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North Korea delegates arrive in Seoul for pre-Olympics inspection

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  1. Theo Schutz says:

    Hahahahahah NK playing games other than olympics. .hahahahahaha fatty boy tik tok tik tok.tik.tok….boooom
    No more fatty boy

  2. Matthew Allen says:

    This is good for the whole region of North Asia.

  3. kyle says:

    That would be dope if all the athletes decide to stay

  4. Rita Geraghty says:

    How many athletes and delegates will defect? How many government officials will too defect? Just wait and see.

  5. Rita Geraghty says:

    Everything in South Korea is bigger and better than in poor North Korea.
    North Korea is TOO POOR to host Olympic games.

  6. RobZoneFire says:

    within a few hours we will hear north koreans defecting to the south

  7. xxBEASTITxx says:

    Defectors?? The recent ones guarantee believe war would break out soon… These are spies fo sho

  8. S.W.W. says:

    What an Amazing step taken by both Koreas. It is time for the enemies of the USA and its Allies to show that the Democratic Dream of the once great USA has always been a dream of all Nations in spite of their differences!
    The World needs to move forward without the USA and their aggressive leaders and seek peace as great Nations that we all are!

  9. Music fox Sounds says:

    0:53 that bass tho XD

  10. Ryan Paul says:

    Hmmm…. I'm glad there is peace! But not sure about this! The world needs to take a step back really. We can't have leaders to dictate our future…True Canadian:) always neutral

  11. BermyHustlinTV says:

    Escape while you can.

  12. true says:

    US Fake News reported that she was executed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what other Fake News have I been listening to in the USA

  13. true says:

    Unification? What!!!!! US military contractors will lose billions!!!!!

  14. RG_FPS 2018 says:

    Hahaha ingit sila sa south korea! XD

  15. Frankie Hallare says:

    US should leave the region they are the ones escalating tensions

  16. Georgi Kaua says:

    NK delegates probably was AMAZE by modern SK and thinking we wish we have all this in NK

  17. Surendra Gurung says:

    What a drama.

  18. Ko Ma says:

    Massive defection XD

  19. เพื่อนร่วมชั้น พ.อ. ประหยัด says:


  20. James Hobson says:

    I Truly Pray that this is the Dawning of a Great & Brave New Golden Age of Peace & Combined Prosperity! Amen.

  21. Cory Frymire says:

    NoKo used the last bit of the fuel they had for those busses lol

  22. 彬殷 says:

    We don't know yet wether is good or bad. He could using this to buy time. He's unpredictable keep that on mind

  23. hy there says:

    the leader of Moronbang band?
    why dont Taeyeon be the leader of the south's hosts team then 😀

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