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Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman spreads fake news about cholera in PR to bash “Trumpie”

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  1. Mark Adams says:

    Diabetes meds can spoil without refrigeration. There should be a Marshall plan with this island. Elon musk should be stroking the small orange pee pee and tell him how great he is and develop micro grids all over the island. Just an idea.

  2. Shelly Brazwell says:

    Only half

  3. geno k says:

    the prize in a box of cracker jacks has more validity than a pulitzer dust collector.

  4. 10K2HVN says:

    Kruggie the Krugmanator. Hey Lori, you should really check out Contra Krugman. It's a podcast with a real economist and a historian, dedicated to taking apart Krugman's fallacies.

  5. Annie Today says:

    leave it to RT to point out the facts.

  6. Terry Moore says:

    They will lie about Anything….this is not our problem, we give billions of tax dollars to this country every year, maybe we should lobby congress to stop giving Puerto Rico our hard earned tax dollars to a country that lies, and is not a US state anyway !

  7. Lo Kee says:


  8. Miss-andry Begone says:

    Does anyone actually believe the NYTs? I don't. I find the number of Jews being awarded Nobel Prizes very odd. Must be lots of Zionists on the picking panel. Seems to me like this man an Eichenwald , are in a long line of liars. You need to go to Patreon, or writing it all up on Steemit.

  9. yousief says:

    It's the reaction and attitude of the stupid fuck that's blindingly obvious. Not what Paul Krugman or anyone else has to say. Throwing paper towels and saying," Have a good time" Cholera is this sense is yet another massive distraction for morons

  10. yousief says:

    Someone who deferred going to serve in Vietnam 5 times because of supposed tempory bone spurs then pretends to a tough guy.Believably American for people who aren't.Get that son of a bitch out of here.Reality for moronskis

  11. yousief says:

    Surely there are better and less obvious ways to distract morons than by deliberately mispronouncing cholera half a dozen times? They saw it the first time.Heck of a shit fuckin job you're doing there,bubu

  12. Monkismo says:

    Being hard on both parties is respectable; defending "President Trump" is trying too hard.

  13. Todd Clay says:

    Co-lera? Col-le-ra

  14. Kim Frank says:

    Are you an American? Were you educated in the USA? If the answer is yes, that explains a lot.

  15. Marcel Robinson says:

    It took President DumbAss two weeks to even visit the island and even then continued to insult the people. But this dumb cunt continue to defend him.

  16. Ali Baba says:

    Fake News, He's right.

  17. DankTech says:

    Lyin Lori working to cover trumps fat ass , trumpie bitch

  18. 13blanket says:

    The Trump administration is going to be a failure, like all of our past presidents for the last 75 years or so.

  19. theothertroll says:

    "Co-laira"? Oh you mean Cholera {"Collar-a"} I thought for a moment there was a lie about some new disease 😉
    Liberals are doing to bash Trump what atheists do to promote evolutionism – LIE ~

  20. aaronCapricorn says:

    never cared for Krugman. because he's a tool.. for the NWO

  21. Lego Terminator says:

    i truly and deeply hate paul krugman i hope he DIES sic and he d better die befor lifeprolonging meds become available to the rich (krugman is a good example why lifeprolonging is a very BAD idea)… krugman is one of the most despicaple PSEUDO scientist that ever walked the earth… however the term "pseudo scientist" does exist inside academia and its not neccessary an insult to be a "pseudo"… however one of the WORST things about him is that krugman behaves like a scientist wich he is NOT and never will be, krugman is a "pseudo" with DELUSIONS of grandeur but these are quibbles cos krugmans positions are that MUCH worse than his behavior… paul krugman is a notorious sweatshop ADDICTED psycho globalist krugman OPENLY celebrates sweatshop exploitation of the worst kind not to mention his addiction to killary clinton, nafta and freetrade… i think krugmans hypocrisy is typical for the LIBERALS i think krugman is the true face of liberalism… krugmans ideas can be summed up likes so: free college education, free meds, free anything for the liberal yuppie kids, for the underlasses on the other "end of the gun" they ll advocate sweatshop globalism its just not right… the "krugmanites" are scum they are what the republicans are supposed to be!!!

  22. Drago Mar says:

    The Kremlin and Putin are the only ones spreading fake news.

  23. SeaDrive300 says:

    Lori, I love you, you're the best. But you really need to be able to pronounce the word "cholera" if you want anyone to take you seriously when you talk about anything having to do with it. Love, peace!

  24. Chris Jonsson says:

    Too bad she can't pronounce cholera.

  25. The Panthian says:

    History books are fake news, that's why they are wrote by the winners.

  26. Fnord Fnordington says:

    another jew spreading lies. im shocked.

  27. nick ateen says:

    lori , luv u honey , but the correct pronunciation is …. colla- ra … sounded out / spelled cholera.keep up the great workx, aviod the net noids.

  28. Alan Mclemore says:

    ahem Cholera is pronounced "KAH-leh-rah"

  29. buzzin1975 says:

    Fuck that Jew "Nobel Prize Winner". The Nobel Prize is the Oscars for Jews, stupid fucking criminal Jews who steal all their ideas and work from their graduate students. As for Trump, kill him now and get it over with. Then nuke AmeriKKKa.

  30. Carlos Barbosa says:


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