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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 12, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. mxferro says:

    Hmmm…we'll see if it works…or if we are all witnessing a Neville Chamberlain moment…. We..shall..see

  2. Dennis Nelson says:

    Liberal bias media can't even bring a thumbs up. They love war and hate. Division is there lot in life.they are the enemies of the people.

  3. Don Rochester says:

    Nice hater liberal twist here.

  4. cha vue says:

    Demolish china

  5. Michael LeBlanc says:

    It was a show, but it was fake, "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula" The United States is going to remove its nuclear arsenal that protects Asia from the South Korean Penninsula. Sounds more like a surrender of our arms. Help me see different, I want our President to succeed, but not give away the protection of our South Korean Ally that American soldiers fought for

  6. Michael LeBlanc says:

    What happened to the Sherman Anti Trust Act, are we now allowing the Supreme Court to choose what laws to enforce? Our problem is with the elites, the mega-corporations, that are really oligarchies, When are we Americans going to realize Big is not Better, Big is the option to control the marketplace and charge you and me more.

  7. Sharon Luna says:

    Trump is making me be proud to Be an American again. The democrats and the fake news has an agenda. That agenda is clear they try to demonize christians and our great president calling us every name in the book ….TIME TO WAKE UP CHRISTIANS AND STAND OUR GROUND…..#DARKTOLIGHT"

  8. Da barikot swat guluna arif khan says:

    If u stop the war game then why u attacked on sirya is it means u against the peace why u back door play war game against plastin Iraq Kashmir Afghanistan yaman lebya Pakistan barma Sudan etc….

  9. chrisnotbad says:

    Funny how Lester says President Trump made "No mention of verification" at 02:43 but then they immediately show President Trump saying that it will be verified. NBC is a joke.

  10. chrisnotbad says:

    More NBC lies. Richard Engel says at 07:57 that President Trump promised Kim Jong Un that he would scrap the war games with South Korea, but that is not what Trump said at 07:15

  11. Sandra Kaye Hansen says:

    Who wrote and produced that disgusting film?! Ugh. At this point, it's hope for the best, and remember that South Korea pays 50% of the bill for all American soldiers there. Heart felt prayers for Boede Miller and family after their tragic loss.

  12. Dalí_Hemingway says:

    Both the left and the right are controlled by the moneyed elites through organizations like the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, the Rand Corporation (a CIA "think tank" that plots wars and conflicts around the globe), the Club of Rome, and other hidden secret societies that control mass media, banking, entertainment, the whole shebang. They talk peace while plotting the next conflict at the cost of millions of innocent lives and treasure. Lots pf people believe that the CIA and the mob killed JFK. Nope. The CIA is the muscle behind the crime bosses at the top of the pyramid, the truly wealthy, whose wealth is in THE TRILLIONS. There is a lot of pus under that scab.

    That said, I am amazed at what happened in Singapore. This is yuuuge.

  13. vanessa torres says:

    To dwell in the past and the negative , america or trump cannot achieve peace but war is .

  14. Happy Buds says:

    Long, long after Trump is gone, North Korea Will still have Nuclear Weapons.
    Trump achieved Nothing but stoking his ego.

  15. Truther333 says:

    The elite already know where the nukes are " hidden" and how many N.K. has..lmao! OMG! Wake up sheeple! They know when you take a dump.

  16. Freedom First says:

    Hannity is Joseph Goebbels and we have our own version of Neville Chamberlain in what trump said about Kim………Now, where have I seen this movie before?

  17. Freedom First says:

    Hitler also promised Neville Chamberlain peace, then Chamberlain arrived in England to great praise………Then Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and Polonia, kicking off the second world war……Hitler did what Hitler was always going to do, Trump and Kim are the same type of Dog, and Dogs can only bark and bite………so their words mean what Chamberlain's paper meant to peace in their time.

  18. MrAnibl says:

    There we go again NBC is lying . Fake news all over again… Saying there was no verification. Verification was talked between them and Kim agreed to it as part of the hole thing. There will be Verification and there will be cooperation. There was a commitment and there will be mutual actions already Agreed upon. But this is just the tip of the ice berg. Don't let the fake media keep lying to you. And changing the focus from what matters. NBC is not a legit source of information nor news any more. Don't watch them..

  19. jeffs1000 says:

    If Trump cured cancer, CNN and NBC would have nothing but bad things to say about it. They'd make up some story that Trump withheld the cure to make money. Liberalism is a mental disorder for sure. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. I predict a huge landslide victory for Trump in 2020!! It's funny to go back and watch the orgasmic praise for Obama for selling out the US to Iran. They gave Obama the Nobel Peace Price for doing absolutely NOTHING!

  20. When KISS ruled the world says:

    The first step is No Nukes…step two will be Human rights… We are not even on step one… We are at the foyer of discussing step one. Trump was complimenting him to massage Kim's ego nothing more, just to get a working/talking relationship. By being a D_CK would have ended the negotiations quickly. Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Demeaning him for not being a TIGEr when a DOVE was needed is asinine to say the least. As my father said about my mother and older sisters when I was a teen and I was being a D_ck to them he said: "You get flies with honey not vinegar." Giving a man who only got vinegar from all sides a little sugar or even a lot is a way of calming down the situation so giving him some nice words and showing some respect for just being a leader in his own right (no matter how despicable) is a good move.
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  21. sun M says:

    This chance brought me back to Trump. He seems like nice, warmhearted person.If he were to unify Korea, he would become a historical figure. Wow.. He looks great. No matter what he did before(any scandals or any unproved one), it is not important if he make great achivement. He could be a hero.

  22. Ivone de Figueiredo says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed that only Trump talked. Seemed like the pregnant silence from inscrutable Kim was enough to loosen Trump’s tongue into promises that both his own government and South Korea’s government knew nothing about. You can bet Kim will have footage of those words for his people.

    I actually feel so, so much sympathy for Pompeo. He has been set up to fail by his own president. Good luck to him. I am soooooo glad I live so far away from these two countries.

  23. Jackie Clark says:

    Makes me literally sick to hear TRAITOR trump ravishing praise on that NKorean murderer!

  24. EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    North Korean – American Quid Pro Quo
    Kim seduced Trump for lifting the sanctions and stopping the war games, while Trump seduced Kim back to let Ivanka and Jared visit Pyongyang, to begin talks involving developing exclusive Trump properties on the beautiful beaches of North Korea, thus hijacking the build-out of the country's economy and infrastructure from China.

  25. sheckler hodgdon says:

    do your best

  26. paul sticks says:

    WOW 15 thousand views in 3 days that's amazing, LOL literally no one is watching. Way to go nbc, keep bashing trump with your fake news, grind yourselves right into the ground

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