says:

    When are we ever going to learn you can’t trust them

  10. Juan Espinoza says:

    😀 the u s is not to be trusted : the u s will not keep its word ?? Everyone knows this ?? This is the one thing that scares the shit out of the u s ?? It has the u s scramming for cover 🤣 . The n . Koreans witnessed what happened to Libya ?? This gives them one hundred percent guaranteed protection : 😁

  11. TheOfficialSamoan Stoner says:

    Ugh just end the world already. Tired of waking up at 8am for work 😂

  12. Robert V says:

    I thought North Korea was broke and starving how can they just start building stuff .

  13. kingsley Ewohime says:

    Kim ain't foolish after all. He is one smart cookie to Know giving up his nukes means sudden death LoL

  14. imisslola321 says:

    Mr.Trump's friendly Singapore meeting does not effect North Korea, the little demon……..I've been warning several occasion about deal with North Korea…….it is Atheistic Culture, no fear for God where there is no Moral………and Mr.Trump calling Kim Jong Un, a " honorable man"………..maybe he wanted this little devil to be good using reverse psychology????
    nope…. it doesn't work such reverse psychology here…….nothing will work until you destroy this little Devil………….didn't history tell you about this problem country??? both Koreans are problems………..that gene is the problem

  15. Belinda's Wingward says:

    norko can not be trusted

  16. Beverly Ford says:

    I can't Waite till they shakes and baked🇺🇸🦅🐲🦆🐲🦆🐲🦆🐲🦆🐲🦆kaboom u filthy uns play your ace . Bring it

  17. Gee Persaud says:

    Came already
    kim Jon un he cannot trust United States at their word so why should he keep his when one liar is dealing with another Liar you will have a lot of untrast between the two Liars

  18. arman757 says:

    He done fucked up, you do not cross Trump

  19. Frank Bell says:

    Trump is a joke! All the trumps are phony asshats! IMPEACH!

  20. nat turner says:

    have them and their allies to give up their nuclear weapons also

  21. Keke Wolves says:

    War time baby! We will destroy those animals like a slaughter house. It’s about time

  22. Hylton Vaughan says:

    Really…this is fake news..trying to push USA into war!

  23. al ezry says:

    Why should you think jong un trust USA?..he is playing really good

  24. tasteless 666 says:

    Trump gave N.K advances too speed up depopulation.

  25. JDB says:

    This is nothing but a satellite view. It shows nothing in the way of activity, nor is there any real proof of that. It's juat another attempt to try to make Trump look bad. God, I hate fake news!!!

  26. ghouse mohiuddin says:

    Be happy with wothy Negotiator.Euphoria.

  27. Ian Webb says:

    Fake news. Typical American propaganda.

  28. Tom Bond says:

    The piglet never ever does like he said

  29. Marcos De Orleans says:

    North Korea have all the RIGHT to build NUKES to protect themselves from TRAITORS and OUTSIDERS in the South Korea. No nation in the region or around the WORLD to interfering or STOP. As an Asia Oceania, EASTERN Person I am and will continuously SUPPORT North Korea until those TRAITORS and OUTSIDERS to FULLY STOP provoke North Korea for WAR. I want PEACE in my REGION. BLOODY Trump and USA Government out now from Korea Peninsula and take South Korea, Japan, Australia Government with you to USA. They are trouble makers and WAR Criminals. We don't need and want them. USA you can have them with in USA. Get them out with you. ASSHOLES, BANDITS, BASTARDS, PIRATES.

  30. Evangeline Mendoza says:

    Communist have no word of honor. Theyre traitors

  31. Richard Teh says:

    Another America properganda lies like they lie about Saddam Hussein having chemical weapon of mass destruction which never exist giving the America regime to justify killing him

  32. HseOChin says:

    Where's the CREDIBILITY in the source(s) of all these 'intelligence' ?????

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